Eternal Wisdom with Uriel – Sunrise, Sunset



Beloved ones, we come to you again this day in love, and joy.

Have you heard the riddle before which came first, the chicken or the egg?  Such questions are often pondered by humanity.  From whence the beginning, which is first and which second.   Such is the pondering of 3 dimensional thought.  But what would you think if we say that neither is first or second, neither came before the other, but rather they both have equal existence in the eternal essence of creation.

We would ask you today to look at your sunrise and sunset, these marvelous creative images of your days.   Think upon this then, that neither is before the other, neither comes before or after, for such orders of linear progression are not quite real, other than in your own thoughts.   To ask the common person in humanity, it is likely they would see the sunrise and think or say, it is the beginning of the day, and then about the sunset, the day is ending.   What then if there was neither beginning or end, rather eternal progression in balance.  What if the sunset were the beginning of the day to come, rather than the sunrise?   It could be, but in the greater wisdom of life, they are but as you say “two sides of the same coin”.  Neither can exist without the other for they are one in truth and wisdom. The sunrise heralds the starting fresh of life, a time for embracing the new possibilities of living.  The sunset heralds the passing of the day but it also is the catalyst that brings to an end the experience of the past, to make way for the experience of the new day.  Life and death are no more opposites then are the sunrise and sunset.  Rather they are but different expressions of the same essence.  One celebrates the passing of what is no longer needed and the other celebrates the new beginning of what has come.   Each is one and the same.

Sunrise, Sunset… reflections of the eternal flames of being.  Each in their own way heralds new life, new choices and new opportunity.

We pray then that you will see that life is, always and eternal, and while its form and appearance in your eyes may change, it is always the same.  The old passes into the new, life into life.   There are no opposites, only progression of the life that you are.  Sunrise or sunset, both beautiful in their own way.  Both are heralds of life itself in its entirety.

We leave  you in Love, Light, Joy and Peace that you may ponder these words and find their value in your life.

Our love for you is great and without limit.  We are the same family all of us, children of the divine source by whatever name you choose to call it.

AA Uriel with Brother Dave.


And now a little treat, from Fiddler on the Roof.  Sunrise, Sunset.   Enjoy!  BE in Joy.

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