David’s response to Letter No. 16 from the Isle of I to my Brother in Light Dave


My dear sister in spirit Mary,

What a challenging time and adventure you have been on. My prayers and love and the prayers and love of many have been with you. We are joy filled that you are home again and resting. There is much yet to be done and our journey continues.

Your story reminds me of a time I experienced back in the mid 70’s. I was still in the Navy. It was a weekend, and my barracks roommates were out and about for quite a few hours. During the day I became quite sick to my stomach, not vomiting but with horrible cramps so great that I could not walk, neither could I go to the duty desk to get help. I felt completely incapacitated and helpless. All I could do was crawl into my bed and curl up in a ball in extreme pain. I could not even cry out. I do not remember how long I was this way, but eventually fell asleep, I am guessing out of complete exhaustion. What followed was the most amazing of dreams yet it was a dream that took me to the brink of madness. You see, in this dream I remembered experiences before this life, before this world even. I remembered being in a state of being where a single thought could transport us to any point in the universe. A place where I saw and experienced souls I knew, souls that had known before and souls that I would someday know. But I saw them and experienced them as the most beautiful of lights. I knew them but did not know them. A rapidly changing panorama of experiences flowed all about me and through me. Dream upon dream. Moment upon moment all happening as at once. No time. No space. No judgement. Just light and love.

The madness? Well that came when I awoke. It was some hours later I think. My roommates had returned and all had thought I was just sleeping. The confusion of my mind was great however but I could not speak of what I had experience for a very long time and then only to those kindred souls I knew would not judge. You see, when I awoke I awoke not with the usual symbols of dreams dreamt in the night that the conscious mind creates, but with a full consciousness and awareness of the dream itself. No time, no space only an infinite now and it was, for a time, too much for my conscious mind to bare, as it had no reference by which to make associations, and that is what nearly led me to madness.

I kept my experience to myself for quite some time, many years. However I learned to not immerse conscious mind into too much thought about it, only allowing it to exist deep in recesses of my soul. In time I came to understand and to be able to view it in small ways with conscious mind. But there was a time when I could not understand. Now it is all so clear and natural.

Sometimes the challenges we face exist to teach us lessons and to help us to release. But sometimes they are there to open doors and encourage us strongly to walk through into new and higher ways of being. I see now that you have passed through a great portal for your own consciousness. What awaits is not an ending but a new beginning. Part of you died in a way, so that a greater you could be born. The most exciting adventures await.

Our journey and our work continues.

Love, joy, peace and adventure.


Letter of No. 16 from the Isle of I to my Brother in Light Dave

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Today is Sunday and since Thursday I have returned home here in my flat and have kept time with almost sleeping all days long. One of th hardest things in Hospital was that I could not catch any asleep during night or day. Whenever I tried to lay my head down I felt giddy and evil and found out only in the last day of my stay there that is because of the bed sheets being soaked with artificial odor that prevented me from going to sleep. I got strong sleeping pills nevertheless could sleep only 2 – 3 hours in the night and stayed up all night on the table and meditated until morning…. the best sleep I got was during the day when falling off for about 5-10 minutes meditating …. so I could get up a bit of my forlorn sleep of the night…… in the day ….. It was really something like a torture !

This was one of the horrid experience and the other one was that I was looked at very suspiciously because I had not visited medical doctor for years on end.

I was right with my assumption when delivered to hospital that I had an Infarct of my heart (heart attack) and moreover I had sugar at the great number of 600. … You even may describe it that “My Friend Death was on the ambulance too with me when going to hospital.

I arrived there at about Noon …. it was High Noon for me …. and was soon lifted to the surgeon-Room of “Left catheter operation”. When I woke up again it was 5 in the morning …. and in the meantime I had made something like a row there …. so Nike told me … tearing all gadgets and operational effects off my body and been given a deep narcosis in order to persevere with the surgeon …… I remember they worked on me and my veins … all the time.

That was the first – I went through … and after a week I had shifted again to some clinic with rehabilitations training where I stayed about 3 weeks more. First thing overthrew with the psycho-expert heavily and the medical doctor too who wanted to put into some corner of being very irresponsible for my health etc. Later we got well on together again ……. anyway I was at least a suspicious case for them ….. Later on I started painting again as granddaughter bought some smashing collection of painting instruments for me with lots of pencil, watercolors and pastel-oil-chalks …. I was happy and painted all that came into my mind and heart about hearts ….. and what was going on in me ……. finally there were about 11 pictures ….. quite new in the form and mode — something which I never have done before and all the experts which I showed them were quite amazed……

Then there came the next blow …. because of lack of sleep I grew weaker every day …. and then came this very special night when I woke up in the morning …. with again the floor scattered lively with things from my night-table and everything I could get hold of in the night…..

I only remember this: There was a pushing urgent voice always on me telling me to drink and I saw in my fever-dreams … the young male nurse sipping water of life from some encasements of my body and holding it to my mouth commanding me to drink and I followed this voice’s command … and drank ….. I knew it was life given to me again ….. and this young male nurse had decided in one second of his heart to put up the fight for my life with me …… he saved me and later told me that I exactly knew what was going on …. He is destined to be become a great healer later in his life ……

If it was not for him … I now would be with our Father God and in Summerland …….

These are my first impressions and reflections on my recent stay in hospital ….. and later when meditating during the day I was led to twinni our God-Father where everything was explained to me and made clear to me about these foregoings.

One Evening I sat beneath the commando-centre of nurses and doctors and started all of a sudden with singing … it was very hot … and I started with “Summer time from Porgy and Bess … went to chorales and old folksongs of Germany and finished with a lot of shanties to rolling home …… all the people there put up their thumbs and listened and I finished only when I felt I had to …….

These are my experiences and then I spoke to Ascended Master of St. Germain begging him to let make me go home soon ….. and the other day I was told that three days from now on where noticed for me to go home ……

So I was saved and arrived here again with my old cat who seemed to be very pleased to see me again ……

This my dear Brother Dave is my first story of experiencing hospital with a Heart-Infact and diabetes of 600 …… and fighting for life – for a new one with Death of Duality-Matrix with the help of my celestial guides and a young wise male nurse loving his profession up to the glorious end by helping me to transgress the great portal of life and crystalline bodies of now!!!

Yours Sister in Light …. Eva Maria – Contramary …. and Hava =which means in hebrew “Life”