The Oracle Report, Saturday, May 31, 2014

From  Wise Owl, Kahlil

New Moon Phase: begin

Moon in Cancer

Ruling Mahavidya: Bagalamukhi

Skill: regard your body as your temple

Negative Imprint: shutting down through self-sabotage

Positive Imprint: embracing change with a pioneering spirit

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Gemini New Moon 2014 – May 30, 2014  

Saturday’s energy brings the feeling of wanting to strike out off the beaten path and change things up.  A pioneering spirit is kindled.

Internal conflict can arise, however, if we are clinging to something that is not the way we want it (but is familiar and comfortable), clinging to the past, or clinging to what is worn out.  The energy is pushing us to seek a more satisfying experience, but fear of change and fear of the unknown are impediments.  If internal conflict embroils you today, moderate the feeling by doing something new – not necessarily making a drastic change, but taking a step in the direction of taking care of your needs.  This energy contributes to the overall energy this month that has us standing up for ourselves and becoming stronger inside.

Chiron’s themes of wounding and healing are strong this weekend, as Venus transits the Chiron Point.  This brings, on one end, enhanced potential for self-sabotaging behavior and feelings of being victimized.  We tend to go digging in the dirt to find the places we were hurt.  It is important to ground ourselves in the present and not fall away or become lost in the past.  Unless the trauma is happening right now, it is in the past.  Don’t get it twisted.  Don’t be tricked into dredging up scars from the past.  This is self-sabotage and it wastes the present moment.  If the issue is current and is affecting you, your spirit is calling you to remedy it.  It is letting you know what you need to do if you listen.

The other end of Chiron brings a salve of healing and unlocked creativity.  Any efforts to strengthen or care for your temple – your body and psyche – yield stronger results.  Chiron rules reiki, acupuncture, massage – all types of therapies.  But walks in nature are miraculous healers.  It’s wise to reconnect yourself with the natural world and her creatures today.  Link up and feel your inner strength build.

I will post separately tomorrow, as we enter the Crescent Moon phase.  Double the amount of “Crescent” energy is on tap through June 4.  As I discussed in detail in the audio recording for this cycle (available above), Crescent energy challenges us to not give up on things – especially the wishes, goals, and intentions that were set with the New Moon in Aries.

For today, however, go off the beaten path and see what you find.

Click here for the link to interview on “Galactic Connection” with Alexandra Meadors – May 27, 2014.   (2:08 pm ET 5-29-14: Link repaired.  Listen to the interview and you will understand the reason for the interference.)

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