Heavenletter #4919 A Prize-Winning Camera Shot , May 14, 2014

Photo by Gretchen Wild Iris Hermey

God said:
When was it said that drama was the purpose of life? Your life on stage is indeed a drama. Shakespeare could not tell a better saga or devise such a plot. Trumpets could not make a better clarion call. No actors on stage could act to such perfection as do My children in their lives on Earth. Each moment is a prize-winning camera shot. And then there is another and another.

Drama is not the purpose of your life, nor is karma. Oh, yes, there is drama in your lives, but that depends upon what angle your camera is set. I did not set you on Earth for drama or karma. Karma is your idea of the payment of a debt. It is a cycle of distribution and re-distribution. I absolutely do want to shake you out of the idea that you are on Earth for retribution, yours, Mine, or anyone’s. Why would I dream of such a cycle? I see no justification for it. Hark, the herald angels sing.

Put yourself on speed-dial. Fast forward your life. Let your life be dynamic more than dramatic. Get out of situations that keep you down, and get into situations that uplift. Honestly, this is up to you. No matter what your history, in past or present or future lives, you are the writer of your story now. By no means is everything out of your hands.

If you feel you are pulling a stone wheel by a rope around your neck, for Heaven’s sake, loosen that rope and start out free from it. You are not attached to it except as you say you are.

When you see a newborn baby, know that its karma is to be born. That is your karma as well. Lions are born-free. Why not you?

You have a life now, and you live it the best you can according to your consciousness. You are only aware of what you are aware. Everyone on Earth can come to see further. It is a privilege for you to be alive on Earth at this time or any time. If you see yourself bound to a wheel of fortune, look higher.

You may be sure that managers of grape-orchards do not set out for some vines to blossom more than other vines. Oh, yes, perhaps some vines get more sun than others or more shade, more water or less water and so on. Every vine and every leaf and every blossom naturally grow to the sun. There are no vines that say, “Poor me.” There are no vines that say: “Ouch, this was my karma this year.” There are no vines, no leaves, no grapes who, in effect, shrug their shoulders and say: “Alas, this is my karma.”

If a simple vineyard manager has no intent to hamper his grapes, would I ask for an eye for an eye? It would be too complex anyway. Who wants to keep accounts and do all the book-keeping? Not I. Seems like a waste of time, even as time does not truly exist and surely doesn’t exist in Heavenland.

If I tell you, and I do tell you, to let go of the past, then how could I restrict you to the past by iron bands or, even, guitar strings, or filaments of DNA? Why would I?

Because Eve ate an apple, why would I kick you out of the Garden of Eden? Certainly, I see beyond such cause and effect, especially, since I tell you there is no cause and effect. How could I say you are bound to it? If there were cause and effect, surely, I would tell you to get out of it or off of it.

True, there are many layers of understanding.

I do not give you warnings. I do not shake My finger at you. I do not tell you to stand in the hall or kneel on stones. I do not talk about right and wrongs and righting the wrongs. I eschew judgment. I do not say one thing and do another. What can karma be but judgment?

Rather than karma, I like to think of understanding. Understand that you are free. I gave you free will. I have never denounced My decision for you to have free will and for you to use it. Nothing has to hold you back from breaking free. There is more than luck, beloveds.

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