MasterQuote14: Archangel Zadkiel on Your Radiant Divinity

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Our Emerging Divinity

zadkiel-ashtarcommandcrew-netMasterQuote14: Archangel Zadkiel on Your Radiant Divinity:

 “The radiance that is your true self has many facets and within those facets are even more facets, and on and on, and so on into infinity. You are comprised of so many facets, and Beloveds, you are venturing to gather all those facets into and unto yourselves and in that, are creating a brilliance that is indescribable.

We give you that you are immense in your scope and thus you can easily see that Oneness is not far from being understood if you consider that concept and idiom in that light.

And so beloveds, rejoice in your immense Radiance for it is affecting the world in so many ways.  Allow it to grow as you integrate all your facets by being aware of them and welcoming them to you in all their glory.

For you are immense. You are of…

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Heavenletter #4964 God’s Day, June 28, 2014

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gretchen3God said:
Light of My Heart, your flame never goes out. You are this instance, and you are this instance of My Love. You are this instant, and you are at My insistence, well, more like at My desire. Insistence and Will seem willful. You are My Will, yet you are more than that.

I call you to Me. I call you to Me as My Pleasure. What else could you be to Me but My Pleasure? Let your regard for Me also be like My regard for you. You are My Tenderness. You are the Sweetness of Life. I savor you. I favor you. You are Mine, and that means that I am yours as well. Ownership does not exactly apply. Freedom to love applies.

Will suggests a force. Only where weakness is would force ever be thought of. There is no happiness in force, beloveds. There is happiness in willingness. Willingness is good. Willingness is saying Yes. Say Yes, beloveds. Be the open door to Heaven. Be the pedal that opens the Gates to Heaven. Of course, there are no gates to close Heaven, as if there ever could be. I open My arms wide to you, for My arms are never closed, nor are the Gates of Heaven ever closed, nor are there gates to close nor can there ever be. Heaven cannot be closed. There is no obstruction to Heaven. Heaven is so wide, there is no way to plug it. We are talking about no gates, no fences, no pot holes, no objections. Heaven is just Heaven, pure and simple, and Heaven has been waiting for you. I have opened all the windows of which there are none as well. I speak in metaphors, beloveds.

There is a lot to be said for knowing where you are. You like to know you are Home. You are surely Home with Me, beloveds. We have tete-a-tetes all the metaphorical time. We have heart-to-heart talks all the time. There are no secrets between us. It’s just that sometimes you forget, yet you do not forget forever. It is a little thing to remember. You’re almost right on the brink of remembering.

Heaven likes to be remembered. You like to be remembered, don’t you? I remember you always because I cannot forget you. From the day of your inception, I have thought of you. I think of you all the time. Yet, all of this time is the blink of an eye. I live in timelessness, and there is no way I can forget you in timelessness, forget you, who are My very bloodstream.

I can’t forget rose blossoms, and I cannot forget you. You are caught up in My day and My Heart. You are the fruit of My day. You are exactly the exultation that I desire. I relish you. My love goes far. There is nowhere that My love does not go. There is never a millisecond that My love does not go out and pour upon you. Not even in what you might call the worst moments of your life am I anywhere but right here. I am right here. Where are you? You always have been right here, too, as you are right here with Me now. There is no distance to reach. There is nowhere where you are not, and no when that We ever are not together, and, yet, just the same, there is no time, and there is no space.

You and I are One Eternal Being, and that never changes.

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The Creator Writings


On transparency; this may be the easiest thing you have ever done but, oftentimes, ends up being the most challenging.  Standing in your truth and letting others ‘see’ you for who you are takes a great deal of strength.  On the days where you

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Archangel Michael: You are God Having an Experience of You

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Thanks to Ellen for our transcript.

An Hour with an Angel, for June 26, 2014, with Archangel Michael

Graham Dewyea:  Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness.

Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone.

Our guest today is Archangel Michael. So, with that I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow:  Thank you very much, Graham. And today we’ll be continuing a discussion that Archangel Michael and I were having on May 30th. Hour with an Angel is usually a current affairs program, but this particular show is going to be aired while Linda is away, and so we can’t really gear it towards current events. So we’re going to continue our conversation about the Angelic Kingdom. And with that I welcome Archangel Michael.  Read more…

Oversoul Teachings via Wes Annac: A Vast Treasure of Information


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Oversoul Teachings: “A Vast Treasure of Information” Channeled through Wes Annac, June 26, 2014 –

In contributing your unique frequency to humanity’s awakening, you’re speeding up your individual and collective ascension processes and making it easier for other souls on your planet to cross through the portal when their time comes.

This cross-through is gradual in nature, but it’s very potent nonetheless, and when you tap into the banquet of spiritual energy and information you’re being given, you’ll step through this portal much more easily than you would have if you remained cut off from the energies and impressions of the higher realms.

In sitting silent for a few moments a day and allowing yourselves to connect with the creative, meditative source so many of you thrive from, you strengthen your reception of the divine and expand your greater perception like never before.

In consciously and continuously radiating the energies and impressions being emitted from the higher realms, you open up to a vast treasure of information that we hope to benefit the conscious seekers who are just starting to realize it exists.  Read more…

Kelley Hunter ~ Shelter from the Storm

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Laura Bruno's Blog

Happy New Moon! Thanks to Gillian for this one:

Kelley Hunter ~ Shelter from the Storm
New Moon @ 6 Cancer, June 27, 4:08am EDT, 1:08am PDT, 9:08am GMD

Image: Eve of Hurricane Georges, collage by K Hunter, 1998.

During this Cancer New Moon, we seek shelter and safety during what may feel like a rather stormy, yet exhilarating July. For the next week or so, fireworks ignite in the global transformation process as the Sun moves into the potent Pluto-Uranus Square. We hunker more deeply into our core for this intense, opportune offer of dynamic consciousness awakening. Already this year has been the peak of a rare planetary pattern that brings us to the next level of The Sixties. At moments during this process, like now, we may feel a very sweet, compassionate sensation, as if a divine mother is soothing and guiding us. We are helping each other…

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A message from Mother

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aisha north

Dear family of light!
As I sat down to channel today I could feel something special in the energies as I connected to them. I usually feel a distinct tingle when I start by grounding myself, but this time, it was as if a stream of love floated up through my entire body up to my heart where it connected with the energies coming in. It was such a powerful but loving experience, my body trembled and it brought tears to my eyes.  As usual, I welcomed the CCs and asked them for today’s message, but this time, they told me that they would “give the floor over to someone else”. And this is the message that came through:

Welcome dear ones, it gives me great pleasure to be able to communicate in this way with you all. I am the Serene Mother, the one that gives life, the one…

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Judith Dagley – What Are You Made Of? Do You KNOW? – 27 June 2014

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by lucas2012infos and re-blogged from there to here

This is THE MAJOR awareness to integrate right NOW.

Are you onboard with that awareness? If so, FABULOUS.
It is critical, if you want to move on from where you’ve been (which is probably repeating some old pattern or three that have become literally UNBEARABLE, I’d wager..) Read more of this post

by lucas2012infos

This is THE MAJOR awareness to integrate right NOW.

Are you onboard with that awareness? If so, FABULOUS.
It is critical, if you want to move on from where you’ve been (which is probably repeating some old pattern or three that have become literally UNBEARABLE, I’d wager..) Read more of this post

Amazing Portable Solar Power Unit – 27 June 2014

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posted by Lucas and reblogged from there to here


Amazing Pop-Up Solar Power Station Delivers Energy Anywhere it’s Needed, Inhabitat, by , 06/24/14 Ecosphere Technologies’ latest product combines several of our very favorite things in one easy-to-transport package: shipping containers, off-the-grid solar power, and clean drinking water generation. With their new Ecos PowerCube, the company can deliver a shipping-container-sized, self-sustaining solar power station by air, sea, rail or road to anywhere in the world it is needed.

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Outernet – You Should Inform Yourselves About It – 27 June 2014

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by lucas2012infos is switching on its first broadcast signal later this summer and the big question is where?

Click here to vote on where you think we should conduct product testing.

Summary of Update:

  • Vote on the location of the Outernet test signal
  • The Outernet blog is LIVE!
  • First test stream of Outernet is a success
  • Be a part of the Outernet design process
  • Meet our Marketing and Communications Lead, Thane Richard

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SaLuSa 27 June 2014

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 The changes continue to proceed as planned, and will bring about the anticipated changes that will bring you freedom from the activities of the dark Ones. Their power and control carries less weight and those who work for the Light are gaining more confidence as each day passes. So much good work is taking place and as it continues to spread, the dark Ones find that they are having less and less influence. It is you the people that carry the responsibility for spreading the Light, but we can assist where you have already made decisions to begin the process of change. Do not worry if at first progress appears to be slow as momentous changes cannot be achieved overnight, and are more likely to be successful when care and attention are given. We oversee your work and at all times will do our best to guide you and ensure your success. More and more souls are awakening to their real selves and seeking more power to achieve their vision of permanent peace upon Earth. It will come and is already affecting decisions being made to prevent any future wars from taking place.


The role of the Lightworker is to be inspired and bring more people to the realisation that the future is taking shape, and the voices that have influence are no longer prepared to go along with those who advocate war to solve problems. At long last it is being realised that war is futile and that there are no winners in the sense that all who are involved suffer loss of one kind or another. When you look back you will realise that using war to achieve your aims is often short lived, and at last there is an understanding that peaceful negotiation is the only way to solve differences. As you will find out in due course, wars are often contrived to set one against another and neither benefit as a result. As time has passed more and more people have tired of being used to settle differences, and now see that there are other ways which are far more acceptable. You are currently seeing the result of religious prejudice fuel the differences between some nations, and we wish we could get the message to them that you are all One. There is only One God of Absolute Love for all souls regardless of their colour or beliefs. However, there will come a time when it will be accepted that you are One Race, with the same destiny and eternally loved by the One God of All.


The elusive peace that you seek will first come to individuals who have accepted the Oneness of all Souls, and through them others will also follow. All knowledge is carried within, and those of you who feel particularly intuitive are able to measure the value and truthfulness of any message. There will however still be those who totally rely on others to walk the path with them. For them it is part of their necessary experience and as they become more understanding of the truth of their real selves, they will gain the confidence to travel their own path. Often the changes are the result of many lives whereby they have tested their own beliefs and have moved on where they have been found wanting. As you stand at this time you are represent the totality of your experience, and cannot help but be strongly influenced by it. There are however times when you will incarnate with a stronger attachment to certain beliefs that will give you a specific experience that you need. You are in fact much greater than you presently know, and whilst on Earth you play out each role you have undertaken which can greatly vary from one incarnation to another.


You may have wondered what our beliefs are based upon, and whether we have what you know as organised religion. The simple answer is that we are sufficiently understanding of the truth and the One God, that we live by example and realise that every other soul is either our brother or sister. Therefore our love is extended to all souls, and even those of the darkness are seen as being exactly the same as all others. It must be so as you have all come from the Source of All That Is, and undertaken your experiences so as to bring the truth to others. Where you are now in the lower levels of vibration you cannot become fully ascended and remain in them, so of necessity you only incarnate with a vibration that allows you to experience as chosen. We will also point out that this is why you must respect what other souls have chosen to experience, as it is all of value and will help others to evolve. Some souls have elected to serve on Earth to help others, whilst the majority are travelling their paths as they work their way back to the higher dimensions. There is not as you say a “quick fix” and the only positive way to evolve is through personal experience, although you can also learn from others who have gone before you.


Mother Earth is also taking part in the changes, and these are of a grand scale to prepare for those that will change the very surface of the Earth. Of necessity there will be unavoidable upheaval in some places, but you rest assured that every caution will be taken to avoid loss of life. Some are inevitable but there are also souls that have expressed a desire to leave the Earth. It may sound strange or unlikely that souls would choose to leave in such a way, but release from the physical body is instantaneous. Any trauma associated with such an experience is soon overcome and forgotten. Death as such is painless but is often thought differently and this is usually due to an accompanying illness. Understanding the truth of such an experience as death prevents what is otherwise looked upon by many as a traumatic time in your life. Be assured that as soon as you pass over your loved ones will be there to greet you and make you welcome. Perhaps the most welcome surprise is that you are “whole” again and through the power of thought can also become a young person again, full of health and without any of the problems you may have had whilst on Earth.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and have today touched upon life in the higher dimensions, which is far removed from what you have experienced upon Earth. Can you imagine an existence where within certain limitations you can “think” things into existence, therefore money is not needed. That is perhaps the most significant change although as mentioned above, the prospect of permanent good health must be music to the ears of those who have had a life of ill health. You have so much to look forward to so do your best while still on Earth. I leave you with my love and blessings.


Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey.