Who is Ra? – Part 1 Posted by Wes Annac on June 25, 2014

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Written by Wes Annac, June 25, 2014 – http://cultureofawareness.com/2014/06/25/who-is-ra-part-1/

These days, you’ll find a plethora of channeled material on the internet that’s claimed to come from different entities and collectives. Famous angels, archangels, etc. are routinely channeled, and Archangel Michael is one of the most popular sources of information.

There are even channeled messages that claim to come from extraterrestrials – physically, technologically, and spiritually advanced beings from other worlds who are keeping a close eye on our planet and assisting us with our ongoing physical and spiritual evolution.

There are plenty of theories as to why they haven’t directly shown themselves, and chief among them is the idea that their appearance would violate our collective freewill by showing us something we aren’t ready to see. Think about it – how would you react if a ten-story mothership suddenly de-cloaked and landed in your back yard?

There are a plethora of theories that explain why ‘management’ (the greater spiritual forces helping us evolve) haven’t shown themselves to humanity, but those theories aren’t why I’m writing this. The point of this article is to introduce one such spiritually advanced, extraterrestrial collective of souls, who go by the name of Ra.  Read more…