Éireport Blog 5-5-14… “Transpersonal Energetic Grid Supports have been Enabled and Readied”

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This post by the Éireport Blog has some similarities to what Lada Ray wrote in this post, about balancing of the masculine (yang) countries with the feminine (yin). “Balanced Gaia feminine and masculine are in readiness”.

It appears that something has been created energetically to assist the planet in raising its frequency (“Transitional lower-to-higher-vibrational-grid-formation structures are in place”). “Importuning adversarials” appear to be dealt with by their being “removed” to a new “station” (off planet (?), or something like that).


Transpersonal Energetic Grid Supports have been Enabled and Readied

Transpersonal energetic grid supports have been enabled and readied for next steps in Gaia liberation.

Transitional lower-to-higher-vibrational-grid-formation structures are in place.

Energies of Ascended Gaia clarify and intents seeded.

Importuning adversarials are stationed and removed.

Balanced Gaia feminine and masculine are in readiness.

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