Heavenletter #4938 Amazing Discovery , June 2, 2014


God said:
Let’s see now. What shall We talk about? Let’s talk about you. I love to talk about you. Do you love to talk about Me? Give it a try. See the glow that comes over you. Your attention on Me is dynamite. Want to find your way to Heaven? Talk about Me with kindred souls.

I am an Amazing Discovery, wouldn’t you say? You wonder how an ordinary soul, as you seem to think you are, can possibly find enough to say about Me. Of course, you can. Truly, you have endless thoughts about Me. We have been in Eternity together since the invention of time and the padding of space. In world terms, this is a very long time. You know Me well. You know everything about Me, yet you are uncertain, yet you will be surprised. Loosen your lips, beloved. Start talking about Me, and you will hear what you say.

You will discover that you and I are kindred souls. We have a lot in common, for, after all, We are the Simplicity of Oneness. We trim down all the excess, and how clear-cut We are. There is no longer any semblance of playing the fool or villain or anything else except the Extraordinariness you really are. You are not self-conscious. You are your Self, and how We will laugh at all your rediscoveries. You will find out how smart you are, how smart and how innocent and how much you have to give. You will dispense with cleverness and figuring out things. You dispense with façade. You know better. You are the real goods now. There is no longer any shame or sham. You are yourself, unpretentious, and you don’t mind at all to be more than you thought and, at the same time, more simple than you thought. No chimera any longer. What you say is what is so. No tomfoolery. No bargaining. Everything straight up.

At the same time, you are not a know-it-all, not by a long shot. You are aware of all you are aware of, and, still, you know you are a cadet in life. You don’t convince yourself that you know everything, or that you know more than anyone else or more than most everyone else. Life is a humbling process. Life erases your veneer. Some might see this as rock-bottom. No, My dears, humility is right-top. The least shall come forward.

There is no need to reconcile your Magnificence with your humbleness. Humbleness isn’t a show. Humbleness is a quiet awareness of Simple Magnificence, created for and by all.

You are a fellow traveler with everyone else. You do not become stuck on yourself because so much has been given to you. On the contrary, you serve others without too much thought about it. You do not erase yourself. No, indeed, you become yourself. You are not thinking so much about your arrival. You are thinking of simple giving as you go along. You think of simple giving to companions in life, and everyone is your companion on this road you take.

Everyone accompanies you in life. No one travels alone. There is always I. There is also always you. We come back to your being here alive on Earth for all. You are not self-sacrificing. Not at all. You are finding yourself and your place in the Sun.

Okay, you are serving Me. In the long haul, you are serving Me. You are not exactly serving Me as you picture a Holy Being. You are simply serving. You are serving in your Wonderfulness. You are serving in the Unity of Our Love. This is no grandstand, you understand. This is no startling performance. This is no academy award. This is simply you, going about your Father’s business yet leaving it all to Me as you serve humbly and beautifully as My Ambassador from Heaven.

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