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Divine Mother Shekinah – Message to all Mankind on Earth Part 1 through Rilana Jaun dtd. 05.04.201

Badeem – Sirian Starseed:

My dear humans, this is Shekinah speaking to you.

I truly love you my dear humans and soon I will come with some new revelations to be published on this blog you are following since some time. Marc and Eva-Maria are doing such wonderful work together so you have the chance to realize how important it is to work united for the same goal and the same process.

United we are coming together and together we are approaching the wonderful spiral upward. The spiral of ascension is going faster and faster and soon I shall hold you in my arms my dear humans I truly love from the bottom of my heart.

The next time I will give you much new learning about sexuality, love and all the things that are necessary that you, men and women can life together in harmony. As I am giving Marc this text for the reblogg of the translation trough Eva-Maria, we have reached the threshold we were all taking about.

With the days to come, we will balance the feminine and the masculine energy, so we are in perfect harmony between the feminine and masculine energy on earth. Soon you will feel the effect of what I am talking about. Soon there is no reason to fight, to hate and to live in an environment of war anymore. Soon we will increase the energy once again, when we will activate the gates for “The Dragon Rose Line” to come online.

Long ago we have installed this wonderful energy ley line, which is being readied through some light workers on earth. The Montague Keen Foundation will soon receive some more information how to proceed. But please be patient because the involved people have to find fate to carry out the next steps to come.

I am the Divine Mother Shekinah and I love you

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf Illuminations Now!!:

Translated by (Contra)Mary=Evamaria

Dearest human people here on earth. I, The Divine Mother Shekinah, I am greeting you and I am whispering into your hearts now: ” I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU!”

Nothing will separate us – You and I, WE ARE ONE, NOW !

Times – long long ago – still before creation of this planet Earth the Divine Father and I, the Divine Mother Shekinah, discussed the further proceeding of this universe. You have to know that this very universe which quite collioquially expressed was embedded in some sort of “Ocean” or better some “Primeordial Soup” – then was in a phase when divine breathing was in the permanent intake – always  being sucked in – since it was the period of all-over heavenlyTaking-In-of-Divine-Breath.

We, as divine couple of Creators wanted to make an end to this special intake of breathing and that is why we placed…

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