02 Reflections on the Realm of Spirit





Spirit and the TIME OF NOW and ZERO


When I formerly thought about changing and disappearing linear time of duality – at the same point I tried to conceive some more adequately matching picture of what might be the famous socalled “Time of Now or Time of Zero”. It was orginated from my fervent wish to comprehend more of the true nature of this so much changed way of TIME since when entering more evolved dimensions of Spirit’s Realm we shall have to adapt ourselves to the then likewise transformed nature of TIME shrinking more and more gradually from former Linear Time of 3rd Dimensions to TIME OF NOW or ZERO  whatever this may entail too.


Some twenty years ago I read all the publications of Jane Roberts and her Guide Seth. At one of his readings he describes a picture of TIME on his dimensional level of home. He speaks of a sort of Zero Time laid in fine, delicate stratum layers one on another to be looked at the very same time just according to your wish …. and they all exist at the same Time of Now.
This picture seemed to me at that time to be quite elucidating and I adhered to it all the time until now. However, now after having passed our last Great Portal called that of Consciousness – it came to me that this also should belong to my given programme of Now for the enlargement of my very consciousness.


Thus I started thinking more profoundly about this sort of picture having travelled with me and in my mind all the time from that period up to now.
And – Surprise again – I found out this could not be alright any longer having arrived now more consciously at the higher evolved dimensional level. Thinking again and gathering again all the bits – the “Fitzel and Fatzel” – about Change of former Linear Time into firstly decreasing lapses of Time and finally end up at Time of Zero Point or shortly “Time of Now”.
There cannot be stratum layers … as this will mean still a structure of “One-upon-another” heaping up layers which still apply to old Dual Ideology of Structures. So I did away entirely with this kind of imaginary picture!


And there it was ! Again Spirit downloaded some new picture into my inner heart. Thinking of what has been said about Spirit’s Speciality which is handling Time of Now in pursuit of safeguarding all creation planned by our Parental Creators … there arose the image of some vast Ocean ! Yes, this was the solution eventually coming up into my heart and mind.
Spirit was like the vast “All-Over-Ocean” and “Water, Water Everywhere — was the Time of Now” the ever-living and never-ending Ally of Spirit. As Spirit does know Energy solely – being alike Light – Love and every/nowhere it is being pervaded by Time of Now like waters of some Ocean. This has now become what I call the most adequate image for the Time of Now in Relation to the Realm of Spirit and also to the level which my newly reached Realm of Unity and Consciousness exists of.


This was another and essential step of some new image about another fragments to be embedded into new Realm of Consciousness and ONE.
I am very glad to have found this 2nd fragment to be established into my newly reached Realm of Spirit …. and I – joyously paddling in the “All-Around-Waters of this Zero-Time” – which I just have manifested here!
I love Water … as it is the elixir of life everywhere!
With love to all of you!


I possibly may revert later again to more characteristic features of this Particularity of Time in the Realm of Spirit if such will be downloaded to me in due course. EM


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