In the Service of Ascension – Part 2/3

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Angels 214Yesterday we discussed how the higher-dimensional beings we’re aligned with can overlight us. Today I’d like to discuss how they and we can at times merge. This is not something that I’ve had experience of so I need to allow our sources to speak for themselves.

But before going into the subject, I should add that the type of merging that is discussed here is not, I think, the type that we consider when we contemplate, for instance, merging with God at the end of an individual’s total journey of life. It may be more of what happens often on the higher realms in the life after death, as Julia Ames discussed in this passage from New Maps of Heaven:

“The limitations on the interpenetrating, all-surrendering, all-possessing union of beings on this side are removed. We neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels in heaven, free to mingle and to merge our being in their whole totality with any other Being or Beings with whom the vibrations of our souls coincide. The ecstacy of such union transcends the ecstacy of physical love on earth.”  (1)  Read more…


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The Years of Life tell me that I am old - My Inner Heart tells me that I am young - it is proof that I still live in Duality and as I decided to outgrow this Matrix I am prepared to ascend into some other realm leaving all the old and shabby patterns behind me pluck up all my courage for the New Age with shining lights so Golden of Promise - And take with me nothing but love - peace - harmony and one only virtue of 3-D density : staying a pioneer all my lifes ... ready for another adventure ... with the Help of God Almighty...