Lee Harris: July-August 2014 Energy Forecast – Consciousness Dancing and The Brain of The Heart

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(Transcribed and edited from Lee’s live Video message.)
Source: LeeHarrisEnergy

Hi everybody and welcome to the Energy Forecast for July and August 2014.

The first thing for me to touch on this month is humorous to me because it’s the very reason that I had trouble starting this forecast a second ago, which is: our brains – and how our brains are not functioning the way they used to.

Now, some of you will have been familiar with this from time to time over the last several years. It’s part of the awakening process that your brain no longer ‘thinks’ or operates the way the old you used to. So for a while, it can almost feel like your brain disappears from your life.

Symptoms are struggling with memory; struggling with concentration; struggling to string a sentence together; and some people are even noticing that their words are getting a little jumbled up.

This is quite common within a lot of people. A large number of people going through the awakening process right now will be experiencing this.

So it’s nothing particularly to worry about.

But the interesting thing for us to learn from it, is to notice how it makes us feel to lose our mental capacity.

Because the challenge, I believe, for all of us on the planet in the last few years is how do we find strength through increasing vulnerability?

It seems that every year there are more challenges for us as a people and as individuals that put us into situations that we haven’t been in before.

You see, if you think of the linear mind and the more masculine way of using the mind, it’s directional; and there is a progression of thought and logic leading to external actions and choices. The masculine mind perceives achievements and ‘happenings’ along the way and likes to see what we might call ‘measurable or provable success’.

Well, that’s a very human-trained way of living and using the old masculine mind.

So now more people than ever are opening beyond how they were ‘trained’ as a human – a training which, for all of us on this planet, has limited our actual potential and our capacity. Some people refer to this as ‘conditioning’.

As you open beyond your conditioned mind, and you start to bring your energy senses into play; your third eye, your heart at a new level, the whole energy field. Once this begins to happen, everything starts to change. And the old brain feels very out of place. And it can almost feel sometimes like you are saying things that you don’t quite understand, or that don’t quite reverberate with other people in the way that they used to.

So, many of you will be having a bit of an experience where you’re talking to someone, or in an engagement and you’re suddenly going, “What did I just say/do….?” You will be finding yourself surprised by your actions and sayings.

And this is just the brain ‘loosening’ it’s old grip on your behaviours.
Because you no longer have such a strong emotional connection to it as you did.

The brain starts to become more of a piece of service to you and your way of being, rather than the solo leader of your way of being, the more you awaken. The brain become a facility you go to, to use for the times that you need to organize, analyze or direct events. But actually what happens during awakening is the brain of the heart starts to become far more dominant.

So, you will experience this when you are, for example, sitting looking at a tree – something I can’t stop doing in the last 4 months. You will need that time to stop and be still in order to stay balanced, because at the moment so much energy is pouring onto the planet. We hear a lot about external influences right now – solar flare activity, universe shifts that are going on around us, but what you have to look at is how does that implode us internally?

So, the brain and also the physical body are two big areas that are being energetically affected in people right now.

Some people are experiencing physical issues or symptoms that are forcing them to stop, re-examine, slow down, change the way they operated.

Some people are just experiencing more tiredness or exhaustion or unusual needs to nap where usually their energy is more consistent.

Again, all of these things over the last 3 or 4 years will have been symptoms for everybody at certain stages. But, as with this fast growing time, these symptoms are getting stronger and more universal, so now the whole collective are experiencing it.

Now the whole collective is something to really take into account when you consider how you are feeling on a day to day basis.

I work with people every week, and I have done for 10 years. And what’s been so illuminating to me in that journey is you really understand that we all have a relationship to fear and we all have a relationship to love and to opening. And we might all be different in the details of those relationships, but underneath, the same core relationships to love and fear exist.

So for example, I might have fear about things that you personally don’t fear – and vice versa. But the point is they’re just different stories; just different ways of experiencing fear as a human being.

What many of you tend to forget, and I see this in questions I’m asked on my monthly live Q + A broadcasts in ‘The Portal’, is that many of you can make how you are feeling very personal. Many of you can feel that what’s going on for you is very much ‘all to do with you’.

And this often leads to judgment or lack thoughts toward yourself; such as, Why can I not overcome this? Why can I not make this work? What’s my problem that this creation I’m trying to create cannot come to fruition? What’s my issue? What’s the wound I need to heal?

Now, that way of thinking is really old in the self-development community from my perspective.

There is a time and a place to start burrowing into yourself and thinking it’s all about you. But it’s never all about us. We’re in a very interconnected web of life.

And right now, a lot of people in the world are panicky, exhausted, spinning off their center – so they’re often playing out unconscious actions in bigger or more reactive or more volatile ways.

This collective energy affects all of us, day-to-day.

This is why over the last few months I reminded you to know about your boundaries and know what’s okay with you and what isn’t. Because a lot of people right now will be behaving in ways that they never have before. Reactive, irritated, impatient, sad – responses to this time that may be unconscious in them and their behaviours.

So you need to learn how to be responsive to that in yourself. You also may need to make some changes in how you navigate people and relationships right now.

You may need to ask yourself questions such as “Do I want to get into an argument with this person or can I just walk away because they are really exploding right now? Is this the time where I talk to them about that thing I’ve never spoken to them about?”

But through all of this, and particularly when dealing with people who are having difficulties, just keeping coming back to this sensory heart that I mentioned earlier. You can use your feeling space a lot more than you are to intuit the world, and to navigate it in a more peaceful and conflict-free way.

So for example, if you are saying, “Well, why isn’t this thing working in my life right now?” Trust that things aren’t meant to work at this moment in time, but perhaps they will very soon. Or your plan needs to change and sitting back for a few days will help you see that.

Our human minds have a very small view of this whole planet and our whole way of interacting. Our soul mind is vast and endless, but, in the experience of being human and bringing more consciousness to your life and the planet, we all inhabit our human ‘small mind’ at times. But beyond that there is consciousness. And consciousness knows EXACTLY the reason your book is not finished yet. And it will most often be not because you have a problem with writers block, but because the world is not ready for your book yet.

As someone who has been a regular creator for ten years, it’s been one of the greatest lessons I’ve learnt as a creator. If you’re creating something for the outside world, whether those people are already there and waiting for it (the family you are organising that trip for) or whether you’re hoping over the coming years it will be seen and experienced by people (the book you are writing for public release); you have to understand that your blocks can be as much to do with the audience that are waiting for it. And often it is that they’re not ready to receive this experience/ piece of information right now, as much as it is anything to do with you.

So if you are in that state of attacking yourself or judging yourself for what’s going wrong with you and your plans, try and take a breath. Surrender to the fact it isn’t working, breathe and you will start to release that tension and frustration you now feel.

Try to remember, daily, that there are a whole lot of crazy, rapidly tornado-ing experiences going on out there around you. And many people are spinning off their center unless they are aware; “Wow. This is a more chaotic time. So I need to adjust the way I’m operating”.

Not everybody is acknowledging this, so their unconscious behaviours are getting louder so that they might catch their own attention.

What’s happening as a result is a lot of people are running even harder in the outside world, thinking they can make it work if they put more effort in, which right now creates more chaos. It is also because they don’t want to slow down and feel what’s inside them, which is something we can all empathise with and understand from our own lives.

So be compassionate with your boundaries wherever you can, as you never know the size of fear that is driving someone’s reactive behavior.

So, final point for this month – and this applies to the month of August also.

In recent years, we have seen certain months and certain time periods where it has felt like the energy ceiling is limitless to us, and all of a sudden there is this wave of energy moving through, opening us deeply and quickly. And on a certain week or a certain month so much can happen in your life because of this. So much can suddenly arrive that felt like it was missing before.

What we’ve noticed in the last year or two as a people is everything that a few years ago may have taken a week to experience, now happens within half a day. And then in the second half of the day the energy has changed again and you are experiencing another strong energy experience. Most of us are getting used to this now, but it still means we have to learn to become very nimble on our toes and keep moving and not get attached to any one state. We need not get attached to the ‘joy’ state that you were in this morning; because if you have to let go of joy (because suddenly you feel tired and you serve the tiredness with a nap or a rest), the joy will come back later.

This is the way of ‘Consciousness Dancing’ that we’re all having to learn in a very human way on the planet right now.

How do I bring this sense of consciousness, this sense of my sensory ability out into the world? And every day, it is a new learning or experiencing.

And the truth is many of you feel frustrated about what you can’t bring out to the world or into your life.

But that’s because this is a delicate process. We can’t just wake up, feel more alive and conscious and suddenly throw that energy out at the world or force it on the world.

We’re still figuring out how to nurture it inside ourselves AND how to be in the outside world at an all new level than we’ve ever been.

Before we might have been running out there, running our energy through people and activities; nowadays we’ll still have our energy out there with people, but first and foremost how big is this part of you inside yourself? How full is this heart chakra feeling for YOU? As focusing in that direction means you will naturally emanate more heart energy to others when in their presence.

So my point is: rather than you being able to do bold ventures out into the world at the moment, because the energy  climate is so tumultuous and it changes so quickly, the place to really learn to exist and create from now is in here (Lee points to his heart chakra).

If you can exist from this heart center and really allow yourself to feel everything that’s going on in the world, you’re going to be far more successful in how you operate.

I’ll give you an example.  If I came up to you at a party – and I’m going to demonstrate now – this is me excitable and in my head. (Excitedly and bouncing around) “Oh hi! Wow, it’s great to see you! Oh man, there is so much going on and da-da-da-da…”

Now, it’s really tempting if you had me in front of you, to start traveling to join that frenetic energy. Now I know some of your are laughing going, “Ha! I’d be pulling back!”  And I’d be like you, most of you.

But the point is: can you just stay here in yourself EXACTLY where you were, when this frenetic person is doing this in front of you?

Because, in the past so many of us got caught into other people’s energy pathways. Either being pulled into or repelled by them.

And that’s what the last few years have been all about. How do you remain connected to yourself while knowing that you are still connected to others? And how do you remain connected to your heart center in every moment, even if the person in front of you is not yet sitting in theirs?

So if you have ambitions or if you have big desires at this time, try and keep bringing them into the smaller reality, because that way big things will happen. Focus on one small step at a time. Large projects in the next few months will do best when focused on in a small, detail- oriented way, and anything beyond that is likely to feel overwhelming.

And if you are frustrated as you have a big burning ambition or some massive change you want to employ in your life, ask yourself what’s really underneath it driving the frustration? Because there will usually be some discomfort you are trying to solve. For example, if the wish is “I wish I had an amazing career” you might find that the driving force in that sentence is “So I didn’t have to feel so depressed about the state of the world.”

Well, know that, if you get that amazing career, the depression about the world would rise in some other way at some point.

So be with your feelings about the world FIRST and clear how that feels in you as much as you can, so that your dreams aren’t being tethered to your sense of loss, fear or pain. In these summer months, things won’t fly unless they have clear energy around them.

Daily practices: meditate, take ten minutes a day to be with trees, get ten minutes a day of sunlight – that’s really important. That was a message from The Z’s in last month’s Q + A broadcast.

Sunlight right now is really helping the DNA and the cellular changes that we’re going through to integrate. So, 10-15 minutes of sunlight a day as a practise.

So everybody, I hope you have a really good July.

I will be back in the fall. I’m not going to be doing an Energy Forecast in August so I designed this one to apply through August also.

And in the fall, I have an exciting new video series that we are working on right now that we will look forward to unveiling for you.

If you want to stay in touch with me in the meantime, there are daily quotes on Facebook, which you can find here. And I do a Live Q + A Broadcast in The Portal every month.

You can check out The Portal and all the great things in there here.

So have a great summer everyone and see you in Autumn.Lots of love,


Heavenletter #4968 The Role You Play, July 2, 2014

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gretchen3God said:
The physical life is like a charade. You enter into it fully, and yet it is a charade. We can consider your life on Earth as a role you play. On some level, you know it’s only a role. You know that the Truth goes far deeper. It is like your worldly life is a coat of paint on a wall of gold. Here a coat of paint, there a coat of paint. More colors than you can shake a stick at. Serene colors. Blazing colors. Pastels, neon. Yet underneath the coat of paint is gold. On top is paint that hides the true gold. When you come down to it, how else can you describe life in the world? Oh, yes, We can describe it as a story. It certainly is that too.

We could say that life in the world is a scene in which you pull the blinders over your eyes. You pull down a mask that is hard for you to see through. Certainly, you are not marked in stone. Changeable is your physical life, changing a mile a minute from one view, not changing fast enough from another. Life in the world certainly seems haphazard.

Just the same, life in the world has a motif. Your life in the world has a motif. In a way, you are like a style of furniture. There are many kinds. Or you are like a decoupage. Or you are a kaleidoscope where all the pieces, random as they may seem, fall into place and don’t stay long but convert themselves on the run.

How normal life in the world seems sometimes, and yet how hard it seems to figure out. Isn’t it strange, life, all of it? Your bones have joints that bend and Truth that bends and you can be out of sorts. Sometimes you really don’t know the time of day. You don’t know where you are or where you are going in the kingdom of life on Earth. Underlying the forest of life is a Serene Lake which inevitably carries you to Me.

And then there is the Joker – you never departed from Me although you think you have. You persuaded yourself you have.

Sweet mysteries of life. And then there is love, love greater than a pretty spring bonnet, love the whole shebang, love the Ultimate Union that you know in bits and pieces and have not yet put wholly together. This is love that has never been apart.

Love is the Truth, and Earth Life is the fantasy. How deep into the fantasy are you. You seemingly wouldn’t know what to do without it, for how real the fantasy is to you. Naturally it is. It is the stage you are on. It is a splendid drama, and it is yours for the asking. You don’t have to ask for it, however, because you are already in it. You hem and haw, and you cry out loud and you cry silently. All the while that you are deep into the story, you cry crocodile tears, beloveds, for woe and plaints are not true at all.

There is a layer within you where you know that. There is a layer within you that well knows that none of this excitement and entanglement can possibly be true. All this that is happening cannot possibly be happening, for, truly, it is a mirage of death-defying proportions that has you in its thrall. You think you would trade it all in, and, yet, you don’t trade it. You don’t let go of it. You won’t let go of it. You don’t know how to let go of it, for you are dependent upon it, as if your life is dependent upon it, as if you do not exist without it, so vivid is your imagination.

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Bobby in memoriam 01. Juli 2014

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The silverplatinum flame

My beloved son and dog Bobby, a German Spitz has gone this morning at around 5:15 am.

He was not only our 4-legged companion for 13,5 years, he was also our beloved family member.

I know he is my son Ganori with my Twin Flame SaLuSa in one of my past lives on Sirius and he is back home now together with the rest of his angelic family. Yes, he is an Angel. He was a doggy Angel and he is a true Angel as soul.

He was born on December 10 in 2000 and joined our family on February 17 in 2001.

In this he lived nearly 13 and a half year with us. He brought so much joy and love to us, his mimic abilities were limitless and he was a very loving, lovable dog who so loved to be cuddled and this until his last second.


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Unlike Any Other

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The Creator Writings


You have your own way of connecting and sharing the Unconditional Love of The Universe. Once you

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Who is Ra? – Part 2: Cloaked Light Bodies

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Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, June 30, 2014.

In our first installment, we were given a general introduction to Ra and we learned why they’re assisting us in our ongoing evolution. Here, we’re going to pick our discussion back up with more material from Ra about who they are, how they made their way to the earth, and how their teachings were distorted to work in favor of the distorters.

I enjoy writing about Ra, and like I said in part one, there’s is among the purest and most helpful channeled material out there.

Ra has said a lot about our multidimensional nature and the ascension we’re experiencing, and we’ll dive into our material with a quote about the intense fourth-dimensional compassion they realized they had when they reached the fifth dimension.

“As a group soul in 4th density, we had the tendency towards compassion even to martyrdom in aid of other selves. When the 5th density harvest was achieved, we found that in this vibratory level flaws could be seen in the usefulness of such unrelieved compassion. We spent much time in contemplation of those ways of the Creator which fill love with wisdom.” (1)

A lot of people on earth could use a lesson in compassion, but there are also people here who are overly compassionate and would easily martyr themselves in the name of serving others. There’s obviously nothing wrong with service, but if we help others so much that we hurt ourselves, then there’s a problem.  Read more…

The Oracle Report, Monday, June 30, 2014

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. . .I think these reports are a MUST READ for the next 12 days . . . ~J

From Wise Owl Deb

New Moon Phase: beginnings

Moon in Leo

Ruling Mahavidya: Dhumavati (The Goddess of Death) and Kali (The Destroyer)

Skill: maintain composure

Negative Imprint: recklessness, disharmony

Positive Imprint: consideration, harmony

Today we remain composed in all things.  Doing so keeps the grid of the collective consciousness firmly in place.  We think before taking action or rushing into anything.  We take the time to prepare for things that are important instead of winging it.  By maintaining our composure, our point is made, our voice is heard, our destiny is aligned.

When we are composed, we generate a strong force.

In general, people are responding from fear and from instinct with today’s conjunction of the Moon and the Black Moon.  If you missed yesterday’s report, you can read more about this conjunction in the Archives at www.oraclereport.com.  Since people will be lashing out, we know to keep our shields of protection in place and will consider matters before responding, even if we only have a moment.

Mercury will station direct tomorrow and will unlock all of the energy that has been building up and pressure-releasing since June 7,  Recall that communications of all types (personal, electronic, professional, etc.) have been under the influence of energy that is like a cat arguing with a mouse.  As we build to this, the cat or the mouse is likely to take action.  The proper action is to just turn and walk away from it.  Leave it behind.

Additionally, a process of winnowing is underway, which is one of the Wisdom Goddess Dhumavati’s specialties.  She winnows through things, separating them.  What does not belong together moves apart.  Vibrationally, situations and circumstances (including relationships) that are no longer in harmony are being drawn apart.  Situations and circumstances (including relationships) that are in harmony are coming together.  This is part of the great shift that is happening this month.  Some things have to change.  Trust in the process.  Let Dhumavati rearrange things for you so that you are in better alignment with what is in your soul’s highest and best interests.

(Note: Be aware that at the highest view of what is going on right now, we are holding a field of consciousness that is now stronger than the one created and perpetuated for centuries by the new world order/Archons.  The field of consciousness aligned with natural world order is under heavy attack through the Full Moon phase of this lunar month.  By focusing on the “Positive Imprint” listed above, you are actively participating in the maintenance of the field of consciousness [the grid] that indigenous people have held while the Archons have dominated.  Endeavoring to harmonize and radiate the positive imprint each day is the most important thing that we do no matter what transpires in our individual lives.)

The Oracle Report

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report!

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Posted: 28 Jun 2014 03:10 AM PDT

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Editor, In5D.comImagine being able to activate your dormant, “junk” DNA? In recent news, scientists and geneticists have discovered three and four strand DNA in human cells while some geneticists believe we may soon evolve to a 12 strand DNA.

To those who may dismiss this theory, and article entitled, “Spontaneous Evolution Has Arrived!“, a child was recently born with a 3 strand DNA in England.

Brave toddler Alfie Clamp stuns doctors after being born with extra strand of DNA

A British toddler has become the first person in the world to be born with an extra strand in his DNA, in a condition so rare doctors don’t even know its name.

Alfie Clamp, from Warwickshire, northern England, has a seventh chromosome which has an extra arm.
Read more »

A short update on the energies

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aisha north

As you have perhaps already noticed, you will be subjected to a myriad of different energetic sources now, and they in turn will serve to ignite quite a few conflicting responses within you, both in the physical but also in the emotional sense.

Let us explain. We have touched briefly upon the fact that you are not only carriers of light and information, you have also been dispersing the same for many a lifetime already, and now, as these seeds starts to germinate and come into life, one by one at first, but very soon in a veritable avalanche, these seeds themselves will also start to affect you in so many ways. For even if you have dropped them away from you so to speak on your journeys here on this planet, you still carry the imprint of these signals to the world within your DNA, and this combined with…

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Establishments of Light with Divine Feminine Gaia-Centric energies are in process of manifesting on planetary scale

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gaia_energy1Establishments of Light with Divine Feminine Gaia-Centric energies are in process of manifesting on planetary scale.

So-named “Centers of Light” which have been operating on “hidden” or “veiled” sense are unveiling and becoming visible on all dimensions, for all to see.

Higher Eyes have awakened in sufficient hu-beings to support such “Centers of Light”, energetically.

Planetary awareness currently delivers impactful messages to all shadow support mechanisms, which dissolve rapidly on all dimensions, for all to see.

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Mother Mary: Beautiful Transitions ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ June 30 2014

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mothermary3Mother Mary:

Hello dear Beloveds. The transitions you are all making into your higher aspects, into the higher realms, are monumental in scope, as each one of you ratchet up the vibrational ladder to refine yourselves further into the Divine Being that you are.

And as enlightening as it is for all of you, you sometimes find yourselves dipping a bit into your old ways of doing things. And this is alright, for every climb into higher frequencies and every success in integrating all your aspects and transforming the lower vibrations will sometimes take a little detour as you readjust and illuminate those parts of you that still need clearing and transmuting.

You must not see it as a failure or as a lack. For instead it is really an upgrade. You may not see it as such when you are delving into things you thought you had cleared or…

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Scientific Proof that Our DNA is Mutating

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Gregg Prescott, In5D Guest
Waking Times

Imagine being able to activate your dormant, “junk” DNA?  In recent news, scientists and geneticists have discovered three and four strand DNA in human cells while some geneticists believe we may soon evolve to a 12 strand DNA.

To those who may dismiss this theory, and article entitled, “Spontaneous Evolution Has Arrived!“, a child was recently born with a 3 strand DNA in England.

Brave toddler Alfie Clamp stuns doctors after being born with extra strand of DNA

A British toddler has become the first person in the world to be born with an extra strand in his DNA, in a condition so rare doctors don’t even know its name.

Alfie Clamp, from Warwickshire, northern England, has a seventh chromosome which has an extra arm.


We are taking an evolutionary leap

Dr. Berrenda Fox is a holistic practitioner of the Avalon Wellness Centre in Mt Shasta, California.  In an interview with Patricia Resch, Dr. Fox stated the following:

PR: What are the changes that are happening at this time on the planet, and how are our bodies being affected?

BF: There are major changes, mutations that haven’t occurred, according to geneticists, since the time we supposedly came out of the water. Several years ago in Mexico City there was a convention of geneticists from around the world, and the main topic was the DNA change. We are making an evolutionary change, yet we don’t know what we are changing into.

PR: How is our DNA changing?

BF: Everyone has one double helix of DNA. What we are finding is that there are other helixes that are being formed. In the double helix there are two strands of DNA coiled into a spiral. It is my understanding that we will be developing twelve helixes. During this time, which seems to have started maybe 5 to 20 years ago, we have been mutating. This is the scientific explanation. It is a mutation of our species into something for which the end result is not yet known.

The changes are not known publicly, because the scientific community feels it would frighten the population. However, people are changing at the cellular level. I am working with three children right now who have three DNA helixes.Most people know and feel this. Many religions have talked about the change and know it will come about in different ways. We know it is a positive mutation even though physically, mentally, and emotionally it can be misunderstood and frightening.

PR: Are these children displaying any characteristics different from other children?

BF: These are children who can move objects across the room just by concentrating on them, or they can fill glasses of water just by looking at them. They’re telepathic. You would almost think by knowing these children that they are half angelic or superhuman, but they’re not. I think they are what we are growing into during the next few decades.

PR: Do you think this will happen to all of us?

BF: It seems like most people who were born before 1940 have not been able to make the shift, but have initiated something into the next generation that gives them the capacity to form another helix within our lifetime. Our immune and endocrine systems are the most evident of these changes. That is one of the reasons I work with research in immunological testing and therapy.

Some adults that I have tested actually do have another DNA helix forming. Some are even getting their third. These people are going through a lot of major shifts in their consciousness and physical bodies, because it is all one. In my opinion, the Earth and everyone here is raising its vibration. Many of the children born recently have bodies that are magnetically lighter.

PR: What other changes should we expect to see?

BF: There will be no disease, we will not need to die. We will be able to learn our lessons, not through suffering, but through joy and love. The old system has to crumble away, and is not doing that without putting up a big fight. So you have all the wars; a lot of the medical-type of healing is not working; the government is not working.

Biophotons and DNA

Dr. Fritz Albert Popp’s research confirmed the existence of biophotons, which are particles of light, with no mass, that transmit information within and between cells.  Dr. Popp discovered that the coherent emission of bio-photons is connected to energy and information transfer processes in the biological organisms, and has been linked to the function of DNA and to gene regulation.

In simpler terms, our bodies not only emit light, but they also store light within our DNA.

A living cell requires energy not only for all its functions, but also for the maintenance of its structure. Without energy, life would be extinguished instantaneously, and the cellular fabric would collapse. The source of this energy is the sun’s radiation.

Nobel Peace Prize recipient and Hungarian biochemist Albert von Szent-Györgyi

The eyes are precisely where the solar radiation that feeds life enters the body.” – Johan Boswinkel

Four strand DNA reported by mainstream media

In a science article on NBC, ” researchers have found four-stranded DNA is also lurking in human cells. The odd structures are called G-quadruplexes because they form in regions of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) that are full of guanine, one of the DNA molecule’s four building blocks, with the others being adenine, cytosine, thymine. The structure comprises four guanines held together by a type of hydrogen bonding to form a sort of squarelike shape. (The DNA molecule is itself a double strand held together by these building blocks and wrapped together like a helix.)”

“The study showed that if an inhibitor is used to block DNA replication, quadruplex levels go down – proving the idea that DNA is dynamic, with structures constantly being formed and unformed.”

Is it possible that vaccinations, chemtrails and GMO’s have been acting as DNA inhibitors up until this point in time?

Reprogramming your DNA through words and frequencies

Dr. Peter Gariaev’s research into DNA concluded that DNA may be the universal language of spirituality, adding “wave genetics” shows that DNA functions like a holographic computer, part of the larger hologram of the information wave reality.  Our DNA has the capabilities of hypercommunication—telepathy, remote sensing and remote feeling, along with other psychic abilities.  We also have the ability to reprogram our genetic blueprint with simple word and frequencies.

How can we change our DNA right now?

Dr Masaru Emoto’s research has concluded that water has consciousness.  Based on this premise, I have decided to experiment with water, Ho’oponopono, sigils and positive affirmations.

In February of 2012, I started drinking distilled water as recommended by Andrew Norton Webber.

I also drastically changed my eating habits from your typical processed food, GMO-ladened diet to virtually all organic, including grass fed meat, fresh squeezed juices and homemade smoothies. Initially, I noticed an immediate change in my complexion as well as energy levels but after 7 months or so, I also noticed that I was losing my hair and wondered if that was attributed to drinking distilled water, so I stopped doing this but soon found something even more amazing.

After researching the benefits of ozone water, I decided to buy an ozone generator to infuse my water with extra oxygen. In addition, as per Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research into the consciousness of water, I added affirmations and Ho’oponopono.

Ho’oponopono is the Hawaiian Code of Forgiveness that follows 4 simple mantras:

1. I love you.

2. I’m sorry.

3. Please forgive me.

4. Thank you.

Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research show us that water has consciousness, so I combined Ho’oponopono with positive self-affirmations.

My affirmations are:

1. My pineal gland is fully open.

2. My chakras are clear and balanced.

3. My DNA codes are fully open to allow me to help myself and others in the best interests of humanity.

I decided to take this one step further after researching the power of sigils. A sigil is an inscribed or painted symbol considered by many to have magical powers.

Many corporate logos use symbols as a way to subconsciously influence us. A perfect example would be the Shell logo, which innocently looks like a shell, but it actually represents the sun and sun-worshipping, which preexisted before many religious belief systems.


Exxon uses symbols and sigils as a way to represent Saturn. In astrotheology, Saturn is Satan. Did you ever wonder why we exchange rings during wedding ceremonies? The rings represent the rings of Saturn (Satan). Look no further than the pre-Christian Chritmas-time celebration of Saturnalia, which was a week of debauchery and drunkenness.

In this world of polarity and duality, the same practices can be done with pure intent.

I decided to make a sigil glass that contained all of my affirmations. This is what it looks like:


I buy 5 gallon jugs of BPA free spring water from Zephyrhills and dispense it from a water cooler. Even my dog drinks this water! I have an ozone machine by the water dispenser.

The particular ozone machine that I use is a A2Z Ozone Aqua 6 Multi Purpose Ozone Generator because it gives me the biggest bang for the buck with a 600 mg/h ozone output.

After pouring water into my sigil glass, I speak my affirmations to the water, then I apply Ho’oponopono. I finish by saying, “Please send these messages to every cell in my body. Namaste.

It is important to keep in mind that the ozone leaves the water relatively quickly, so your best bet is to drink it as quickly as possible.  Some reports say that it only lasts up to an hour or two before dissipating.

High pitched frequencies and DNA

Many people are hearing high pitched frequencies that are not associated with tinnitus or a Vitamin D deficiency and some people believe these have something to do with a DNA upgrade.

In an In5D poll on the article, Do you hear perpetual high pitched frequencies? You’re not alone!, 97.8 people who responded confirmed hearing high pitched frequencies.  Is there a spiritual reason for these frequencies and/or is it possible that they are helping to evolve our DNA?

As a musician, it’s easy for me to figure out what tones I hear, which are predominantly in the key of B, but also in F# and C.  What sounds do you hear, if any?

We are beings of LIGHT

Science has proven that our DNA is evolving.  In order to keep the status quo, is it possible that our vaccinations are working as inhibitors to deter this process?  Despit the vaccinations, GMO’s and chemtrails, is it possible that our DNA will continue to evolve into a form of higher consciousness?

Only time will tell…

We know today that man, essentially, is a being of light. And the modern science of  photobiology is presently proving this.  In terms of healing the implications are immense.  We now know, for example, that quanta of light can initiate, or arrest, cascade-like reactions in the cells, and that genetic cellular damage can be virtually repaired, within hours, by faint beams of light.

We are still on the threshold of fully understanding the complex relationship between light and life, but we can now say emphatically, that the function of our entire

 metabolism is dependent on light.” – Dr. Fritz Albert Popp

About the Author

Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D and BodyMindSoulSpirit.  He hosts a weekly spiritual show on In5D Radio and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents. Gregg is currently working in collaboration with Michelle Walling, CHLC, in opening a holistic walk-in clinic called Alternative Holistic Healthcare (AHH) in Sarasota, FL with subsequent subsidiaries around the world based upon this model.

Heavenletter #4967 Pennies from Heaven , July 1, 2014

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God said:
It is like you have a piggy bank. Every day I drop pennies in for you. We can call these pennies from Heaven. Every day I drop in more than a penny or two for you. You can count on it. You just don’t see the pennies. The pennies are there, yet you don’t see them. I assure you I don’t miss a day. I never forget.

In a day or two, your recognition of the pennies may catch up to you. You begin to see something you hadn’t seen before. We can say that the pennies from Heaven were on their way to you all the time, yet you hadn’t quite put it all together. With better eyesight, beloveds, you would trust in Me more. With better recognition of My Presence, you would see more of your answers, and you would see them sooner. Unless you know a package is coming, you probably won’t look for it. If you know it’s coming, you’ll open the mailbox to check fast!

I have to tell you that you are quick to grab onto what you see as problems. You don’t seem to let them pass you by. Let Me ask you something: Is not the resolution of a difficulty equivalent to a penny in your piggy bank?

Unless there is something you have to resolve, how can there be a resolution for you?

Most everyone has misplaced his wallet every now and then. What panic, what running around looking for your wallet sets in. More times than not, your wallet shows up on its own. It fell here or there. You dropped it here or there and didn’t notice. You put it somewhere, and you forgot. The odds are in your favor that your wallet will show up. Even in that practical way, what you see as difficult is preparing something nice for you.

Peace, My children.

With your awareness of My attention on you, you wouldn’t worry so much as you do. Have confidence in Me, and you will have more confidence in life. Yes, all of your wishes don’t come true, but many are staring you right in the eye and you haven’t quite perceived them as yet. Your solution may well be waiting for you to look around you.

Perhaps you are looking for a ride, and you hesitate to ask. Ask. I will tell you that all you require is right before you. If not right this minute, then sooner or later. You have to remember that I have prepared all good for you.

Dear Ones, even the difficulties you see hold their blessings for you. It takes a while before you see this. Yes, beloveds, everything. Remember that you yourself are a blessing.

Even if what you face is your beloved one’s having moved on from Earth, your difficulty is not that your loved one’s body died. Your difficulty lies in your aching and mourning for your loved one, beloveds. This, that which is called death, you see as loss, and you see it as heartache. All the while, there is more for you to see than a loved one stolen from you.

I do not say that this is a cinch for you. I do say that when you lift your eyes, there is healing for you and a getting beyond and a place for you in the Universe, and a place for you to see from a different vantage, and a place for you to bless others. I commend you. Look at the blessings at hand, and, if the blessings are not yet in hand, they will soon be in hand. They are on their way to you. Keep your eyes open for all those pennies from Heaven.

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