Reflections of the Realm of Spirit….Part 6

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06) Fractals are reigning wherever there is Spirit‘s Realm …

Since I started here with my very own Reflections on Spirit’s Realm … I have noticed that I have advanced more and more with my investigations forward and now I am reaching the point of arrival at the geometrical field of “Fractals”.

This appropriate terms has been downloaded in one of my nights when luzid dreaming was announced to prevail for me. It started just from expressions of “fragments” advancing later to the mathematical expression of “Fractals” which is more a Geometrical one. It is quite a vast field and since I never was good at Maths at school – I always shrank back from going deeper into this special field of Geometrical Fractals. Although I was not doing well in Maths formerly – I always was good – even very good – in thinking thereby going very unfamiliar and new ways of mine. These reflections here apply to the latter way of my preferentials.

So when this term of “Fractal” had been downloaded to me it started cooking in my heart and later in my mind too … broodling in a delicate way … until I looked up today under Wikipedia what was accummulated there beyond this very keyword.

And there it was … for everybody who wants to learn more about fractals like me – mind you I am a very ignorant lay-person in this very field – just look it up in Wikipedia ! You will be surprised what it is like ! It is not only so colourful, a vast field to explore, it is of sheer beauty and manyfoldness too … and from the tiny excerpts that I have read until now … it follows some very own laws of creation and existence which are well advised to be grasped with our sparse still-3-D-intelligence outspacing our very limits there.

As I have conceived from my reflections in connection to this field of fractals I n o w  have come to notice for sure … that the entire Realm of Spirit as displayed in evolved spiritiual dimensions – more evolved than our disappearing 3-D Matrix – is being basically created by adherence to the Geometrical Rules of Fractals which makes these to “Sage Geometry”.

As mentioned before … I am such a complete “Lay-Person” in such mathematical fields – but looking over these variety of pictures created by and according to the Rule of Fractals … also to be refound all over nature – all dimensions – art etc. whatever you may think of …. this is the most profound basis of All-There-Is !

For the Time Being – in the Very Time of Zero – I may not understand the complete and full meaning of what I have found today …. I do trust that later when having been returned to full consciousness again I shall grasp with all my “I AM” what it is about the entire intricate Structure of Fractals then …. but for now all that is left to me is :

TO ADMIRE THE UTMOST BEAUTY OF THESE GEOMETRICAL FIGURES  – inside out in the splendid brillance shine of Spirit … as I just have might find the never-ending and all-over solution what they are …. they are what I am naming here “the Variety of Souls within the Essence of Spirit” ….

So much for their Beauty to be seen and regarded already in the Time of NOW !

Namasté and

with Love to All of You