Sunrise – Sunset


Some people look upon a sunset and see the end of a day.  I see the first rays of a new tomorrow.   Life by its very nature has no endings,  only a continuous change filled with beauty, hope and magical inspiration.

If  you find yourself seeing and ending, look again.  Life is eternal, there is no ending, only change, and with each change there is a new hope,  a new opportunity, a new adventure.   Look not towards what has passed, but embrace the present  moment with hope and love for what is to come.

~ Kuya David

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About David (Lightweaver)

Photographer and writer living my life in the Philippines Focused on living, learning, relationships, spirituality, photography and writing. The feeling is that the Philippines is a place that would encourage my own spiritual and creative growth is significant. Life doesn't have to make sense. It just needs to be lived, loved and enjoyed.