Yesterday’s Post: Close to Ascension contd. ” dunnit “



Do you still remember the post I wrote yesterday about the “Chimical Wedding” ?  I have been on it all day yesterday …  pains in and around my heart still …. on and off …. all day long …. in the afternoon I was very weary and it always went on. Breathing was once again very hard … it felt as if there was some sort of pluck in the middle of the procedure of breath … as if it stopped the breath altogether … holding hands out and saying : “No more … here is the end of all breathing deep down ! ”   This made me turn the unconscious procedure of taking in good deep breaths into a conscious one and interrupted grossly the normal procedure of it. My breath wavered – toppled sort of over – changed rythms – and eventually I reognized that fear cropped up in my body…   The final truth was that my breath started stumbling …  and alerted my whole body too,

There were some breaks in betweem when I sat before the PC and my attention was distracted to other issues before me on my blog. Yet still I kept watching myself very closely all the time – never leaving this condition of being alert to the ongoings in my body.

And once and again I connected to my Angelic guides requesting their assistance and remaining by my side all the time.

This went on the whole day …  took one Aspirin – and went to have a nap on my couch since I got so weary of all these sick feelings.
After some hour or so … I all of a sudden got up and went to my bedroom which I never used so far from the day of having my flat overflooded by a plucked water-mains last Easter. I had to dry this bedroom too and had slept all the time on my couch in the living room. Without much thinking I put new bedsheats on my bed and decided to take to my lovely broad and comfortable bed again the coming night. And so I did.

I slept quite well first part of the night when I woke up again around 2.00 a.m. due to the rebellion of my heart and my breath and my stomach feeling utterly sick.  OMG not again – got up – had some porridge in the kitchen and drank lots of water – some camomile tea – not to any avail ! Sitting down before the PC for a while to distract my mind from all these sick and painful feelings … turned in again and out because I sensed intuitively that I had to be up and not being flat down … avoiding any horizontal position.

And then …. it made click because there came down some definite and certain idea …. and I am sure it was downloaded by our All-Divine-Parents to give me some help in this special issue.

And I started to speak to myself in the following way

“Why – yesterday I had this Chemical Wedding between Heaven and Earth … and all happened right in my inner heart ! From our All-Father I was told yesterday too that I should not worry at all … all these pains were signalling that my heart was being widened all the more and nothing else. So the Wedding had taken place and Heaven and Earth had been reunited. And  for this reason Ascension is very close now i.e. and the diamond white silver light of our Divine parents had been already led through my body and into my heart yesterday.  So what can I do from my part now ? ”

And my response was like this one:  ” I just must not give in to this sort of uncomfort and pain in my heart … I now shall decide  n o t  to allow any more of this pain and master my bodily cells not to go along all the old and habitual ways and measures against me ! I am almost changed into some crystallized structure with my body and it just has to integrate all these amounts of energy which is pure light …  I reached up with both of my hands and at the same time I felt myself as if in some bottleneck of a torso of light coming down on me from above … I reached up and grasped so much light that I could hold … the white silver platinum light of the Divine Mother and brought it down into me …  into my very heart core …. yes there he was my Higher Godself joining me again like yesterday and more and increasing streams of light came pouring down – and down – and down  – spreading all through my bodily realms of crystalline structure pervading any … and I stress this point – any and every somewhat darker spot still hidden in it ….. and not only those but transforming everything of the old duality forms of 3-D into a bright shining item of higher dimension.

Then and only then I realized this was my individual Portal of Ascension and these my thoughts about trying out new features of my newly gained crystal structure – the thoughts were the special Lever or Handle of the Portal in my hands!

This was my very own and personal Portal of Ascension ! I just had to keep my very thought keeping on same even levels … in order to achieve the complete passage through this Portal of Mine ! So I kept on keeping for quite some while.

Light in streaming and greater floods came down and I went over the threshold …still grasping as much light as possible …  and listened to my painful heart with its pains ebbing down slowly …. tried to breath in some form of a torso down the bottleneck and then I recalled that all my Angelic Guides had promised to await me along my passage through this door … and there they were … encourageing me to go on vizualizing while I slowly went from one to the next one and in the end there he was … my Twinflame Soltec together with the Divine Couple of my Parents …. ready to embrace me too.

Yea, Ivedunnit !

This was my sort of Ascencion and I still have to keep on keeping since the old issues of 3-D will always try to regain and to keep their power and want to pain me ! These are still the aftermaths of everything which happened here and so I still have to go on working — collecting this wonderful healing light-energy in order to make my crystalline heart cells get used to this new forms of Matrix and anchor their new movements so repeatedly until they will become some habitual ones under the newly achieved grid and obeying all its changed orders.

I cannot just let go and sit down and be content — there is still work to be done on my body and on my heartcells in order to prevent falling back into old habits again.  It is myself the “Ascended One into transformed and different levels of Lights” who has to learn to go wisely about my new Crystalline Body and to manifest new habits of my heart … as we all have re-united into One Being … all my various aspects of mine …

I won’ t expect this will be easy but with insistent care I shall proceed furthermore and succeed.


P.S. forgot to mention that is by love soley – this shining light from above – which will  mingle and merge with the old cellular tissues of my body from duality dimensions !  For Love pervades everything and makes it shine into transformation!

Mind you ! Do not think – once made it through this Portal that everything is just fine and done for it … not a bit … I am still in the middle of it since for me it is an ongoing procedure ! Always working on it – always trying again and again – until all new habits are being anchored tightly in the newly gained realm. This is it – at least – for me ! ❤