Eternal Wisdom with Uriel – Judge Not!



Dearest brothers and sisters of light and love.  It is a joyous day, but then for a pure heart, every day is a joyous day.   We wish to speak with you of judgement or more specifically of the tendency of humankind to rather impetuously render judgements and the importance that you “Judge Not”.  Let us begin by saying, do not confuse judgement with discernment.

There are great changes taking place in your world consciousness.  Changes that are not always clear or understood by the conscious mind.   To a limited mind that sees more in the material world, then in the true spiritual self and world, it would seem that once again, as we lie upon the cusp of peace and love, turmoil and war rear their head as though our journey to remember the light of our beings is once again, turned back by the darkness.  But nothing could be farther from the truth.

First off, the greatest and most grievous of judgements of humanity is the judgment of duality.  Convinced as the fallen (fallen away from divine, not fallen into something) minds have been, it has long been to see everything as duality and opposites.  Even your science, says that for every action there must be an equal and opposite reaction.   Well in that statement there is a whisper of truth, but the reality is not reaction, rather it is that every action, stimulates another action.   Life is motion, energy is motion, nothing is stagnant or dead.    Action stimulates action.  It is not action then opposite reaction (though to your mind tuned to an idea opposites it looks that way).  Action > reaction is a very 3D concept.   The universe flows, not in oppositions, but in constant and eternal ways, action moves to action, moves to action, moves to action, and it continues.  No beginnings, no endings, but constant motion that expresses in many ways.   The universe seeks balance, meaning the harmonizing of energies in ways that the human mind has difficulty understanding because there is no limitation,  but never repulsive reactions.

So then, what does this all have to do with judgement?   (laughing).   Well dear brothers and sisters, it has been written in your own inspired teachings, judge not, lest you be judged and judgment belongs only to the creator, divine father, divine mother or creative source. (whatever words you are comfortable with).  Now, human mind made that into the thought, creator judges.  But creator does not judge.  The human words mean only that creator mind or essence has the perception to see all the subtle nuances of interactions in the universe and to understand how they all relate.   Creator is understanding, never judgmental.  Judgement is a concept creation of human mind, based upon this odd idea of opposites you have and finite natures.  The illusion of absolutes.   This sense that every thing must have a consequence and that humanity must render judgements, and that every action must have a reaction (judgement).    My oh my, it goes on and on and on.  Thank goodness the little children, still laugh, and sing and dance and play without such disruptive thinking.  Otherwise there never would be a moment of joy or laughter in your earthly world.

So, what is the point of all this?   (many angels laughing).   Our dear brothers and sisters we want you to realize that life is not about judgement, it is about love, compassion, hope, and living as a joyous child of the universe.

So, being Uriel and somewhat used to the erroneous judgments some have placed upon that name (remember it is a symbol for your minds, not who I am), let me state clearly.  You have all done wonderful work in your recent experiences and growth, yet still there is a great tendency to want to judge every action, person or group in the world.   Let us look at it with this symbology.   The world is like an onion.  It is made up of many layers.  Over the eons of your soul’s presence here, judgement upon judgement has been layered upon your experiences, and like the dry skin of an old onion, they have become crusty and dry.  Now for a very long time you and we have been working to move beyond all these layers of judgement, to strip down to the good, sweet and healthy part of the onion. but there remains that tendency to see actions and reactions, not to see the sum of interactions taking place, and like humanity has done for so long, to judge all those actions and reactions.   And when you do that, you simply lay back upon the onion, more dry and crusty layers.

Beloved, while there seems to you “an illusion of darkness” still holding sway over the world, it is just an illusion.   Judge Not these outer circumstances dear ones.  Judge Not!  For all is not as it seems.  Your eons of effort to restore balance to this sphere of being, to this planet, this moment, this experience is not in vain.   You have done well and continue to do well.   Now for the next step in your growth, Judge not.   Let go of such things, such reactions, such crusty layers of misperception.  No matter what your conscious mind tries to tell you, or convince you, let go.  Live what you are, divine children of the universe, do what you do as children of the divine.  Love, laugh, shine your light forth.  for in the light of your being, your perfect love birthright, will guide you.   The last great personal step is to let go of judgement.  For judgement is only love that is withheld.   When your love flows, and your being moves according to its true nature, there can be no judgement.   The universe will always seek balance, but not through human judgement.  You are love, be that love and shine it upon your world and the situations of your world, without any judgement, just love.  Then the world may not itself as you know, through the light of love, joy and peace.  It begins with you, in the now.   You are the instrument of change.

Judge not, for all judgements are equally against yourselves as against any other person, nation, force or experience.     Live, love, laugh, sing, dance, but do not judge.

You are what you live, what you express.  And you receive what you live, what you express.   You are children of the divine source, co-creators of all that is and creation is your play.   Judgments only take away from the joy of being who you are.

Judge Not!

Our love is with you, even as your love is with us.  We are all one, infinite expressions of creator’s love, ever-growing and changing.  This world is changing, trust it is so, and give no credence to the illusions of judgement.   Love, laugh, sing, dance, create happy!

Uriel, with Brother David and all the legions of angels who love you greatly.


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