Heavenletter #4972 If There Were No Fear, What Would There Be to Fear?, July 6, 2014

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gretchen3God said:
On one hand, you thank Me for all My blessings. You may even try to thank Me for honing you, refining you, tempering you, even sometimes as steel in a foundry, yet you fear life and death and wonder if you should be worried. Worries are not good for you. You have learned well to worry about this symptom or that.

Illness is a thought in your mind. If you had never heard of illness, the idea wouldn’t occur to you. Thoughts of illness have become epidemic. Illness is a thought picked up and learned. Don’t hold it to you. Even if you have been diagnosed, as best you are able, find a way to think about other aspects of life.

Remember, beloveds, there is no such thing as a death sentence. There is no death. The body can go poof, yes, it will. The body will fall down in abeyance to higher laws. How and when you drop off your body are yet to be determined. What is called death is perplexing to you. It’s so common, yet you cannot lie down and die at will. You cannot set the moment. And, yet, you look at the clock a lot.

Don’t set the timer. Don’t devote yourself to attending to the moment of so-called death. Don’t honor the concept of death so much any more. The same for age and things like expectancy and statistics and all those predictions. Get away from the figures that say what the incidence of flu is likely to be high this year, for instance. What sense does it make to set the table for flu? Honor what you honor. Welcome what you welcome. As for the rest, let the preponderance slide away from you.

Resign from all the palaver in the world, all the descriptions, all the cures. Be cured. Be cured of spending so much of your time and thought and heart on what is called illness or disease and trouble. Let go of holding on so tight. Let go of painful thoughts. Let go of the thought of karma unless you are thinking of karma you like.

Free yourself from patterns, explanations, sense of reprisal and/or guilt. You deserve good health. Do not consider illness a demerit. You have not been picked on. No one with a rifle is watching everyone go by and taking pot shots by formula or by random.

No one knows the odds, so don’t bet against yourself.

I will give you the odds. The odds are against illness. Come now, if there were no professionals waiting for illness to drop, how much illness would there be? If there were no pharmacies, where would there be prescriptions? This is not to blame anyone or anything for illness, for if there were no fear, what would there be to fear? Illness is a fantasy. It is not your longed-for dream, is it?

There is no question but that you can be without illness, and in an instant, so powerful are your thoughts if only you could let go of your preponderance of illness-provoking thoughts kept to you. With every inoculation, you have accepted a mind-set. Do not take such stock in illness. Do not give illness such tribute. Do not give illness and disease such credence. Do not invite them to your mind. Not even a cold.

And if illness or disease have put their claws on you, remove them with the power of God vested within you. Let go of the talons that hold you, for they are of the mind, and you don’t have to bow down before them.

If this dismissal of illness does not seem to work for you, then let go its hold some other way. You do not have to hold on to illness. You do not know the power you have. You do not know your state of consciousness. Believe in yourself and believe in Me more than you believe in illness.

Your body will drop away. This has been named dying. Your body will drop off, yet illness or disease are not obligated to take you.

The act of dying and the process of dying seem like an offense to you, almost a disgrace. It is not a disgrace. It is something that comes with the territory. Let go of the idea that leaving your body is an offense and that life is being taken away from you. Life cannot be taken from you. You are invincible. The body is not such an enormous thing. Of course, it seems like everything to you when, in actuality, the body doesn’t have all that much to do with you, for you are Being, you are Soul. These can never be taken from you. Ego can be taken from you, wrested from you. I cannot be taken from you. You cannot be taken from Me.

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