The healing codes of the Divine Mother and how to use them June 14, 2014

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Sirian Heaven

After several questions how the codes are to be used the Divine Mother and I have written a document that can be saved as a pdf

2014-06-13 The healing codes of the Divine Mother

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Die Heilcodes der Göttlichen Mutter und ihre Nutzung 13.Juni 2014

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Sirian Heaven

Nach vielfachen Anfragen wie denn die Heilcodes zu nutzen sind, hat die Göttliche Mutter zusammen mit mir ein Dokument erstellt, das als pdf-Datei angespeichert werden kann.

2014-06-13 Die Heilcodes der Göttlichen Mutter

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The Oracle Report, Friday, June 13, 2014 . . . as always, the Report is right on! ~J

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Shortlink:  The Oracle Report, Friday, June 13, 2014 . . . as always, the Report is right on! ~J

Marie sky 2-1
Full Moon Phase: illumination

Moon in Sagittarius/Capricorn

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi (The Paralyzer, The Storm-Calmer)

Skill: be like the wise owl who jumps higher in the tree for a larger view

Negative Imprint: inflexibility

Positive Imprint: flexibilty

A frenzied storm is being conjured on the chessboard of world events at the exact time a sparkling wave of dancing light beams its way from the Galactic Center to the world.

You could consider it a battle between swords and torches.

The frenzied storm that is much ado this Friday the 13th Full Moon is arousing change and reorientation.  Behaviors, actions, and feelings tend to be erratic, impulsive, and bizarre.  The energy has been intense, to say the least.  It’s radical.  It’s a lot to manage.  I will discuss the frenzied storm of the chessboard  and where that is leading us through July in an audio that will be posted later today.

But, for the purposes of today’s report, which is to present a guide for navigation through the energy, we will jump above the chessboard and focus on a larger picture.  We view it from a higher vantage point.  Wise owls jump higher in the tree when needed.

From a higher vantage point, we see that the field of possibilities is rearranging, reorienting, and resetting.  Opportunities are opening.  Sparks of energy are raining down us in volumes.  It’s an inundation of light.

With this comes turning points in our lives.  New ways are shown – new ways of thinking, in particular.  It’s a good idea to not dismiss too much right now.  Open up your boundaries and take on board information you may not have been as open to in the past or new information that is coming to you.  (Blow out your own mind space by opening up room for new ideas so something doesn’t have to do it for you.  Doing this is a high expression of this “radical” energy.)

To navigate today’s energy, stay open and flexible.  Recognize that circumstances in people’s lives and in the world at large are changing rapidly under this energy.  Don’t judge things too soon or take impulsive action.  Maintain a firm connection with the Earth by spending even just a minute outdoors several times today.  The frenzied storm is waging everywhere and it’s easy for people to “lose it.”  The cure is simple:  Spend time outside.  Repeat as needed.  Do this and you will experience this supermassive solar, galactic, earthly Full Moon phase in a very enlightening way.

As always, let’s keep things real and find beauty as the field of possibilities changes shape.

(P.S. Bagalamukhi is the aspect of Gaia-Sophia that paralyzes “enemies” – things that are not in alignment with our highest and best.  If you are in need of such service, have a conversation with her and ask for assistance.  She will then engage you in instruction, via the circumstances of your life, to rectify the matter.)

Thank you for supporting the Oracle Report!

SaLuSa 13 June 2014.

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We come to assure you that all proceeds well, but for reasons of security we cannot always reveal what is taking place. As we have done for some considerable time we work mainly in the background, to fulfil our responsibilities to ensure that the Light spreads as intended. This means that we closely monitor the activities of the dark Ones, so as to ensure that their activities are not allowed to interfere with the positive changes that are taking place. At present your world is going through a testing period of changes that are going to see an end of the dominance of the dark Ones. Some are taking place on a level that is obvious to you, but they also occur out of your sight and without your knowledge. Since time immemorial we have accompanied you through your travels, although we have never interfered with your freewill decisions. We do however use our influence to keep you on the Path of Light, as the end times are to release you from the dictates of the dark Ones.


These are indeed special times that you are privileged to be a part of and many have been chosen for their experience in similar situations. Souls from many different levels have volunteered to see you safely through the end times. You will identify some by their service to the Light, but others will remain anonymous for the time being. The dark Ones would do their worst to stop any soul from carrying the Light forward, although we have to say that we are allowed to protect them. Understand that where circumstances demand a certain outcome such as for karmic reasons, we are naturally obliged to respect them.


Each of you has entered life with a specific plan that caters for your needs, and whether you work for the Light or otherwise makes no difference. Obviously Lightworkers tend to take on far more responsibility and are chosen for their experience. It means that they often have a somewhat lonely life, but at that the same time it gives great satisfaction. Souls who incarnate for development are given only as much as they can handle, and it specifically targets areas where they need to gain experience. Other souls that take an important role in your life are chosen for you, and you meet them as “arranged” although it may well appear to be a random event. Nothing happens by chance although you are often convinced that it is the case, without planning it would be impossible to ensure you experienced exactly what you needed to evolve.


Families often stick together through many incarnations playing out different roles each time. It can explain why some families are so close together and have a very strong bond. Be assured that whoever enters your life where it has any strong and lasting affect, is part of your life plan. If for example you choose to have a close relationship with a soul that is not part of your life plan, it will not develop into anything more serious. In such circumstances you have two souls involved and beyond a friendly relationship, neither can go beyond that level of relationship. Naturally in the course of your lifetime you have many friends that come and go, but they may not have any specific influence.


Dear Ones, life is a mystery that requires much explanation if you are to grasp the significance of it. Indeed, in some respects it is beyond your present understanding, but those who are advanced in their evolution understand sufficient to be able to make suitable progress. Also bear in mind your Guides are present to influence you in ways that keep you on track. You are never alone to face life’s tribulations but your Guides need to receive your request for help, as otherwise it could go against your wishes. Once you understand what life and the need for experience is all about, you will find that it progresses more smoothly and greatly satisfying. Behind all happenings in your life, is your life plan and we repeat again that nothing happens by chance. Many people will enter your life to play their role in it, often to give you the experience you need only to move on afterwards.


Trying to make sense of everything is an overwhelming task, but you will find that your understanding grows through personal experience. For different reasons souls have their own perspective of life and what they believe it is all about. In consequence there may not be agreement about the reasons behind it, but that is to be expected in the circumstances. You are all on the same path but at different points along it, although it may not be apparent to you. All paths eventually lead back to the Godhead, which is why it is unnecessary to try and impose your views or beliefs upon others. Let all experience as they see necessary, but in doing so try not to persuade others to follow another path. Soul’ progress through their personal experience and all will reach the end of their journey at the appropriate time.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and hope these messages help you understand that the lives you have been experiencing, are to guide you back to the levels of existence that are your real home.



Thank you SaLuSa,

Mike Quinsey.

Your Biggest Fan

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The Creator Writings


A gentle reminder; your biggest fan is YOU!  If you constantly seek outside confirmation of inner changes,

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La Madre Divina ☆ a través de Isabel Henn ~ Más códigos de sanación 3 ~ 12 de junio 2014

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The silverplatinum flame

23324_536337373051928_907460147_n(Editado y traducido por Tony de Pablo)

Mi hija, hoy les doy más códigos de sanación para su uso.
Algunos de estos códigos son la respuesta a las peticiones de algunos de ustedes. Estos códigos son en el momento más importantes para ustedes que otros mensajes, porque les dan la posibilidad de mejorar su salud y la de sus semejantes.

83 33 889 en náuseas

87 47 988 hepatitis (inflamación del hígado) causada por virus u otros motivos

14 44 338 contra el cáncer, sólo en general, todas las demás serían demasiado especiales para hoy

44 34 131 en diabetes para el equilibrio de los niveles de insulina

71 81 533 para el dolor de espalda en general

38 31 418 para la eliminación de las verrugas

84 72 723 para la adicción

11 12 121 en el parto

23 31 443 para el dolor crónico en general


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Divine Healing Codes And How To Use Them by Reiki Doc June 13, 2014

Sirian Heaven

Good morning!

It is time for us to discuss the various healing codes and how to use them.  These codes are quantum healing tools that are safe to use on everything and everybody, and have no side effects.

Since they are quantum, the intent and the energy of the person using them has a little bit of ‘effect’ in how powerful they are going to be when they are used.

In the hands of someone with a powerful heart energy–which has more to do in your strength of purpose and your ability to be actively involved in your Life’s Mission and connected to source than anything else–they will work.


For example, my son had an insect sting on his nose yesterday at a picnic. I gave the code for insect sting to my friend, the mother of another classmate, by text. She gave it him. And he wrote it…

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Mehr Heilcodes 3 – Die Göttliche Mutter durch Isabel Henn 12.Juni 2014

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The silverplatinum flame

23324_536337373051928_907460147_nMein Kind, heute gebe ich dir weitere Heilcodes an die Hand, die du nutzen kannst. Einige dieser Codes gebe ich auf Anfragen aus deinen Reihen. Diese Heilcodes sind im Moment wichtiger für dich als andere Botschaften, denn sie geben dir Möglichkeiten deine Gesundheit zu verbessern und die deiner Mitmenschen.

83 33 889  bei Übelkeit

87 47 988  bei Hepatitis (Leberentzündung) egal ob durch Viren oder andere Ursachen ausgelöst

14 44 338  gegen Krebs, nur eine generelle Kombination, da alles andere zu speziell wäre

44 34 131  bei Diabetes zur Ausbalancierung des Insulinspiegels

71 81 533  gegen Rückenschmerzen aller Art

38 31 418  zur Entfernung von Warzen

84 72 723  gegen Abhängigkeiten und Süchte

11 12 121  zur Erleichterung der Geburt mit weniger Schmerzen

23 31 443  gegen chronische Schmerzen allgemein

83 41 783  bei Reisekrankheiten oder Bewegungskrankheiten

77 78 177  bei Grauem Star, Katarakt

77 78 176  bei Grünem Star…

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Mais Códigos de Cura 3 – A Mãe Divina através de Isabel Henn. 12.06.2014

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The silverplatinum flame


(Tradução: Candido Pedro Jorge)

Minha criança, hoje lhe trago mais códigos de cura para seu uso. Alguns destes códigos são em resposta aos pedidos de alguns de vocês. No momento, são mais importantes do que aqueles de outras mensagens, porque lhe dão a possibilidade de melhorar sua saúde e de seus companheiros.

83 33 889 – náuseas;

87 47 988 – hepatite (inflamação do fígado) causada por vírus ou por outros motivos;

14 44 338 – câncer em geral, todos os outros especificamente seriam muitos por agora;

44 34 131 – diabetes, para equilibrar o nível de insulina;

71 81 533 – para dor nas costas em geral;

38 31 418 – remoção de verrugas;

84 72 723 – vícios;

11 12 121 – no parto;

23 31 443 – dores crônicas em geral;

83 41 783 – enjoos;

77 78 177 – cataratas;

77 78 176 –…

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