Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel: Opening the Stargate of the Heart – June 21 Solstice Activation

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stargate-of-the-heartArchangel Gabriel: Opening the Stargate of the Heart, channeled by Shanta Gabriel, June 5, 2012, at

Dear Ones,

Within the empowered presence of the Divine, new portals are opening in conjunction with celestial events.

One such event occurs on June 21 as the portal of the Solstice opens the Stargate of the Heart. This 2014 Solstice Stargate is connecting the academy of Ascended Masters, in company with the Archangels, to bring forth a new level of Grace and teachings to the Earth.

Within the ancient seeds are awakening codes that have been fired through the power of the activity of Light in April. These were anchored into the heart of the Mother of the Earth throughout May, and on this Solstice, a new depth and awareness will be awakened.   Read more…