A Message From Our Lady: 7.2.2014 by Reiki Doc

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My Beautiful Children!

I am with you on this special day to welcome you to the Kingdom Of Heaven.

(beautiful laughter, with a gorgeous smile, and eyes wide open and crinkled a little at the corner–with laughter that sounds like little bells all full of warmth, love, and acceptance)

No, you are NOT going to die anytime soon–unless it is in your Life Contract!

(the laughter continues. Clearly, she is amused at her joke. She pats the cushion on the bench next to her, and encourages you to sit with her.)

Let us begin, shall we?

The energy of Heaven has arrived to Gaia, surface Gaia, and New Earth. It has always been as such in the center, where true Agartha exists. That is the energy of 5D. Inside. In that Realm.

Now on surface Gaia, the ‘tipping point’ has happened. Now, everything is going to begin with the changes, a little at a time, a little at a time, building up momentum, until a massive flood of the energy of Love and Light and Fellowship–which is already bathing the planet continuously–will flow from one heart to the next.

Your heart. To mine.

My heart. To yours!

And YOUR hearts? To each and every other soul you meet, in any dimension, in any realm!

There are unicorns in some of them. And faery dancing.
In others, there are the thoughtful ones who like to think and think and contemplate the mysteries and the sciences (the mystic and the scientist are One–they are ends of the spectrum of consciousness and now they are about to meet–face to face!–she makes a kissing sound–and laughs her gentle pleasure again.)

There are some where there is history, both to be studied up close, as it once happened as it is recorded in the Akhashic Records. And there are some where history is made! Would you like to know about this?

Forever and ever I am here at your disposal. I am here for you. In order to explain and guide and teach all of my little ones.

The gate to the princes and princesses of Gaia, every single one of you who reads these words, are opening to the widest, most gorgeous thoughtfully-designed ‘playground of the soul’ that ever did exist! As your consciousness increases, you will discover more and more things you enjoy. Think of it like playing on the playground equipment as a child–first you swing, and then you dance with your friends, and take the slide, go on the merry-go-round until you are dizzy, go climb the ‘highest heights’ on the tall gym structure for your exercise, and maybe go back to the swings because you like them best. There is sand for all the digging and building and pleasure you could ever imagine. Ponds with little ducks to watch, a place to make paper boats and float them down the creek. There are flowers to enjoy in Nature. And even take a nap in the warm sun under a tree…

As you can see, in the physical realm the possibilities on the earthly ‘playground’ abound; there are even more things possible in the Spirit! (she gestures her hands in and arc starting straight up over her head then  falling and stretching WIDE to a ‘this much’ gesture, with her smiling with joy the whole time. I can feel her excitement.)

So I welcome you dear precious children to our New Day.

Welcome to the Kingdom Of Heaven!

The power of your awakening is palpable here where we are in Spirit.

Thank you for all that you do to raise your energies, and that of those who are in your immediate vicinity. Your example really helps, and I ask you to hold your own so  you can pave the way more smoothly and more fun and stumble-free for your neighbors–those you know and those you meet.

There are not mistakes–only lessons–and none of them cause any true harm from this day forward.

Your glory is going to make you smile when you discover it!

With all my love and gratitude to you for your hearts, which are dear to me as my jewels of Light,

Mother Mary

This was written with all rights and privileges to Reiki Doc, the scribe.
This is okay to be shared with the world as long as it is shared in its entirety.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc