What is Poison and What is Medicine?


Posted: 26 May 2014 01:45 AM PDT

by Gary Z McGee – fractalenlightenment

“We each have our own mixed bag of neurosis, insecurities, perceptions and qualities. Therefore, there is not one way that works completely for us all. Nobody can tell us what to accept; what opens up our world, and what to reject; what seems to keep us spinning in some kind of repetitive misery. This practice (meditation, mindfulness, awareness – whatever you want to call it) helps us know this basic energy very well, with tremendous warmth and honesty, and we begin to figure out for ourselves what is poison and what is medicine” –Pema Chödrön

If, as Zeno wrote, “The goal of life is living in agreement with nature” then we, as a culture, are completely failing to reach that goal. Our majority worldview is so focused upon the illusion of separation, and so at odds with nature and the natural order of things, that we’ve forgotten how everything is connected. Instead, we tend to rape and pillage the environment with unforgiving toxins, while manipulating and expropriating each other to no end.

What is medicine?

This has left us reeling as a species. We’re in a collective state of existential crisis that has never been seen in the short history of humankind, because when nature is ignored and suppressed we experience a deprivation that is not only a deprivation of nature but a deprivation of the human soul. The side-effects of which are detrimental on so many different levels – psychological, biological, ecological, and moral – that there’s no telling how much of an impact it will have, whether directly or indirectly, in the long run.

We’re at an existential crossroads. One path leads to a healthy way of living in accord with each other and with nature. The other path has us continuing our unsustainable annihilation of both nature and the human soul. We must decide which path we’re going to take. And we must be able to convince other people which one of these paths is the healthier path, all without hurting each other; a truly daunting task. But no task is more important.
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