Expanding in the Face of Change – Part 2/2

Breakthrough(Concluded from Part 1.)

In addition to expanding our outlook, we can break through to new levels of experience. One way to do that is to open our hearts so that love can flow freely. This heart-opening is the brass ring, for me.

We can break through on all our inhibitions, reservations, wounded spots. We can push back the barriers and frontiers we’ve erected to protect ourselves. This is the time to do it. At no other time will conditions be better to have us push back against our the results of our pwn suppression.

In addition to breaking through to new levels of experience, we can also take committed action. Step out into the world.  Take on a piece of the world’s unworkability and fix it. Address an injustice in the world – from a place of calmness, centeredness, and love. Avoid making anyone wrong: That should prove challenging.

I have at times felt I could mentally “throw my arms around” a subject, take an umbrageous view, see the whole picture in a flash.

At other times I found I could create a wider context to hold things in.

At these moments, I felt transformation from a lower to a higher state of consciousness (I hesitate to say “dimension”).

Typically I went from unconscious to conscious awareness, from unexperienced experience to experienced experience, as Werner Erhard has described it. These were “peak moments” and they passed within a short period of time.


In addition to committed action, we can also commit to being transparent, as another ongoing ticket to expansion. The more we peel the masks away, come out from hiding, and reveal ourselves, the better life becomes in every way.

Whoever had us, as kids, stop sharing with each other didn’t do us a favor and now it’s time to go a different route.

In addition to transparency, we can process the obstacles to expansion – our core issues and conditioning.

When we hit an obstacle, like an upset, we can recognize that we’ve triggered a core issue. Our upset probably has little or nothing to do with the person in front of us. It probably traces back to childhood. We need to get to the bottom of it and complete our experience of it. And then let it go.

To complete our upsets, we need to stand in the face of them, not run from them. We need to become masters of them instead of allowing them to master us. Tell the truth deeply. Come clean. Own our own stuff. Drop any baggage we can.

We can emerge. Come out. Break through. There are so many ways to expand.

Using all of them, we’re not just standing in the face of change. We’re expanding in the face of it.

All of these then are ways of expansion, transformation, emergence. All of these are excellent adaptive tools in the face of change. And all of them contribute to the overall Ascension of the planet, which is what we came to help with.

* * *

Working out in these areas, I believe, generates light. That’s what the Company of Heaven seems to be saying. Matthew Ward often says if we could see what he sees, we’d be overjoyed: Lightworkers are generating a great deal of light, apparently.

There are so many ways to expand and now’s the time to use them – if we want to leaven the loaf that Ascension is. Put another way, if we want to increase the number of people who awaken to Ascension, which is what we came to do, then we need to master expanding as one way of adapting to the change that we’re all in.

After that, we need to master change itself – or, more precisely, our response to change. We’ve spent years clearing our emotional upsets and issues to be ready to respond well at this time. Now our DNA is activating. Our crystal body is forming. Gamma waves are hitting us.

The pace of spiritual change is very gradually picking up. Now’s the time for our discernment to kick in, our resolve, our sense of mission.

Standing in the center, revealing ourselves and speaking the language of committed action, owning our upsets and processing them, we do what’s needed to expand, emerge, break through. Or we do what’s needed to nurture, nourish, and love. We do this on behalf of those ascending, including ourselves.

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