Light and Rumors of Darkness


My dearest brothers and sisters of light. I find myself again inspired strongly to write of certain matters. I ask that I may be filled with the spirit of AA Uriel who is often with me, and inspired and balanced further as necessary by the presence of AA Michael, AA Gabrielle, AA Raphael and any others of our angelic family who wish to help inspire and enlighten this message.

Now, we speak in the English language of Brother David, and seek to choose words that will translate clearly to other languages as well. But we ask you to not focus on the words but the love and light that is essence of the thoughts.

You read and hear these days many messages from many sources that speak of the changes that are coming about. Many speak of love, joy, light, ascension, and much fulfillment of your true self and awareness. You also see that many sources or channels still speak of darkness, retribution, judgement, and dark seeking souls that desire control. We wish to help you see things differently, to set aside judgements, anger and responsibility.

Beloved ones, you are gifted divine beings imbued with the light, joy, love of your creator. You are infinite beings gifted with free will. Everything that has come about within the earth sphere, has been a result of your free will. It resulted from your actions or your in-actions. But each and everyone one of us who walks upon the earth in physical form or in spirit form, has responsibility for what was, what is and what can be.

We are all children of the divine, co-creators of our creative source and we have infinite power in our thoughts, actions and deeds. The greatest of our powers are the light of our being, the joy of our actions and the love of our divine and infinite hearts. This last one, love, we will tell you is the very essence of all creation.

So let us speak of love, the essence of all that is, the essence of creator, Divine Father and Divine Mother and it is that essence that forms all the that the universe is. Love is energy, love is life, love is that which forms every experience. And it is the withholding of love that is the source of all illusions of darkness, pain and suffering.

Many still speak of darkness even in these times when Gaia, the spirit of our earth planet, and humanity stand on the verge of moving forward, of ascending away from our self-created errors of embracing the light, joy and love that we are and that is the our birthright. My dear brothers and sisters, believe not the rumors of darkness. For the darkness itself is not real, it is only light that we do not perceive with our eyes. Light that is not reflected in the frequencies of our perception. All that you hear of darkness within the world is but rumors, fading remnants of prior experience where you gave up your spiritual choice and power to others, either through poorly thought actions or through inaction. Think not on rumors nor give them power but shine your light to all places of the rumors of darkness.34A0EDF0-Uriel1

Now, I Brother David, wish to speak to you from the perspective of a photographer as regards light. Light is everywhere, all that we know, all that we perceive, all that we touch, hold and feel in physical body is light. What changes is how we see it. Light is in truth a matter of perception. Of how we think. See a dark space, and we think that it is without light. Yet nothing is farther from the truth. Light is energy. Energy that can be both reflected and absorbed. But it is always energy. What we see as and refer to as light, is that which is reflected from the source, from that which we are observing. What we see as darkness is not the absence of light but the absorption of light as we are used to seeing it. Yet even the darkest appearance reflects light in some form. It may be a lessor form then what we think, or it may be simply that it reflects frequencies of light/energy that we cannot see with our eyes. Yet the lack of perception by our eyes does not mean a lack of light. It only means an altering of the frequency of the light beyond our range of perception. Many animals and creatures of the earth, see light that humans cannot, and yet may also sometimes see the light we see, but see it in different ways.

Light is the essence, the energy of the universe, of all that is. Now it may express in many ways, some of which we in physical form see and some in ways that we cannot perceive, but it is always there. Always moving, always ebbing and flowing like a gentle breeze through all of creation. The light that you see with your eyes, is but the reflection of lights within a narrow frequency of which your physical bodies are capable of sensing. To see the greater light that lives even within that which you perceive as darkness (light not reflected) you must see NOT with the eyes and brain of your physical bodies but with the greater vision of your heart and spirits. And you must see free of mental thoughts of fear, of blame, of judgment, of retribution. This is a great part of your ascension, the ability to see ever-expanding expressions of light everywhere, even where you once believed in the illusions of darkness.

Now, when you see and read or hear of rumors of darkness, do not fear them but rather reach into your heart of hearts, your spiritual being and shine forth the light of your being without judgement or fear.

Remember your gift from your creator is your free will. No one can take it from you. It is yours eternally. However in the course of human experience some have surrendered their free will to others, either by action or inaction but still surrendered it. This has taken then the form of rumors, illusions of darkness, dark beings and all-controlling entities called by many names, but never have these illusions had true control. Only what you have given them, only what you have allowed them to have. You are in charge of your being and experience. No one else is.

All the rumors of darkness are false, thoughts of those few who have had control and now find themselves losing it and so seek to create further illusions of them still having control. Do not judge them for to judge them is to embrace their illusion. All darkness is illusion. Wherever you perceive darkness shine your light and love, for those are true essence and no matter the outward appearance, they will heal even the darkest illusion and bring about change.

There are no good people and bad people. There are no hideous organizations or races seeking to enslave. There are no souls lost. These are the illusions of darkness that humanity created when they forgot their true spiritual essence and being. Out of fear they formed many dark illusions upon which to blame for their forgetting of their true being. Now is the time of your remembering, now is the time of your healing. Now is the time of your being that which you desire most within. Let go, let go, let go of all judgement, fear and desire to control. Let the love that is your true essence carry you forth in infinite ways of freedom.

But dear brothers and sisters, most of all we ask you “Do Not Judge” others. No matter the outward appearances in your mind, the light of love is everywhere and just as you have struggled remembering, so have others. Likewise just as you have begun to awaken, so also have others. If you judge others, you also judge yourself for you have equal responsibility. And often what you perceive in others exists only in your mind, not reality, making the judgement even more damaging to you. Because you cannot see what is in the minds and hearts of others, does not mean they are less filled with light then you are. It means only that you are still learning to see light everywhere. It is okay. It is also important to not judge yourself. Be real about who you are, but then fill that with love, light and joy.

Let go then of all rumors of darkness, for they are only illusions. Fading remnants of what we allowed in error in our earthly experiences when we either exercised poorly or failed to exercise our free will.

Remember that all rumors of darkness are illusion and exist only if you give them power by acknowledging them. Rather shine your light in every place and every way, and know that even where you do not see light does not mean there is none. It only means you have not yet learned to see beyond your current perception. But you will.

Love is the essence of the universe. Shining your spiritual light is your expression of infinite love. Joy is your celebration of that expression. Peace is the outcome. This is the manifestation of your ascension. The expression and awakening of your true selves.

So our dear brothers and sisters in spirit, we wish you Love, Light, Joy and Peace. Our love for you is infinite and without limit or judgement.

– Brother David with Uriel’s inspiration and those of the angelic kingdoms who chose to contribute.

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  1. It is wonderful and I assume that many of your Angelic and my Guides have done their part of co-operation with you in here ,,,, It is simply told for everone to understand it and perhaps to go on translating it too … thank you my dear Brother ! And thank you to all our Angelic Family too for working with Dave on this most wonderful message !y3

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