On How Higher Self Makes Us

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Today it is time to talk about how Higher Self makes us.

This plant is the example that my own Higher Self showed me. See the little green shoots on the bush? WE are the little shoots. And the Higher Self is the plant that makes us.

I was only shown one branch, for the example of her and myself, but this photo carried with it the ‘nudge’ that it was time to share this information now with you.

What else has she said:

  • I am her ‘best self’
  • She chose me to be like this, to have all of her ‘best qualities’
  • She is me and I am her.
  • She is ‘here if I need her’
  • She says she is like a ‘coat I can wear’ when I want it
  • I have free will
  • All of my family ties I know, to Spirit, are to me, not to Her–so who I know as my Star Family really is mine, and the Love that we share together in all dimensions, is real.
  • I get to live happily ever after with Ross–and she blesses it.
It still concerned me. I went to Divine Father, who sits in an office, and I can go to Him when I wish, and I said, ‘I have a question. How does this Higher Self thing work? How is it made? Do you get pregnant?’
And He answered it:
  • when there is something that is happening on a timeline that is different from you and you want to help, you make an incarnation that is appropriate to the time period
  • if there is an area of yourself you want to work on, you make an incarnation for that too
  • but it’s a little gamble–the incarnation has Free Will. If it does good–it makes progress for you. If it doesn’t, it holds you back. It’s karma is reflected somewhat on you.
  • So you don’t take it lightly, making an incarnation. You think and you make it.
  • This is valid for the Archangels, Divine Mother, and Divine Father.
  • An incarnation, for example, Joseph is an incarnation of St. Germain–Joseph has Free Will, and is therefore entitled to make HIS own incarnations, too.
  • Other souls, split into ‘fragments’–they form soul families and together they gain the experience and the Consciousness as One. I believe they do this for one soul generation only.

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And if reading all this about the consciousness makes you feel confused in any way, then, sit right here next to me, and let me show you how I feel when I read this kind of intel too:

With so very much Love, and Gratitude to you for your fearlessness in Raising the Consciousness and reading this….
Aloha and Mahalos,
Reiki Doc