Heavenletter #4936 Pardon Your Past , May 31, 2014


God said:
You must must must excuse yourself from wrong-doings of the past and from things you didn’t do then that now you wish you had. How you may wish you had. It’s too late now. You absolutely must let bygones be bygones. You must must must get yourself out from under.

There is no one on Earth who has done everything the way he wishes now that he would have. And, oh, yes, the pain of what you could have done and simply weren’t quick enough to do — too inhibited, too unaware, too unable at the moment to put it together with flying colors.

All these matters that haunt you, you have to let them go. You have to let yourself off the hook. You weigh yourself down with these self-accusations, again and again. Say you’re sorry to the person if the person is alive. And if you regret so deeply something you didn’t do the way you wish you had concerning someone whose body has left, say you’re sorry now and stop making your heart ache over your unremitting guilt.

And if you don’t know where the person is now, or whether he or she is on Earth or in Heaven, say you’re sorry as well. Say how sorry you are you did or didn’t do whatever it was. You have to do this. You have to let yourself go from regrets and from egregious pain of guilt. Guilt is no more than lashing yourself. You have lashed yourself a hundred times harking back to the past. If you held onto to someone else in this fashion, it would be called resentment. No longer resent yourself for once being less aware than you are now.

Do you lash yourself again and again because you didn’t know how to spell a word? Maybe if you lost a spelling bee on account of that misspelling, you would. I entreat you to let go of anything that causes you a morsel of pain. Live today and pass by yesterday and all the days and years before.

For rue, regret, sorrow, anxiety, and guilt, substitute gratitude. Be grateful that you know better now. Be grateful that you once saw differently and now see better. Be grateful. Be grateful that you can toss these harbored feelings to the wind and move forward without a black mark on you.

Beloveds, there is no one who would not let you pass by all that has caused you this turmoil that grinds in you. No one whom you ever hurt or neglected would want you to be bound so to the past. So then you must free those whom you offended, whether by your thoughtlessness or deliberation. Let it go. Let your aching thoughts go.

All the things you have said or not said, let them go.

All the feelings you have had or not had, give them up.

The theme for today is letting go. Let go. Regret and guilt hold you back. And if today there is something new that you rue and regret, say you’re sorry now. To say you’re sorry when you are sorry is a great relief. In any case, now, today, you have to close the chapter.

There are too many opened books in your mind. It is like you have become an accountant of debits. Forget the debits and remember the assets. When you keep trespasses of your own or anyone’s to yourself, that is something to regret. Do it no more.

True, you cannot go back and remedy your part in whatever it was, yet today gives you an opportunity to go higher. Feel good about today. Today be more thoughtful to someone else. Pardon yourself from even the past of yesterday. Be not your own parole officer or executioner. Write yourself your own parole if that helps. Beloveds, set yourselves free from the past. Pardon your past. This is My Will.

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