Eternal Wisdom with Uriel – Winds of Change

Uriel Winds of Change - seagull

Photography by David Wendel Robinson – Soaring on the winds of change.


Beloved family.  As I walked home from a simple breakfast at a nearby restaurant this morning, Uriel spoke rather loudly,   “Like a tempest, the winds of change are blowing.  Do not fear.”

Many are speaking these days of the powerful forces present in the earth, the powerful changes that are taking place.   And yet there is present still in your vision, in your daily life the appearances of turmoil.   Change does not come easy to humanity sometimes, so entrenched you have become in old fears and judgements.   Yet, there is an underlying wind of change that will not be denied, cannot be held back.   So much of what people are feeling are the last vestiges of fear that have been built up over many lifetimes.   So much of the illusions of turmoil are the last battles within your own selves as you seek to let go of judgement, let go of fear, let go of anxiety.  Accept yourselves for who you truly are.  Divine children of the source of all that is.   Remember that your experience in this world called Earth, Terra, etc, is the dream, not the reality.   Your reality is found within, in the love and joy you share.

Yes, in your dream there are wars, and rumors of wars.  Fear and pain and suffering of the physical nature.  Yet, in your dream there is hope, there is love, there is joy, there is peace. Remember it is a dream, but the dream does not control you, rather you control the dream.  The choice is yours.  You cannot choose for others, but you can choose for yourselves in all the ways and actions of your lives.   Remember that you chose to be part of this dream, and are masters of the dream.  To change the dream, change your own part in it.   Love, laugh, dance, help others who you may.   Be the dream you want, not the dream that others speak of.   Fear is the only thing between you and the infinite possibilities of love.  Believe in yourselves and live the love of our creator that is the essence of who you are.   Live that love fully and without judgement or condition.

Believe us when we say that there is more hope and love in your dream, then there is fear. You are that hope and love.  Know it.  Be it.

Dearest brothers and sisters, family of light and love.  You are the winds of change.  You are the tempest that will wash away the ages of karma and fear.  You are ascending to that place of knowing your true selves, your spiritual selves.  We have told you before however that Ascension is not an event.  Not something that happens in a moment but it is a process of awakening and change.  You are that process, you are the Winds of Change.

Uriel with Brother Dave

— I felt that I should share the following video with you.  A lovely performance of the song “Winds of Change” by the Scorpions with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.  Lyrics are included.

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