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I’ve found a passage from a credible source that confirms something absolutely basic to my perspective on spirituality.

While researching an article on balance, I found support for the view that the Third-Dimensional existence of male/female/child and the nature of their interaction reflects the highest truths of the sacred Trinity – the Heavenly Father (Brahman), the Divine Mother (Holy Spirit), and the Divine Child (Self/Christ/Atman).

Until this time, I’ve been going pretty much on the evidence of my vision of Feb. 13, 1987, without confirmation. (1)

I’m as excited as a child enroute to Disneyland for the first time. Are we there yet?

May I share it? Here it is, from the Arcturian Group:

“Reality is a balance of the masculine and the feminine energies. Both energies are necessary to make the whole. One is not better than the other. Both the masculine and the feminine aspects each carry unique gifts and energies that together manifest the Divine Idea designed and created in the beginning. Man, woman, child are material, third-dimensional interpretations of the higher truths of the sacred Trinity.” (2) (My emphasis.)

I’ve asked the Divine Mother, Archangel Michael and Shankara different questions – on sahaja samadhi, the gunas, the Trimurthy, etc. – but I never asked anyone to confirm that males, females, and children, especially in their vital activities together such as procreation, model what happens at the highest levels of reality.

What is it that happens? I’ll give the higher-reality version and you can correlate it to the physical act of procreation.

The Mother prepares the womb that our world is for us Divine Children.  She (“She” is not a she; “he” is not a he) prepares it as a learning experience to raise us up lifetime after lifetime from unconscious awareness of our self to the deepest possible knowledge of who we are. And who we are is the Heavenly Father. (3)

The Divine Mother built the world to fulfill the Father’s request that he be known in a very special, deep and direct way. He devised a plan. He would transform himself, who is still and silent, into what came to be called the Mother, which is the Father with movement and sound.

He intended to plant a Spark of himself in a body prepared by the Mother (starting to sound familiar?) and then leave that seed to grow.

Here we may remember Solomon writing: “Wisdom hath builded her house, she hath hewn her seven pillars.” (4) That house is this body; those seven pillars are our seven chakras.

Once that house was built, the Father planted his spark in the heart of the created form. This is the treasure buried in the field of the heart, the pearl of great price, the mustard seed that will grow into a great tree in time.

In the womb of the Mother, the Divine Child grows through lifetime after lifetime, passing from unconsciousness of self to consciousness of self to consciousness of Self, to full heart consciousness, and so on, past this Ascension and that, to the point that the Sparkness of the Spark stands fully revealed. Nothing else is now there. No illusion clings to the Spark any longer.

Enlightenment is the knowing of the Father in a very special, deep and direct way. When Self meets Self, God meets God. And that’s what he wanted to have happen from the beginning.

Every instance of enlightenment is a moment when God embraces God. For that meeting did the Mother design this whole world.

Both the masculine and the feminine energies carry “unique gifts and energies.” Hmmmm….  Taken together they “manifest the Divine Idea designed and created in the beginning.” Hmmmm… Hmmmm….

This is that Divine Idea. Every time I give a gloss of that 1987 vision, I know I’m touching on the original Divine Idea, the Divine Plan at the highest level of abstraction, beyond which nothing positive or negative can be said.


(1) “Ch. 13 Epilogue” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/spiritual-essays/16244-2/the-purpose-of-life-is-enlightenment/ch-13-epilogue/

(2) The Arcturian Group, June 16, 2013, at http://www.onenessofall.com/Welcome2.html.

(3) Simply knowing that as intellectual knowledge will not help us. It has to be known as realized knowledge. And even then, there are degrees of depth.

(4) Proverbs 9:1.

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