Heavenletter #4946 Life as Our Stroll in the Park, June 10, 2014

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Heavenletter #4946 Life as Our Stroll in the Park, June 10, 2014God said:
How I love you, everything about you. Even those matters about you that you despair of, I love. I do not know despair of anything. I love what you call defects as much as I love those aspects of you that you call divine. How you love every shade of your divinity and how you rue this and that and every wrinkle that proclaim your humanness. To you, your humanity is a different story from your humanness. You look at the two differently. You give them a hierarchy. You attribute to them. You attribute to everything that, truly, in the light of day, can only be beautiful roundabout expressions and reflections of Me. You nominate one thing for excellence and another for less than excellent. Oh, My, how many opinions you have, and often your opinions depend upon your illusory hopping-around mood.I love you when you are bright and happy, and I love you when you kick pebbles around with your feet. I love you when you feel happy, and I love you when you feel sad. What you may feel and what you are are not generally the same thing, you understand that, don’t you?

What you call a good day and what you call a bad day are simply a matter of your opinion. Your opinions are not fact. All the days roll into one another. A day is a day. The sun is the sun. Water is wet, and upon you, I place My bets. Of course, I don’t bet on anything. I know that the grass does grow and has to be mowed when it is your lawn. And while you are in a body on Earth, you, too, have to tend to your body and all its ramifications. Cars grow old. You grow, yet age of your body has nothing to do with you, with the heart of you, with the soul of you, with the certainty of you.

You long for this, and you long for that. What it comes down to, My beloved One, is that you long for Me. How you long for Our State of Existence knowing Us not as We but as One. This knowing Oneness is the culmination of Life. This is it! All that you may think are IT, are momentary. Everything in the world is momentary except the Oneness of Our Hearts and Souls which, in Reality and effect, are One.

You can consider Life as Our Stroll in the Park. Hand in hand, as One, We walk around and We comment on the sights. Ultimately, what care I (or We, if you think the way you do — which I, in the role of you, do dis-assemble) what the sights are. I see a birch or I see a pine, or a shrub, or a cactus, I love them as I love you. My love permeates. My love is intractable. My love is the Great Equalizer because Oneness is the Truth.

In Human Terms, which leaf on the tree do I love more or do I love less? None. Which tree means more to Me than another? What child? What horse? I swim in love, and you, the you of I, can only swim in love as well.

Let Me (We, I) say it straight: All there is is love. Does that sound corny? Let it be then. There is naught but love. I am love, you are love. All is love. Love is. Anything else is not. There is no question about this. There is enough love for all within all. Even in your human heart, which sometimes feels beleaguered, there is enough love for all unto Eternity. Even in your human heart, which sometimes feels weak, you are an Infinite Ocean of Love. You are the Seven Seas of Love. You are a Forest of Love, a Jungle of Love. You are love and nothing but love, so help Me God.

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La Madre Divina ☆ a través de Isabel Henn Más Códigos de Sanación 2 08 de Junio 2014

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The silverplatinum flame


Editado y traducido por Tony de Pablo
Hija Mía, han estado por ahora experimentando con los códigos de sanación y han pedido más. Se los daré con mucho placer. Ahora aquí un nuevo grupo de códigos que deben utilizar desde su corazón y el amor para que puedan tener su efecto.

35 41 553  contra el dolor de muelas

35 87 225  frente a la pérdida de apetito

31 22 778  para bajar de peso

43 14 223  contra la inflamación general

35 31 223  en lugares de supuración o inflamación

34 41 323  contra la artrosis, la artritis

83 73 879  contra afecciones reumáticas

88 21 233  contra los virus del herpes

53 23 411  para sarcoides equinos (caballos)* 


* grupo de neoplasias cutáneas semejantes al sarcoma, pero de menor gravedad y de naturaleza linfoide en los caballos.


* Nota del traductor.


11 32…

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Trouble With the Pineal Gland?


June 6, 2014 | By and re-blogged from there to here
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thirdeye-1Soren Dreier, Guest
Waking Times

There is much hype about activating the pineal gland. I touched briefly upon it in another post since it can be very problematic. I’m well aware that I’m going upstream on the hype. My aim is not to take it down but maybe to put it into context.

The problem about those very easy shortcuts to activating the pineal gland is that they are more or less reckless. I can compare it to the gym: It would be like someone told you it would be rational, evolving and transcending only to work-out with the left leg!
After a while you would look very asymmetrical, maybe and for whatever reason though, you would have a very good working left leg. What about the rest of the body?

Asymmetrical is not what’s needed in this world. Symmetry is.

The chakra system is a very well organized system of different vortexes each with it’s own specific quality.
Every chakra has its own significance and our inner and outer symmetry is very dependent on their interaction.

People seem to disregard what they refer to as lower chakras and only go for the pineal. It’s like building a house, but only the top floor. Not a stable place to be.

The chakra system is like a candlestick with 7 candles.

Chakra Candle

When I first noticed that I thought: Very clever, even though the western church doesn’t speak ‘chakra’ it has it anyway.

The candle in the middle sticks out – the Heart – and is the only one that is connected to all the others. Precisely how the Chakras are designed.

That is similar to the energetics of the chakras and it holds a very clear truth: Only through the energy of the heart, and by using that, can we impact our whole being.

Going further into that example it’s not very hard to imagine what will happen to the 7-armed candlestick if we put in a too heavy or long candle. It will fall. And so will we.

The way the energetics are designed as a flow is:

Root – Crown

Hara – Pineal

Solar Plexus – Throat


Let me give an example with the Root – Crown.

The root is grounding. The crown is Celestial connection.

If one should overlook the grounding and only go for the celestial like meditating on the Crown Chakra it will have some severe consequences: Religious hysteria, severe headaches, ‘way-out there’ space cadet and so on.

So the recipe here would be:

Pray and do the garden, just as an example. That is a Dao approach: Chop wood – carry water – meditate.

An example with the Pineal Gland and the Hara:

The second chakra (Hara) is tied in with many things: Sexuality, money, and obsession with both, to pick a few.

The raw and basically sociopathic pill popping stand alone Hara-chakra can be observed in the Powers That Be, the control system, because they DON’T have the connection to the pineal gland which is the consciousness.  The connection to the antenna of the soul is not present.

As goes for the other way: from Pineal to Hara:

Connection to grounding with regard to sexuality and the need for bringing home the bacon by desire and not by obsession with it.

Then there’s the issue of psychic  powers.

If psychic powers stand alone without the necessary grounding they will bend the same negative way as I mentioned with the Hara Chakra. That’s where the big kahuna spaceships fly in and ascend the chosen few. That’s where all the distorted ‘channelings’ are born and more problematic; it opens up to ‘false’ connections to more or less weird ‘celestial’ helpers. Food for Ghouls playing the Celestial trick.

Yes, I know…. but I have to say it. Seen it, heard it. Not pretty.

If the flow and the balance are kept between those chakras, sexuality will still be there but flow into sensuality towards every manifestation on this planet, and a sacred and pristine connection is made. That is the raw sexual power of the Hara being smoothed out by the Pineal Gland and it will transform the possessiveness of the Hara into: Desire/Passion. That’s a very sweet process.

The Solar Plexus, the center or the melting pot for anger, jealousy, hate, will be smoothed out by a healthy connection to the throat charka, which gives us a hint: Use communication to solve issues (Throat Chakra) not violence or wars (Solar Plexus).

We cannot take a single chakra out and pump that spiritual iron only. It will take years to come back in the flow.

Except for the heart.

Everything flows in the chakra system and passes through the alchemy of the heart. The inner life we have and the external life we have. The heart bringing together what has been divided.

Though… it can be high impacted and change our life in a second and all of our energetics.

Someone could say: I love you.

If somehow awake we will get impacted by the deeds of the hearts of others.

And that openness to change is what we really need. Change the heart and everything changes and will never be the same again.

The Heart is what we need to activate and our sacred system will provide for the rest.

The Importance of Trees June 8, 2014 | By Waking Times – Video

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Video: This video is simply reminding us all how valuable trees are to this world.




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The Dance of the Holographic Universe

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Posted: 08 Jun 2014 06:06 AM PDT

by Ryan Brown

For more than three quarters of a century now, modern physicists have known that scientific thought based solely on the previously accepted Newtonian view of a mechanical universe is fundamentally incorrect. What is now referred to as the ‘new science’ has emerged from new understandings and discoveries that were simply not possible by scientific ideas prevailing from the time of Isaac Newton to the early twentieth century. These new realizations have interesting implications on the role human consciousness plays in our understanding of reality.

Before these new discoveries, the world was assumed to operate according to concrete physical laws, and any idea of consciousness having any importance was shunned. As Henry Stapp puts it in his book Mindful Universe: “Any notion that your conscious choices make a difference in how you behave was branded an illusion: you were asserted to be causally equivalent to a mindless automation.”

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02 Reflections on the Realm of Spirit





Spirit and the TIME OF NOW and ZERO


When I formerly thought about changing and disappearing linear time of duality – at the same point I tried to conceive some more adequately matching picture of what might be the famous socalled “Time of Now or Time of Zero”. It was orginated from my fervent wish to comprehend more of the true nature of this so much changed way of TIME since when entering more evolved dimensions of Spirit’s Realm we shall have to adapt ourselves to the then likewise transformed nature of TIME shrinking more and more gradually from former Linear Time of 3rd Dimensions to TIME OF NOW or ZERO  whatever this may entail too.


Some twenty years ago I read all the publications of Jane Roberts and her Guide Seth. At one of his readings he describes a picture of TIME on his dimensional level of home. He speaks of a sort of Zero Time laid in fine, delicate stratum layers one on another to be looked at the very same time just according to your wish …. and they all exist at the same Time of Now.
This picture seemed to me at that time to be quite elucidating and I adhered to it all the time until now. However, now after having passed our last Great Portal called that of Consciousness – it came to me that this also should belong to my given programme of Now for the enlargement of my very consciousness.


Thus I started thinking more profoundly about this sort of picture having travelled with me and in my mind all the time from that period up to now.
And – Surprise again – I found out this could not be alright any longer having arrived now more consciously at the higher evolved dimensional level. Thinking again and gathering again all the bits – the “Fitzel and Fatzel” – about Change of former Linear Time into firstly decreasing lapses of Time and finally end up at Time of Zero Point or shortly “Time of Now”.
There cannot be stratum layers … as this will mean still a structure of “One-upon-another” heaping up layers which still apply to old Dual Ideology of Structures. So I did away entirely with this kind of imaginary picture!


And there it was ! Again Spirit downloaded some new picture into my inner heart. Thinking of what has been said about Spirit’s Speciality which is handling Time of Now in pursuit of safeguarding all creation planned by our Parental Creators … there arose the image of some vast Ocean ! Yes, this was the solution eventually coming up into my heart and mind.
Spirit was like the vast “All-Over-Ocean” and “Water, Water Everywhere — was the Time of Now” the ever-living and never-ending Ally of Spirit. As Spirit does know Energy solely – being alike Light – Love and every/nowhere it is being pervaded by Time of Now like waters of some Ocean. This has now become what I call the most adequate image for the Time of Now in Relation to the Realm of Spirit and also to the level which my newly reached Realm of Unity and Consciousness exists of.


This was another and essential step of some new image about another fragments to be embedded into new Realm of Consciousness and ONE.
I am very glad to have found this 2nd fragment to be established into my newly reached Realm of Spirit …. and I – joyously paddling in the “All-Around-Waters of this Zero-Time” – which I just have manifested here!
I love Water … as it is the elixir of life everywhere!
With love to all of you!


I possibly may revert later again to more characteristic features of this Particularity of Time in the Realm of Spirit if such will be downloaded to me in due course. EM


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Reflections on the Realm of Spirit (01) = http://wp.me/p2wHrN-3kX


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Time To Work

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The Creator Writings


You are awakening. Every moment of every day you are being given the opportunity to learn, grow and find out exactly where you fit into the grand scheme of things. If you are unsure as to which direction you should go, ask yourself these questions; 

What do I want to accomplish in this life? 
How far am I willing to go to make changes within myself?

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A short update on the energies


by Sirian Heaven and re-blogged from there

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Dear friends!

This weekend has been off the scale energetically, and many have already reported experiencing some major downloads and transformations. If you have not done so yet, I think you will find it both uplifting and enlightening to read the comments posted under the previous update.

Here is the update from The CCs:

You have by now accomplished something that few would have thought possible only a short while back, and the reason for that, is that this took more than the co-operation of a few shining souls such as the ones you connect with on a daily basis in this sheltered little Pond.

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How To Assimilate The Energies Of Ascension More Smoothly June 9, 2014 by Reiki Doc

by Sirian Heavenre-blogged from Sirian Heaven with thanks

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Today’s lesson is practical.

A reader asked me yesterday, ‘What are post-Ascension symptoms? What should I expect?’

And the energy with it was one of, ‘how do I know I have Disease X?’

Ever the doctor, I answered with tongue in cheek–‘the symptoms are very grave and some might not be able to handle it. They are: eternal joy, positive outlook, abundance, prosperity, goodwill, happiness, lovingkindness, and peaceful heart!’

For 99.9999999 percent of the population the symptoms of Ascension are a welcome relief! 
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Neale Donald Walsh: Let’s Just Get On With It

Posted by Stephen Cook

Neale Donald WalshBy Neale Donald Walsh, CWG – June 6, 2014 – http://cwg.org/index.php?b=596

My dear friends…  While sentient Beings sense an impatience during the process of enlargement, it is not beneficial to allow that impatience to be translated into a lack of contentment. The two are not the same, but one can, and often does, lead to another.

Enlargement that grows out of discontentment only enlarges the discontentment. Expansion can only expand what is , it cannot expand what is not. If you are not contented, you cannot expand your way to more contentment.

Every capitalistic society on the face of the earth has eventually learned that. “Bigger” and “more” is not necessarily “better.” In fact, it rarely is. Enlargement, therefore, must have its basis in Contentment or it will merely increase what is not desired.

The impatient and the discontented should, therefore, not be confused. Being impatient does not have to mean that we are not happy with “what is.” On the contrary, it can mean that we are so happy with “what is” that we desire more of that–as soon as possible, thank you.

But there is something interesting that happens here as this process leading to our own Attainment of Self Awareness unfolds. Following Contentment we become impatient to experience more of the peace and the joy that Contentment brings–we seek enlargement of that experience–and yet, a part of us stops us from expanding our experience any further.

The phase of personal and spiritual growth that we are now discussing–which I have called, in my cosmology, “Enlargement”–includes three minor steps: stopping, starting, and sustaining.

Stopping is not only the first step, it is the first sign that you are on the pathway to the Divine. The fact is that many people, having reached Contentment, do not want to go any further. In many cases it’s taken their entire lives to “get to” Contentment and they don’t want to risk losing their hard-won peace, joy, and serenity by venturing forth into the spiritually, psychologically, and emotionally unknown. Reluctance emerges. Roadblocks appear. There’s even self-sabotage. Yet the urgent inner desire to spiritually grow continues to call. And so, there’s a pulling and a tearing within. Go on/stay here, go on/stay here, go on/stay here.

Move ahead/stay put.

Venture forward/stay where you are.

It is the feeling of standing at the side of the pool. Everyone is urging you on: “C’mon, get in! The water’s fine!” You put a toe in and your body tells you exactly the opposite. Maybe you won’t go in after all. You friends smile. “You can’t do it one-toe-at-a-time, for heaven’s sake …just jump in!”

But you don’t.

Until you do.

You just dive in. Or you do it your way and ease yourself in, a little bit at a time. But eventually you’re in the water, and you’re glad you came to the party.

We see, then, that stopping is a sure sign that you’re ready to start. Stopping yourself even before you begin is an absolute indicator, a certain harbinger of things to come. So don’t be discouraged if you experience yourself stopping-and-starting, stopping-and-starting.

If you jumped right into Enlargement without hesitation, good for you. Not everyone has to take every step on the Pathway to Self-Awareness. In fact, none of the steps are required at all. You can skip all of the steps, if you like, and jump right to Attainment. But the path described here is the path taken by many people, and that is why it is being described here. We want you to know that you are on your way if you are experiencing these things.

One of the reasons that the Stop/Start phenomenon is so much a part of so many people’s journey is that often the Pathway to Self-Awareness brings up issues of self-worth.

Many people do not feel “worthy” of stepping into Attainment. They do not feel that it is “appropriate” to claim their own Divinity or to embrace Self-Awareness. So the idea of Enlargement into that State of Being feels “wrong” to them–or, at least, premature. And so they shift into a “when-I’m-ready” or a “when-I’ve-earned-it” mode. They take seminars, do workshops, go to retreats, read books, fast, meditate–whatever they feel might help them to change, to shift, to transform themselves. Transformation becomes the watchword, the desired result. When they are transformed they feel they’ll be “ready” to claim Attainment.


This explains the self-sabotage phenomenon. Because they have convinced themselves (or been told by others–often their religions) that they are not worthy, they keep pushing themselves away from the table before the feast has been served. Transformation is never achieved, because to achieve it would fly in the face of their own deepest thought about themselves.

People who fall into this Not Good Enough category (many of them place themselves there subconsciously, without even knowing they are doing it) are often the ones who unwittingly engage in those acts of self-sabotage that everyone else around them can see, and that they, themselves, often don’t recognize, as they deal with the inner yearning to spiritually grow.

Others will stop themselves because they believe the process of the Enlargement of oneself involves a choice between living a so-called “regular life” and the “spiritual life” of a “true master.” In other words, it “looks like” you can’t be a spiritual master and go bowling. Or have raucous sex. Or eat a thick, juicy steak. Or whatever else it is they’ve got it in their head that spiritual masters don’t do. And so it looks to us as if they have to make a choice. Be “in this world, but not of it,” or be “of this world, but not in it” as far as spiritual clarity is concerned.

If some of these descriptions feel a bit familiar, be of good cheer. As already noted, your stopping is a sure and certain sign that you are ready to start…for good. And, ultimately, to sustain the Enlargement of Self at your new level.

With Love,

An Ascension Unique in the Multiverse – Part 2/3

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Posted by Steve Beckow

Ascension 555First Mass Ascension

Another unique feature of the process we’re going through is that it’s a mass Ascension. Until now, only a few initiates ascended, but now the gift is available everyone who chooses and has assimilated sufficient Light, as Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman tells us:

“In past ages, the Ascension process was available only to those who incarnated as initiates firmly on the path – as disciples whose mission was to anchor as much Divine Light and to bring forth as much cosmic wisdom as possible.

“That time is past. It is a time of mass Ascension.” (1)

The Hathors through Wes Annac reminded us that “your evolution is coming about in a collective manner, and this isn’t the norm for the ascension of most planets.” (2)

SaLuSa affirmed this aspect of our Ascension:

“Although individuals have always been able to ascend, it will be the first time that mass ascension on this scale has been attempted. It will of course be successful, as it is in the hands of powerful Beings that do the Will of God.” (3)

He added:

“Never before have both the people and the Earth ascended together, but there is absolute confidence that it will successfully take place. You should feel quite pleased to be the ones who are on Earth at such a wonderful occasion. The significance of it all will not be lost on anyone, as to have such an experience is quite unique. We shall be eagerly watching the whole process, ready to welcome the latest members of the Galactic Society.” (4)

However we added an extra wrinkle to the notion of mass ascension in that we apparently decided prior to Dec. 21, 2012 that we wished to ascend with as many people as possible.
Numerous sources record this event. Here is Jesus through John Smallman: “You have made the collective intent to awaken.” (5)  Here is Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young: “ You have all, as a collective whole, decided to move forward into the next grand age of enlightenment.” (6)  And here is the Light Collective through Tazjima: “Humanity as a collective has chosen to ascend.” (7)

Archangel Michael calls “this collective decision … a huge evolutionary jump, leap.” (8)

But he reminds us that it did not create a lengthy pause: “The hiatus that has been created by the collective desire of humanity to go forward in this undertaking of magnificence, of which we have spoken a great deal, is not indefinite. The plan of the Mother does not get put on hold, on pause, indefinitely.” (9)

In fact, he recently told us, the process of Ascension has again begun and we are passing through it at the present time. On April 1, 2014, Archangel Michael reported through Ronna Herman:

“Do not take your eyes or your attention from your goal, Dear Ones, for that doorway of greater Light is nearer than you think. … Are you ready for the next awakening?”   (10)

And on An Hour with an Angel, he brought us this news:

Archangel Michael: The Ascension process does not begin in the Fifth Dimension. It has already begun. You are already experiencing it. But when you reach there ― as you are about to, by the way; that is as close as I can come without breaking my promise with the channel.

SB: Well, now, Lord, I think I need you to confirm that you’re talking about everyone and not just talking to me.

AAM: That is correct.

SB: Everyone? Okay.

AAM: Every person.

SB: Okay! There you go, folks! [laughs] Thank you! (11)

That was followed up on June 3 by this suggestion from Jesus through John Smallman:

“We have been talking for some time now about a Tsunami of Love, well right behind it is an avalanche, and that avalanche is unstoppable! Prepare yourselves to be enveloped in its brilliant white Light, open yourselves to it, float to its sunlit surface, then get up on your snow boards or skis and glide gloriously across its shining surface in a state of ecstatic enjoyment.” (12)

Tomorrow we’ll look at how the Earth is the first planet in the multiverse to have begun this new process of physical and mass Ascension.


(1) Archangel Michael: Are You Ready to Embody Your Sacred Fire Energy? Channelled through Ronna Herman, November 29, 2013, at: http://www.ronnastar.com/messages-aam/latest.html.

(2) “The Hathors: Karmic Acceleration, Exposure of Tyranny and Understanding Channels,” channeled by Wes Annac, August 30, 2013 at http://aquariusparadigm.com.

(3) SaLuSa, Dec. 12, 2012, at http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/First_Contact/Channeled_Messages_by_Mike_Quinsey.htm .

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(7) “The Light Collective: On the Journey,” channeled by Eliza Ayres (aka Tazjima Amariah Kumara), January 26, 2014 at http://bluedragonjournal.com.

(8) “Archangel Michael: Back to the One with the Speed of Love,” July 15, 2013, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/07/archangel-michael-back-to-the-one-with-the-speed-of-love/.

(9) “Archangel Michael: Prepare for the Celebration – Part 1/2,” channeled by Linda Dillon, August 19, 2013 at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/08/archangel-michael-prepare-for-the-celebration-part-12/.

(10) “Archangel Michael: Angels of Mercy,” channelled through Ronna Herman, April 1, 2014, at: http://www.ronnastar.com/messages-aam/latest.html.

(11) “Archangel Michael: You are About to Reach Ascension,” May 15, 2014, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/ascension-to-the-fifth/archangel-michael-you-are-about-to-reach-ascension/.

(12) “Jesus: The Forces of the Dark are in Disarray!” chanelled by John Smallman, June 3, 2014.



Introduction to my Reflections referring to the Realm of Spirit


First published on June 14th, 2014

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This is the official launching of my project which so far has the working title “Reflections on the Realm of Spirit” as I simply could not find a better one which describes what it is here all about.

I have affixed the link to this Introduction to each published article at the end in order to make it easier to refer back to this introductory part.  Whenever I shall find some appropriate post of someone else enlightening more to this issue – I shall add it to the links given down here – what I just did today with the post of REIKI DOC  under No.07.

For this reason it might be worthwhile to look up this introduction if there have been added some new links of posted articles serving the alike issue.

Namasté with Love to All of You


How do I go about in order to explain what made me write on the above subject !  I think it is always quite appropriate if some author conceives a sort of preface when starting something new or some projected work to come.
This always may thow some more fine light on to the future work and in a way may reveal more about basic reasons and backgrounds of the
work produced.
When it comes to myself there is always some real substantial underline … either experienced myself or by some true story given to me. Still moreover it is myself who had gone through some deep sounding experience of my own very life. And such is the case here too. This one which triggered loose all these writings and reflections of mine – it was so deep like sounding chimes into my innermost core of my heart so that it turned over everything of my inside heart and brought about the all-over change with the effect of breaking loose all former crusts of manifested beliefs and convictions …. in fact it swept away all what made me believe in my former life under Matrix  tightly manifested in Duality.
First impressions of such reflections were expressed in both of my Letters to my Co-Author of our Blog “Illuminations Now” No.16 and No.16 contd.
These relate to personal experience and reflections on previous post of Marc Gamma to the ” Change arrived here”
These are followed by a wonderful response of Brother Dave to my last letter No.16 contd. and another
Post of him together with AAUriel titled “Wo you are-We are” .
Concluding all forerunners published already here is my 1st Reflection on the Realm of Spirit which deals about the vastness of this spiritual realm in some general way.
After accummulating all the links to above referred posts I
mailed a request to some of befriended lightworkers whom I invited to join in to these reflections which I shall write and publish in due course too.
So let us see what Spirit has planned with this my coming project as all this is being downloaded from Spirit into my most inner Source of Heart and Soul.
…. and I shall follow subsequently and consequently all that is in the footsteps of Spirit !
Namasté Evamaria
Annex  to Introduction above : Links referring to scripts titled “Reflections on the Realm of Spirit” which are the so-called Fore-Runners here :

1) Change has finally arrived – by Gamma Marc – 05.28.2014 http://wp.me/p2wHrN-3gY 

2) Letter from the “Isle of I” No. 16 – Reflections on Passing the Last Portal


Shortlink: Letter from the “Isle of I” No. 16 – Reflections on Passing the Last Portal http://wp.me/p2wHrN-3jq

3) Letter from the “Isle of I” contd. No. 16 in Response to Marc’s Post “Change   has finally arrived”

Shortlink: No. 16 in Response to Marc’s Post “Change has finally arrived…” http://wp.me/p2wHrN-3jL


4)  Response of Brother Dave to my Letter from the “Isle of I” No.16 contd.     http://wp.me/p2wHrN-3mo
Permalink:  https://illuminations2012.wordpress.com/2014/06/07/response-of-br…-i-no-16-contd/

5) Who You-We Are!   Post by Brother Dave

Permalink: https://illuminations2012.wordpress.com/2014/06/07/who-you-we-are/
Shortlink: Who You-We Are! http://wp.me/p2wHrN-3


6) another matching article about our Higher Self by Reiki Doc came in on July, 02,2014

titled: On How Higher Self Makes Us

Shortlink: On How Higher Self Makes Us http://wp.me/p2wHrN-3D0

Permalink: https://illuminations2012.wordpress.com/2014/07/02/on-how-higher-self-makes-us/


and here is the first post of mine in reference to this subject :

a) Reflections on the Realm of Spirit (01) – dtd. June 5, 2014

with Subtitle: The Never-ending Realm of Spirit

Shortlink: Reflections on the Realm of Spirit http://wp.me/p2wHrN-3kX

Permalink: https://illuminations2012.wordpress.com/2014/06/05/reflections-on…ealm-of-spiritReflections on the Realm of Spirit (03) http://wp.me/p2wHrN-3t8


b) Reflections on the Realm of Spirit (02) – dtd. June 11, 2014

with Subtitle: Spirit and the Time of Now and Zero

Shortlink: Reflections on the Realm of Spirit (2) http://wp.me/p2wHrN-3l7

Permalink: https://illuminations2012.wordpress.com/2014/06/11/02-reflections…ealm-of-spirit/


c) Reflections on the Realm of Spirit (03) – dtd. June 18, 2014

with Subtitle : Various Kinds of Energyin the Realm of Spirit (03) – (Leaping Quantum Thoughts)

Shortlink:  Reflections on the Realm of Spirit (03)  http://wp.me/p2wHrN-3t8

Permalink: https://illuminations2012.wordpress.com/2014/06/18/o3-reflections…ealm-of-spirit/


d) Reflections on the Realm of Spirit (04) dtd. June 25, 2014

with Subtitle: 04 The Supreme Soul of   All-There-Is

Shortlink: Reflections on the Realm of Spirit 04 http://wp.me/p2wHrN-3yj

Permalink: https://illuminations2012.wordpress.com/2014/06/24/reflections-on…m-of-spirit-04/


 e)  Reflections on the Realm of Spirit (05) dtd.July 02, 2014

with Subtitle: 05 the Very Beginning – or ?

Shortlink: Reflections on the Realm of Spirit – 05 Part http://wp.me/p2wHrN-3CD

Permalink: https://illuminations2012.wordpress.com/2014/07/01/05-reflections…ealm-of-spirit/


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Similar articles dealing with alike subjects in due course from other authors (which wil be added here subsequenly as they are published ):

a))  How To Assimilate The Energies Of Ascension More Smoothly http://wp.me/p2wHrN-3pv

dated  11.  June, 2014 by REIKI DOC with Shortlink: http://wp.me/p2wHPermalink: https://illuminations2012.wordpress.com/2014/06/11/how-to-assimil…-more-smoothly/

Source of Introduction as written above is :
Permalink: https://illuminations2012.wordpress.com/2014/06/08/introduction-t…realm-of-spirit/
Shortlink: Introduction to my Reflections referring to the Realm of Spirit —Introduction to my Reflections referring to the Realm of Spirit   http://wp.me/p2wHrN-3pP

Copyright © Evamaria H.. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.
Source: Introduction to my Reflections referring to the Realm of Spirit http://wp.me/p2wHrN-3pP


You’re Shapeshifting to You

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com

Summary of Brenda’s April 26, 2014 free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/brenda-hoffman: Those at the forefront are shifting faster and deeper daily. An apt analogy is a pre-cell evolving into a tooth or hair cell – part of the body, but with a unique role. As you evolve in new earth, your joy path may evolve also – just as was true when you became an adult.

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Heavenletter #4945 In Life, You Have Choices to Make, June 9, 2014

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God said:
Lessons, knowledge, habits, do not hammer them into yourself. You are not a piece of wood that is to be hammered into. Learn at your pace. Let life take you gently by the hand.

When you go swimming at the beach, you do not have to be dunked in the water. Swim and enjoy.

Live life, learn, and enjoy. Beloveds, there is no emergency. There is no purpose in demanding too much of yourself.

You can be leisurely in life, well, depending upon your definition of leisurely. When you go to work, work. The point I want to make is that urgency or desperation don’t belong to you. Neither holds you in good standing. Be easy with everything. You don’t have to be obstinate or resistant anymore than you have to be all-embracing.

If you are a child in school, and you are obliged to learn something that is not meaningful to you, go ahead and learn it, yet know this is not really an emergency. In this case, it is something the world makes you pay attention to. It’s not worth fighting it. So just do it, and know that your life doesn’t depend upon it. Count your causes.

It is not for you to be adamant about life. You don’t have to take a stand on every matter. You do not lose your integrity by getting something done and out of the way.

Maybe you are the mother, and you don’t like doing the dishes. Okay, don’t like doing the dishes, but get them done as you go along. Take washing dishes in your stride. Don’t make doing dishes an issue. Doing dishes is a way of life in the world.

Maybe you don’t like getting up in the morning, yet getting up in the morning is a part of life. It does not have to be arduous to get up, even when you are getting up in the dark. It would be lovely if you had to get up only when the sun came up. However, life in the world at present may well not accommodate this idea. Very often, beloveds, it is for you to accommodate to life. Not everything is worth fighting. You don’t have to dig a hole for yourself in the interests of self-authentication.

Ah, now, there can be something that is false to yourself. Know when it is, and don’t be false to yourself. There is a line beyond which you cannot go. You don’t have to break the law. Even under duress, you don’t have to. You don’t have to prove anything. Fighting everything does not you a fighter make. It might make you a squabbler.

You don’t always have to give in to life, and you don’t always have to push back. You do have choices, and choices are for you to decide. A firefighter who fights fires doesn’t fight everything in life.

Nor am I saying that you must always compromise, as if you are to sell yourself short. If your wife wants to eat in a certain restaurant, what do you give up by going to the restaurant of your wife’s choice?

Everything in life may be much more simple than you may see at a particular moment. Has this not happened to you? Later, after the fact, you wonder what all the fuss was about.

We are not talking about winning a hand, beloveds, nor are We talking about playing a losing hand. Let Us be talking about being equitable in life, as if we were on a seesaw, and it is the same really whether you are up or down. What difference does it make? All aboard in life! What do you want your life to be consumed with? What is important and what isn’t important? What might you change, and what might you keep the same? Your reaction to life does not have to be automatic, beloveds. You simply have choices to make.

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The Arcturian Group – Channeled by Marilyn Raffaele – June 8, 2014

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       10171781_10152211703291647_3392033327643260434_n                                                        JUNE 8, 2014
Dear ones, again we speak to you of the many changes taking place within this present timeline as  mankind ascends into a new and higher dimensional energy.  There are many still unaware of what is going on and thus continue to live their lives as usual, even trying to convince awakening family and friends, to continue in the old ways.  However, these dear ones  are finding that to continue  trying to live  in energies that are quickly disappearing, does not bring the desired or familiar results.  Much third dimensional energy and its manifestation has dissolved or is beginning to dissolve now.
The protests and dissatisfaction you observe among the people of many countries is…

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La Madre Divina ☆ a través de Isabel Henn “Más Códigos de Sanación” 31 de mayo 2014

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Editado y traducido por Tony de Pablo

Publicado el 31 de mayo 2014

Mi amada hija, mi hijo Rafael les ha dado ya algunos códigos para fines de curación y de transmutación de sustancias nocivas en los alimentos.

De mí parte, conocen también los códigos para la mejora de su agua potable. Hoy les daré todavía más códigos que pueden utilizar para la curación.

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Meer genezing codes 2 – De Hemelse Moeder door Isabel Henn 08 Juni 2014

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf The silverplatinum flame:


(vertaald door Peter S van der Kruit)

 Mijn kind, je hebt inmiddels een aantal ervaringen gehad met de genezingcodes en je hebt gevraagd naar meer. Ik zal je ze geven met plezier. Hier nu een nieuwe reeks codes, die je moet gebruiken vanuit je hart en uit liefde zodat ze in werking zullen treden.

35 41 553   tegen kiespijn

35 87 225   tegen verlies van eetlust

31 22 778   om gewicht te verliezen

43 14 223   tegen algemene ontstekingen

35 31 223   met etterende plekken of ontsteking

34 41 323   tegen artrose, artritis

83 73 879   tegen reumatische aandoeningen

88 21 233   tegen herpesvirussen

53 23 411   met paarden sarcoïden

11 32 889   tegen menstruele molimen

31 31 798   problemen tijdens de menopauze, ook pre- en post menopauze

98 88 119   eerste hulp bij hartaanvallen, hartinfarcten

78 89 535   eerste hulp bij beroertes

De helende codes voor eerste hulp bij…

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Mais Códigos de Cura – A Mãe Divina através de Isabel Henn. 31.05.2014

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf The silverplatinum flame:

23324_536337373051928_907460147_n(Tradução: Candido Pedro Jorge)

Minha amada criança, meu filho Rafael já lhe deu alguns códigos para fins de cura e de transmutação de substâncias nocivas em sua alimentação. De minha parte, também recebeu os códigos para a melhoria de sua água potável.

Hoje vou fornecer mais alguns códigos que todos podem usar para a cura. Eles são adequados para adultos, crianças, bebês e animais. Eles têm uma característica à prova de falhas de segurança, que os torna seguro em sua aplicação.

O pequeno e velho cão do minha escriba teve diarreia e ela me perguntou ontem à noite qual o código apropriado para ajudá-lo. Então forneci o código, com a adição de mais alguns.

É importante que esteja centrado em seu coração e usar os códigos com a firme intenção de curar. Visualize-oss ou escreva-os com o dedo indicador ou com um cristal em seu paciente.

Esteja no…

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Hilarion – Jun 9th – 16th, 2014

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Oracles and Healers


Beloved Ones,

The energetic downloads are intense and powerful and will lead those who are attuned further into their missions and destiny. Many there are who are finding the transformation process a difficult one and it is helpful to allow for times of rest and nurturance when feeling overwhelmed. The Earth continues to move into a less dense level and this will have a profound effect on all her inhabitants. There will be less stress within the human system and more increased feelings of contentment, joy, and peace. As you hold your light steady you are assisting the greater field to align to the light pouring from the celestial realms. Rest easy within your hearts knowing that however difficult these times feel to you in the present moment, you will emerge victorious. The more of the incoming light that you can assimilate and absorb, the easier it will be for…

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Your Guide to Planetary Energies for June 9 to 15, 2014 By Pam Younghans

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Astrology Journal

Today’s photo: Auroras near Gleichen, Alberta, Canada on June 7, 2014 (photo by Alan Dyer, posted on SpaceWeather.com)


TEASER WARNING! My teleclass covering the rest of 2014 is this Thursday! We’ll talk about what the planets will be doing each month for July through December, paying close attention to times of specific opportunity and challenge.


While this weekly NorthPoint Journal provides information to help us navigate the energies for the next seven days, having a trail map for a longer time frame helps us align our long-term intentions with the plan of the Universe. The class will also provide specifics about when the trail will be smooth and when it is likely to be rocky, and offer insights to help us take best advantage of the each condition.


My thanks to the many of you who have already signed up for the class! I look forward to sharing this time with you.


If you’re ready to register, or if you’d like to read a more complete class description, just click here: Finding the Trail Home. I’m also including a bit more about the class at the end of today’s journal. Remember that you can either participate live or use your registration to access the audio replay and slideshow after the class airs.


Now, on to this week’s astrology news:


WE SPOKE last week about Neptune starting its retrograde (backward) phase on Monday — but it bears repeating that this week may feel especially foggy due to Neptune’s strengthened influence. It may also be a time of of either heightened idealism or disillusionment, depending on how Neptune is working with your natal chart and what spiritual growth you are most needing right now.


We may see strongest manifestation of either side of that idealism-disillusionment spectrum on Wednesday, when Neptune and Jupiter have a bit of an energy clash. Jupiter in Cancer expands our sensitivity to others, but tends to see reality from the context of our human need for emotional soothing. Neptune in Pisces is dissolving old concepts of what it means to be “spiritual” — and, in particular, is refining our understanding of love.


PISCES AND CANCER can work well together, both being based in caring for others. But the aspect between Jupiter and Neptune on Wednesday tells us that for the moment, the two perspectives are not in sync.


Perhaps it is the redefinition of love that Neptune is bringing forward, that Jupiter may have a hard time adjusting to. Our definition of love has often been equated with self-sacrifice and rescuing, and we think we are being the most caring when we feel ourselves what the other person is feeling.


The problem with these ideas is that self-sacrifice and rescuing are predicated on the need for the other person to be different. If we feel someone needs rescuing or we need to sacrifice something for them to be happy, we are actually telling them that they are not OK as they are, and that we don’t trust them to be able to handle their situation.


AND, given what we know about energy and the law of attraction, if we take on a difficult emotion that another person is feeling, we do not help them to find their way out of that challenging place. It sounds uncaring to say “don’t empathize” when someone is hurting, and we know from personal experience that it feels good when someone joins us in our anger or our opinions. We feel validated and are comforted that we are not alone.


But I think about the highly evolved humans that have lived or are living on the planet, and my guess is that none of them (at least on their better days!) spent much time trading stories about bad bosses, bad partners, or bad traffic.


A NEW DEFINITION of unconditional love tells us that “loving in all conditions” means we don’t need others to to change for us to maintain our own well-being. It means that we do not try to rescue others from their situation, but that we expand our feeling of love and confidence about their ability to overcome their own challenges.


When we love unconditionally, we pay more attention to our loved one’s shining ability to make their lives work than we do to fixing the problem for them. And, we shift our support from commiserating to holding our own thoughts and energy at as high a vibration as we can — knowing that being in alignment ourselves is the greatest gift we can offer, and that diminishing our light does not help others expand theirs.


SATURN AND VENUS are on opposite sides of the zodiac on Thursday. Venus in Taurus would prefer to see only the beauty in our relationships, while Saturn in Scorpio makes sure we look honestly and openly at what may not be so pleasant to observe.


This tension is eased by Chiron, who forms flowing aspects with both Saturn and Venus during their stand-off. Chiron in Pisces provides the awareness that no matter what the conflict, we can trust in the unfolding of the issue, and that whatever comes to the surface now will ultimately provide an opportunity for healing.


THE FULL MOON, also on Thursday, is in Sagittarius, providing the insights and wisdom that will allow new directions and adventures to unfold in our lives. The Sabian symbol for the degree of the Full Moon echoes that theme:

“A group of immigrants as they fulfill the requirements of entrance into a new country: Consciously accepting the ways of a new stage of experience, in readiness for the opportunities it will present.”

Most of us feel that the experiences of this year have brought us to a “new country” in some respect. This Full Moon appears to be confirming that truth, and sheds light on this new stage of our lives so that we can more consciously participate in our next steps.


WE WILL REVISIT some of the themes from April’s Cardinal Grand Cross next weekend, when Mars is once again square (90 degrees away from) Pluto. You may recall that Mars was actually retrograde during the exact grand cross — a fact that may have altered or delayed some outcomes and new beginnings.


Now that Mars is moving forward and interacting with Pluto again, we are more supported in also going forward with the changes we have been anticipating. One caution, however: Remember that Mercury is now retrograde, and will be for the rest of June. This does not mean we can’t take steps forward, but it does require plenty of deliberate, conscious thought so that we do not miss important details that could affect the success of our endeavors.


Inspirations de mon Moi Supérieur – No. 28

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01 – The Heart is the Deputy of the Soul – by Marc Gamma ~ 09.06.2014

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01 – Das Herz ist der Stellvertreter der Seele – von Marc Gamma ~ 09.06.2014

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