Heavenletter #4964 God’s Day, June 28, 2014

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gretchen3God said:
Light of My Heart, your flame never goes out. You are this instance, and you are this instance of My Love. You are this instant, and you are at My insistence, well, more like at My desire. Insistence and Will seem willful. You are My Will, yet you are more than that.

I call you to Me. I call you to Me as My Pleasure. What else could you be to Me but My Pleasure? Let your regard for Me also be like My regard for you. You are My Tenderness. You are the Sweetness of Life. I savor you. I favor you. You are Mine, and that means that I am yours as well. Ownership does not exactly apply. Freedom to love applies.

Will suggests a force. Only where weakness is would force ever be thought of. There is no happiness in force, beloveds. There is happiness in willingness. Willingness is good. Willingness is saying Yes. Say Yes, beloveds. Be the open door to Heaven. Be the pedal that opens the Gates to Heaven. Of course, there are no gates to close Heaven, as if there ever could be. I open My arms wide to you, for My arms are never closed, nor are the Gates of Heaven ever closed, nor are there gates to close nor can there ever be. Heaven cannot be closed. There is no obstruction to Heaven. Heaven is so wide, there is no way to plug it. We are talking about no gates, no fences, no pot holes, no objections. Heaven is just Heaven, pure and simple, and Heaven has been waiting for you. I have opened all the windows of which there are none as well. I speak in metaphors, beloveds.

There is a lot to be said for knowing where you are. You like to know you are Home. You are surely Home with Me, beloveds. We have tete-a-tetes all the metaphorical time. We have heart-to-heart talks all the time. There are no secrets between us. It’s just that sometimes you forget, yet you do not forget forever. It is a little thing to remember. You’re almost right on the brink of remembering.

Heaven likes to be remembered. You like to be remembered, don’t you? I remember you always because I cannot forget you. From the day of your inception, I have thought of you. I think of you all the time. Yet, all of this time is the blink of an eye. I live in timelessness, and there is no way I can forget you in timelessness, forget you, who are My very bloodstream.

I can’t forget rose blossoms, and I cannot forget you. You are caught up in My day and My Heart. You are the fruit of My day. You are exactly the exultation that I desire. I relish you. My love goes far. There is nowhere that My love does not go. There is never a millisecond that My love does not go out and pour upon you. Not even in what you might call the worst moments of your life am I anywhere but right here. I am right here. Where are you? You always have been right here, too, as you are right here with Me now. There is no distance to reach. There is nowhere where you are not, and no when that We ever are not together, and, yet, just the same, there is no time, and there is no space.

You and I are One Eternal Being, and that never changes.

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