Your soul is immortal – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn April 27, 2014

The silverplatinum flame

23324_536337373051928_907460147_n(Translated from original language german)

My child, I know how much it hurts you to lose a loved one, to lose them through an illusion, that what you call death.

Your religions and societies have taught you through thousands of years that your life will end. That all is over then. Some teach you that you will reincarnate, others say that you only live one single life and that nothing will come after this. With this expectation you attract that what you fear even more and faster to you because you know meanwhile that your thoughts create your reality; that in all truth is but only an illusion, a dream. Change your thoughts and your expectations and your body doesn’t need to die.

Your soul is immortal. She is born out of a Prime Soul and remains as long as until after eternities you will become again ONE with me…

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NorthPoint Astrology Journal – Your Guide to Planetary Energies for April 28 to May 4, 2014


Astrology Journal

By Pam Younghans

Today’s photo: Solar halos seen from Östersund, Sweden on April 25, 2014 (photo by Göran Strand, posted on  sorry unable to retrieve this splendid original pic !!!



THE NEW MOON that begins this week is also a Solar Eclipse, magnifying its potential for inspiring and urging us to make a new start in some area of our lives.

Although this is an eclipse, which can intensify our emotions in general, thankfully several facets of this eclipse are supportive and soothing in nature.


To begin with, this eclipse is in Taurus, a very grounded and usually stable sign. Not that Taurus doesn’t have its faults — stubbornness and resistance to change being at the top of the list — but at its essence, Taurus is about creating a supportive life on the physical plane and finding a level of inner peace that is not controlled by outer circumstances.


WE OFTEN THINK of the phrase “bull in a china shop” when we think of Taurus the Bull — head down, perhaps clumsy, stubbornly following its course in spite of evidence that the current path is not leading in a positive direction. But — perhaps because I am a Taurus — I prefer to think of Taurus as Ferdinand the Bull.


If you are familiar with that children’s book by Munro Leaf, you know that Ferdinand’s primary desire in life is to sit on the hillside and smell the flowers, in spite of attempts to get him to fight in the bullring.


It tells you a bit more about this story — and about the higher-vibrational qualities of Taurus — to know that Mahatma Gandhi evidently considered “Ferdinand the Bull” one of his favorite books. And, when the book was released in 1936, it was banned by Spain (which was on the brink of civil war) and was ordered burned in pre-war Germany.


WITH A SOLAR ECLIPSE in Taurus, we are meant to find new stability through reconnecting with our peaceful centerpoint, establishing a stronger connection with the Earth, and staying true to what we most deeply value.


Although Taurus is a very realistic, practical sign, there are definite spiritual overtones to this eclipse. Venus, the planet known as the “ruler” of Taurus, is in other-worldly, sensitive Pisces. And, the Sun and the Moon are in close, positive aspect to Neptune — the most “spiritualizing” planet — at the time of the eclipse.


These factors will help us both find that grounded center of peace, and build on the spiritual growth and insights that have been our constant companions recently.


MERCURY is also fully involved with the eclipse energies, being conjunct (very close to) the Sun and the Moon. With Mercury’s involvement, we anticipate that new ideas and plans are woven into the fabric of this eclipse — especially those that strengthen our inner resources and support the Taurean goals of inner peace, self worth, beauty, and ease.


Adding to the supportive nature of this eclipse, Mercury is in positive relationship with Pluto, Jupiter, and Chiron. When these planets work well together (as they are this week), our conscious awareness is expanded and we are more sensitive to the needs of others. We are also able to see more clearly our own wounds related to themes of Trust and Faith, to participate in the healing of those wounds, and to emerge from that healing with increased hope and a stronger commitment to fulfilling our higher mission on the planet.


Not too shabby, eh?


THE SABIAN SYMBOL for the location of the Solar Eclipse increases our anticipation of the positive effects of this lunation:

“A fully decorated Christmas tree: The ability to create inner happiness in dark hours.”

Certainly, many have experienced some dark hours recently, as together we navigated the intensity of this month’s Cardinal Grand Cross. While our physical reality often takes a while to restabilize after change, it is good to know that this eclipse is meant to help us in that regard.


And, in keeping with the Pisces/Neptune/Chiron influences we’ve already discussed, the last line of astrologer Dane Rudhyar’s interpretation of this Sabian symbol tells us that the energy of this degree of Taurus “evokes our undying faith in cyclical renewal.”


Trust and Faith — always good companions to have on our journey.


EVEN WITH all this supportive energy, we should be prepared for a bit of a hiccup on Friday. Saturn will oppose Mercury, reminding us to do our research before we invest too fully (either physically or financially) in the ideas and plans that have inspired us this week.


This is not to say that our ideas and plans are faulty — but Saturn’s role is to make sure that we are grounded in reality before we commit to any endeavor. We can benefit from using the influence of this Saturn-Mercury opposition to check the facts and make sure we’ve understood all the ramifications of our decisions before we sign on the dotted line.






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Reiki Doc Protocols For Using The Angelic Healing Codes

On April 25, 2014, channeler Marc Gamma was given ten numeric sequences or codes to be used for healing purposes from Archangel Raphael.

This was announced on this blog on April 26, 2014. Here is the link to the post which includes the link to the original article translated to English from German:

As a board-certified physician, who is currently practicing medicine, I wanted to try these out, and see how they ‘felt’ and ‘worked’ before coming up with a protocol.

Here is a link to the summary table, in an easy to read format, that is available now to you on the web. It is a ‘work in progress’ and will be updated to reflect any new codes that are given to us. (Please note there are FOUR pages to this document. The first page only has two lines. You have to scroll down to see the other three.)

I tested on my food last night, the neutralizing ones. The taste of the food improved, and with my Reiki hand I could detect an increase in the amount of Life Force Energy coming off the plate.

I also did a test with the alcohol neutralizing code. I made the code numbers with my index finger five times over a glass of sake, a small glass from my sake set. I drank the sake in one swift series of swallows. It tasted like sake. And I waited. Alcohol takes twenty minutes to be absorbed from the stomach. At ten minutes, there was only the very faintest sign of a ‘buzz’ or ‘intoxication’–I was still clear headed. At twenty minutes, there was no change. At thirty minutes, there was no effect. I typically wake up with a dry mouth and a headache after taking alcohol. There was none. I also did not have the need to empty my bladder like with alcohol (ethanol blocks antidiuretic hormone–this is why the saying goes, ‘you don’t buy beer, you rent it’ because it makes you have to use the bathroom)

Yesterday a friend had a dog fall down the stairs. This is Bobby, a thirteen year old small German spitz who missed one of the steps. He got a cut over his right eye that was bleeding. She made the codes with a Lemurian crystal over the dog’s open cut on the eye. The bleeding stopped. The pain lessened. And today there is a barely perceptible crust where the wound had been.

Here is my protocol:

  1. Decide which purpose is the one you wish to intend for healing
  2. (for writing in air) Use index finger of dominant hand. At space between numbers, pause.
  3. Repeat number sequence with pauses several times just to make sure all numbers are okay
  4. Ask your angels, guides and deceased loved ones to correct any mistakes you might make
  5. Let go and trust. As an added measure, add the energy of Love and Gratitude to everything too.
Numbers may be written on paper and taped to the item. They may be written directly on the packaging. I wrote them in the air, and sent the intention to my entire kitchen and pantry. I also have the one for all cellular damage written in pink permanent ink on my right arm, just because intuition guided me to do so. When it washes off it will not need to be written again.
Remember, this is very powerful. It is for real. It is here for you.
Since it is new, I would suggest watching very closely while using the codes, and seek medical attention at the same time so no time is lost. This is not a replacement for medical care. It is something to help us heal on an emergency basis. Keep access to the codes table handy.
I will update you of further developments.
Reiki Doc


  1. Hi’ya Doc,
    Thank you for doing this! It is very much appreciated.
    I don’t know if it’s an Apple vs Windows thing, or my antiquated PC – but only two rows of data appear when I get in to the iCloud; and the second row is incomplete.
    Please let me know if it’s ‘me’.
    Much Love&Light to you and Ross – for All you Are, and All you Do.


  2. Hi Sonsie Luna,
    It has several pages. Are you able to scroll down? There should be four pages in the document. xo


  3. No, I’m not.
    Wish I could capture the page so you could see it. :-((


  4. OOPS!!!
    Color me corrected! And ignorant in the ways of Apple. 😉
    No scroll bar appeared on my screen; I never even considered pressing the
    page-down’ key.

    For ‘Healing Of Open Wounds’ under ‘Standard Of Care in 3D’ it only says ‘For’, nothing more. Is this complete? Just wanting to clarify for my on ‘mind’.



Solar Eclipse Will Transform Sun into ‘Ring of Fire’ Next Week


Posted: 27 Apr 2014 05:07 AM PDT

by Geoff Gaherty

The sun will look like a ring of fire above some remote parts of the world next Tuesday (April 29) during a solar eclipse, but most people around the world won’t get a chance to see it.

Whereas lunar eclipses occur only when there’s a full moon, and solar eclipses only happen during a new moon. Half the world saw a lunar eclipse during the full moon on April 15. When a lunar eclipse occurs, it usually means there is also a solar eclipse at the preceding or following new moon.

Tuesday’s solar eclipse is known as an “annular” — rather than “total” — lunar eclipse. That’s because Tuesday’s eclipse will occur when the moon is close to its farthest distance from the Earth, making it too small to cover the sun completely. The resulting effect looks like a ring of fire, called an “annulus,” appears around the silhouette of the moon. [‘Ring of Fire’ Annular Solar Eclipse of April 29, 2014 (Visibility Maps)]

The Moon’s orbit about the Earth is not perfectly circular, so that at different times 
the Moon can be slightly closer or further away than usual. This composite shot 
shows the progress of an annular eclipse in May 2013.
Credit: Jia Hao | The National Maritime Museum 

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The Fierce Power of Agape


re-blogged from American Kabuki

Posted: 25 Apr 2014 03:27 PM PDT

 Picture You reside in a field of love.  Your very base programming begins there.  It is the spark of each other that joins you.  Isolated, you may appreciate nature and love life, yet it is in human contact that you embody the fierce power of agape. For when you love another, it is not their attributes that are calling to your soul, but a reminder of your own.

When you look at each other and are deeply moved, it is because at a fundamental level you understand that there you behold the sacred.  It is you that has stirred your own soul.

What this moment is about is a shedding of our skin of self-loathing.  What is not perfection is not true.  The veil that we speak of is not draped between ourselves and others – but hanging, invisibly, as a barrier to the truth.  It is you on the other side of that veil – gloriously abundant and here now on purpose.  Your vessel will push waves of light cascading over all of creation, creating tsunamis of love.

For love is a force.  Love is here because you are here.  It arrives unbidden whenever you do.  It takes a being of unimaginable power to embody divinity.  It takes you.

We are the one you’ve been waiting for.

( Repost from August 2012)

A Message From The Plants..


July 1, 2013 | By | 1 Reply


Flickr-plant-SFB579Azim Nobeebaccus, Guest
Waking Times

Do not fear that which speaks to us with unconditional love. It is that fear which restricts our true vision and truth. Respect that of which approach’s with true compassion. Expect nothing to receive the guidance our heart truly calls for. As it is our expectations which displays our ingratitude for what is now and this beautiful planet we reside on. AS to worry is the failing to understand that we will continue to be provided for each day.

Our moans are heard across the universe

“Where is my life partner”
“Where is my fortune”
“Why do I not prosper like the others”
“Why do I suffer so”
“Why does that bad person receive everything”

Our universe moans back

“Where is my life partner”
“Where is my fortune”
“Why do I not prosper like the others”
“Why do I suffer so”
“Why does that bad person receive everything”

Judge not me, judge not the people, judge not the rubble you walk upon, judge not the men who come to harm you, judge not our parents and children, judge not the women and men who aim to take our partners, judge not those who have stood in our way, blame not those who have mis treated us. For all judgement amongst other than ourselves is simple the judgement amongst ourselves.

Another has not walked in your shoes as you have walked in their’s. Judge not our brothers, sisters, our parents, our children, our friends and fellow humans. Let us lift the veil and see beyond the dis-ease and simply view the pure love which we all are.

Let us be compassionate, free from what restricts our hearts calling. Free from our expectations, our fears, our judgements, our burdens and barriers we have created for ourselves. As the runner moves faster, swifter, smoother with no hurdles to jump. We need not conquer anything, but to be grateful for what we are. We can simply push over those high hurdles we have created for ourselves.

Acceptance in ourselves, our situations, our traumas. There has been no right or wrong. This is our judgement. Be grateful for our mis treatment others have caused, and the mis treatement we have caused ourselves. Accept ourselves, Love ourselves. We need not perfect ourselves as we ALL already are… :)

About the Author

Azim Nobeebaccus is a healer, a shaman, a teacher at the School of Moksha. He writes on various topics including shamanism, well-being and healing. Please visit his website at or Azim can be reached at

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

The Programming of Our Consciousness


April 26, 2014 | By | Reply



Flickr - Binary - kimubertRyan Brown, Contributor
Waking Times

A helpful analogy for understanding consciousness is to consider a human being as a highly advanced computer. In order for a computer to know what to do, software needs to be installed on the hard drive. The computer faithfully listens to and performs the functions the software tells it to do without questioning, even if the software is sometimes a bit faulty. Now imagine, for a second, that our consciousness is something like a computer hard drive and all our beliefs, habits and reactions are like the software…

Over our lifetime (beginning very early in childhood) we accumulate mounds of software; programming us to act and think a certain way, as defined by the culture we grew up in, our parents, our friends, the media and so on. We took on this conditioning automatically. We did not ask to be programmed. Just like the computer hard drive itself has no say in which programs the user puts on it, we didn’t choose which ones were thrown onto us.

The challenge here is that the innocence of the human mind cannot determine whether a program (conditioning) is beneficial or detrimental to its well being. Our hardware (the mind) easily installs these programs without hesitation or discernment. We may observe this in our automatic, unconscious reactions to certain situations or people and think ‘That wasn’t very nice, I wish I could have responded differently to that…’.

The reality of the matter is that we can wish all we want but if we are still running the same outdated programs in our subconscious mind then we will continue to see the same result. Certain thoughts and actions will repeatedly pop-up without us consciously choosing them. At times, it is as if we are being run on auto-pilot.

When I see my computer consistently giving me the results which are not desirable, I decide it’s time for an upgrade. We can do the same thing with our consciousness.

What is necessary in this instance is to uninstall these automated ‘software’ programs. A useful tool that works for computers is the anti-virus program. The function of the anti-virus program is to search the hard drive for unneeded or harmful programs, viruses, or outdated software. Once the anti-virus program has identified all useless programs, it deletes them and reboots the computer. The result is a fresh operating system that runs faster and more efficiently.

This is a helpful analogy when describing the subconscious mental patterns we encounter in our lives. There are many approaches to canceling subconscious mental conditioning: various meditative techniques, self help programs and other methods. One of the most beneficial ways is remarkably similar to the antivirus software program. It involves observing the thoughts which manifest in our minds and identifying beliefs which are no longer serving us.

The tricky thing when exploring consciousness is that we are dealing with energies which we can not see and which are hard even to feel. However we can observe the signs that there are programs running in our minds which are outdated. These signs come in the form of the thoughts we think. Once we can observe that negative thoughts are occurring within us we can rest assured that they are coming from subconscious programming which needs to be addressed.

With observation, we can see that these negative thoughts are stemming from a limiting belief we bought into, oftentimes long ago and without knowing any better. We actually thought that if we believed it, then it would help us to be happier.

Sometimes there is a  regret over this and an unwillingness to let go of it. This is when we must remember that we had no say over this belief when we bought it. When it is realized that holding onto negative thoughts and feelings is actually making us sick, we can be courageous enough to forgive ourselves and let it go.

We can apply this technique of searching ourselves for limiting beliefs and bad programming to all areas of our lives and at all times. We can apply this unceasingly to the thoughts which run through our heads. We do not need to be run by that which no longer serves us. We can start to reprogram the mind on a deep level and consciously choose to positively condition ourselves. With practice and vigilance, this technique helps to clear away everything which obscures our true Self.

We are not what we think of ourselves; we are not our thoughts. Once the clouds of disillusionment fade away, whats revealed is our radiant Self. And it is this True Self which was there all along.


About the Author

Ryan Brown is a meditation teacher, energetic healer and writer. He has studied shamanic traditions of the Amazonian Basin and strives to integrate the ancient wisdom teachings of both the East and West in a way that is applicable to modern living. You can learn more about his pursuits at

The 23-year-old with 24 Kids: Genocide Orphans Form their Own Families


Twenty-three-year-old Jean Clude Nkusi (bottom left) has been elected as the father of the Urumuri family, which numbers 24 children -- some of them are pictured here at the University of Rwanda College of Education in Kigali.

By Sally Hayden, for CNN –  April 24, 2014-

(CNN) — It’s a sunny April afternoon at the University of Rwanda College of Education in Kigali. Some students huddle in groups conversing in hushed voices; others hurry between buildings carrying books. Exams begin in a week.

On a grassy knoll behind an office block, Jean Claude Nkusi is giving his 24 children a talking to. “Study hard everyone,” he says. “If you work hard you can improve your life and make it better.”

This isn’t your typical family. Nkusi is 23. None of his “children” share his DNA. In fact, the only thing linking them is that they’re all genocide survivors — ethnic Rwandan Tutsis who lost their families in the 1994 violence that killed 800,000 people.   Read more…

Heavenletter #4902 What If We Did Love?,

 April 27, 2014

God said:
Speaking through His children, God said:

“These are two beautiful words – God said. God spoke to us. God speaks. God speaks to us. This is a beautiful thing. God has never stopped talking to us.

“God does not even have to speak. The vibration of God’s Being runs through the Universe. His energy upholds us. Nothing else does. If we think that we live by dint of our will, we learn soon enough that we live by the grace of God’s Will.

“It is never for us to think that God abandons us. Whether our bodies have life or death, God does not abandon any of us. He is with us. Do we think that this is a disclaimer that God makes? God, under any and all circumstances, is with us. God makes no disclaimers. God does not dismiss us at all, let alone so easily. God is always by our side. We may not always see this or feel this.”

God said:

Now I will tell you that when you feel abandoned, it is you who has abandoned yourself. You may be waiting around for Me to spur you on to ever greater. Spur yourself on. Inspire yourself. The world is waiting for you to take initiative. Do not fight life, nor take life lying down.

If you feel you are a victim, you are taking life lying down. You do not have to lie down in defeat nor do you have to get up in anger. There is a more sustainable fuel than anger. Get up because rising is always the thing to do. I said rising, not uprising. You can take life by the hand. You can proclaim life.

You can say to Life:

“I live. I live in God just as God lives in me. God and I are One. God and I have no sides. We do not oppose each other. Not at all. We are for each other. So has it ever been. If understanding is lacking, it is I who doesn’t understand. I can take this at face value. God doesn’t tiptoe around. He is not squeamish. If surgery is necessary, He performs it.

No, it’s not exactly that He performs it. He allows life to go along. God isn’t thinking that much or in so much detail. He doesn’t decide everything. Everything is in motion, and everything spirals up perfectly, no matter how imperfect it may seem to be. Even if the whole world sees an affront, there is none. Life works out the way it works out.

“But, of course, fragile human beings see rightness and wrongness. We bear arms because we think we have to. We get up in arms because we think we have to defend. Do we really think we have to defend ourselves with God Who is the Heart and Soul of us, the Father of us, the One Who loves beyond measure? How can I ever presume to judge God and find Him wanting? What sense does that make at all? What, would I sue? Should I petition God? It is for me to lead my life as best I can, and I keep learning. Surely, I don’t think that God is to learn from me? Surely, I don’t think God sorts us, His children, into categories or layers. God does not set traps for us. God does not rub His hands and relish what we see as misfortune.

“God is a loving God. It may seem to us that He has strewn us into the world, yet He has well-placed us. God says that nothing is an accident. This does not mean that our lives are meant to be heavy and cut us in two. Life is meant to be light and good-humored. We are meant to be light and good-humored and resilient and kind. Surely, Goodness and Mercy are to come from us. God knows nothing but love, and, now, so must we.

“What if we did love? What if we did love and love God as we want Him to love us?”

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Archangel Metatron via Anna Merkaba: Solar Eclipse April 29 – Change, Power, Manifestation

solareclipseArchangel Metatron: Solar Eclipse April 29 – Change, Power, Manifestation, channeled by Anna Merkaba, April 24, 2014 at

Dearly Beloved Children of Light. The atmospheric pressure of the solar eclipse arriving shortly in your daily reality has created the energetic field of powerful vibrations which shall affect the psyche of many.

The outpouring of the universal decrees shall continue to be in effect, in turn affecting all the souls residing on planet earth. And as such the energies of tension and misunderstanding shall ensue at this moment in time. Bear in mind dearly beloved children of light and love, that as you move throughout your daily tasks you may be faced with adversaries, you may be faced with challenges and misconstructions of your ideas.   Read more…

Megalithic Ruins Found In Russia: Largest Blocks Of Stone Ever Discovered – Challenging Conventional Theories About Earth’s History

Mysterious stones on Mountain Shoriyain the Kemerov region of Russia

Thanks to Kitty.

From SleuthJournal – March 16, 2014 –

An incredible discovery that was recently made in Russia threatens to shatter conventional theories about the history of the planet.

On Mount Shoria in southern Siberia, researchers have found an absolutely massive wall of granite stones. Some of these gigantic granite stones are estimated to weigh more than 3,000 tons, and as you will see below, many of them were cut “with flat surfaces, right angles, and sharp corners”. Nothing of this magnitude has ever been discovered before. The largest stone found at the megalithic ruins at Baalbek, Lebanon is less than 1,500 tons.

So how in the world did someone cut 3,000 ton granite stones with extreme precision, transport them up the side of a mountain and stack them 40 meters high?   Read more…

In Resonance to our hearts ….How to handle applying Code Nos.


Resonance in the Valley of the Golden Crystal Mountains

(see Link :  The Valley in Crystal-Golden Mountains

I am standing on a mountain  at last ..

it is the mountain of I AM

calling to some other ones – standing on their very hills so remotely vast

I am calling out to them and listen inwardly – what I receive in return from them

and cherish echos they may give me in return –

recouncing it and anchor it in what is my inner core

confluent echos of all resonance here in my inner part !

Contramary April 26, 2014


How to handle the application of folllwing Code-Nos. and in Resonance to our Hearts !

Re:  Message of AA Raphael through Marc Gama with Healing Code-Nos.

Link:(Code-Numbers for Nutritional Foodstuffs and Health – Archangel Raphael through Marc Gamma –


This is a download from AARaphael scribbled hastily down after he nudged me out of afternoon rest so urgently …. and it all pertains still to the message of yesterday (link see above) where he gave us the Ancient Code-Numbers as signal of relief for us to cope well with our daily issues at this Time of Now. As this Time has arrived Now that the flood of downloaded energy has risen our frequency level of energy so high that these ancient codes may start to be applicable for us too just like in that very time when Atlantis was gifted with them.

Now there have been some queries one day after these codes have been published how to precisely apply these code-Numbers with effective success ? .. Reading again through  the Message of Yesterday I want to accummulate here what I found there and what has been downloaded to me by AARaphael on my request.

Since I conveyed these queries right away to him and Marc G. who is his German channel. I am merely the translator of such messages into English in order to enable the spreading on of those message carrying such prescious new information.

According to the response of AARaphael precise introduction of use was very intentionally not given in that particular message for the very reason that we are all asked to go very thoroughly through the text of this message and not just peruse it superficially.

Some hints are given there .. e.g. in one case: viz. to write the resp. Code-Number into the air beyond the afflicted wound.  In the lower part dealing with the Codes for nutritional foodstuff once is mentioned that the respective Code-No. is to be written on the tin or can/package of the specific food.

But what I found most intriguing is that more than once is mentioned that when very consciously handling these Code-Nos. we shall be guided into resonance with these special Code-Numbers.

And this appears to be the most essential clue to me … :

Subsequent application of these prescious Code-Numbers – since they will turn out to be one of the new treasures for human mankind here on Nova Earth – will evoke its particular resonance in our inner hearts (the appertaining effect of it is not known in the Moment of Now) but I assume this effect will lead to some convergence or sort of assimilation in us with these Codes with surprising new effects.

Comparing with ancient tales of miraculous healings in old legends and fairy tales and with Healing-Reiki-Gestures overall it is considered quite normal to write or draw the prevalent gestures into the air or to visualize them too – I presume that such measures will be quite adequate too when applying these newly given Code-Nos.

These Codes were given to us so that we may devote our thorough thoughts on them and already before applying them ponder about them and study them very intensely … in order to establish some sort of resonance in your inner heart with them and to anchor them more deeply into your inner core – your Divine I AM.

As it is the Resonance of the Code-Nos. with your Heart and your HS – your Divine I AM – that is what is the first requirement and pre-requisite for all successfull practice and handling them.

So just start practicing  them … think of all parables when “Hands were laid on” ,,listen attentively to what your intuition and heart will tell you …. but utmost essential is that at first you connect yourself to your consciousness when in such practice. These are the items which you have to observe diligently.

Rely on to your very own link from your inner heart to the Divine Source of All-there-Is.

I do hope I could have given you here some valuable hints in connection to AA-Raphael’s Message of yesterday since from what I heard of him … there will be more details to come with subsequent messages to us too.

Until then – try to practice the new Code-Numbers as often as possible – it is only some part of what we still have to learn in times to come ….. and be grateful for it … as this message is only one part among of all  the other small paths leading to the great road into the Golden Age of Nova Terra !


























The Eternal Now


April 25, 2014 | By | Reply                     

Julian Websdale, Contributor
Waking Times

There is only really the Eternal Now and that Now exists in the beginning and also in the end of the standing wave that we call physical existence and evolution, which means that time is cyclical. The Now is the ‘alpha-omega’ of the cycle – as symbolized by the point where the symbolic Ouroboros snake is biting and swallowing its own tail. However, that Now is also the ‘zero nodes’ in the standing wave, and in all standing waves.

A ‘standing wave’ is a wave of energy that has become trapped between two points: when the travelling wave hits a point where it can go no further, it turns back on itself, becoming a two-way wave of energy-information.


This means that if the Now exists in any and all cycles and standing waves from the macrocosm to the microcosm, then it also means that the Now can be ‘accessed’ at any time along the path of evolution and this means at every instant during the cycles of our own lifetime or timeline.

How does one do this? Well that is what the shaman is attempting to do through sustaining conscious awareness in the hypnagogic trance state (the transition from the waking state into sleep), which can ultimately lead him to reach the point of enlightenment. Within the Now is all the information we need and it is also within us, which is why the shaman goes inside himself.

The Now is simply found within the ‘transliminal phase point’ of each and every cycle, ‘where’ and ‘when’ the positive crosses into the negative, and vice-versa, as in travelling waves, and also the nodes in standing waves. This also means that it surely exists within our own consciousness, which is also cycling – oscillating many times a second – and therefore the Now is really the moments in the cycle ‘where’ and ‘when’ we become unconscious.


The shaman attempts to become ‘conscious of the subconscious’ and in doing so he experiences and becomes the Now – like Jesus, who said that he was the ‘Alpha and Omega’. Of course this is a rebirth, and it is through this kind of rebirth in the Now, and during his lifetime, that the shaman then begins to understand the cyclical process, and how the life-death cycle is really a larger version of the waking-sleeping cycle. By accessing the unconscious in the waking-sleeping cycle via hypnagogia, one also accesses the unconscious knowledge of the life-death process.

As in the waking-sleeping cycle one is often unconscious at the point of death, and if so, then the cycle will repeat, with one having no knowledge of any previous lives, or indeed that one is creating one’s reality and is trapped in the cycles one is actually creating.

However, becoming conscious at the point of death, as one would in the hypnagogic state in the waking-sleeping cycle, one becomes aware, and with full knowledge of one’s condition, and so one becomes an Enlightened Master: sentient, superconscious. Everything collapses into the Now and one can choose either to exit the cycle, or to re-enter it – but with full knowledge of one’s condition, allowing one to create consciously and be able to awaken others.

It is interesting that the Mexican Nagals are called the ‘Now Shamans’, which also remind us of the ‘Present Moment’ associated with the ancient Egyptian god Aker, who like the Roman Janus, and also Baphomet, looks to the past and to the future.

Moreover it could be said that everything we are and experience Now – meaning our very existence in material reality – is being held in balance between these two waves – much as the electron is continually appearing at these wave centres and is held for a moment in time. Of course this phenomenon at the subatomic level, of millions and millions of wave centres, appears as built-up static objects at our level of perception and experience, So again, it could be said that even our very physical existence is at the ‘midpoint’ – but because we rely mostly on our left brain perceptions, which are related to the flow of energy-information moving from past to future, we are only having half the facts.

It should be stated, though, that the information in the future and the ‘goal’ of evolution itself, is not static but can be altered and changed, and that all the possibilities are given to us in that ‘return wave’; we make our choices subliminally based on our internal dialogue, which is why the patterns we experience will tend to repeat and stay the same. Evolution is also a cyclical process of which we are subconscious (female and related right-brain) as well as a linear one, of which we are conscious (male and related left-brain).

It can be seen then that the phenomenon of physical reality – its actual creation at every point in its fabric, and so its very existence – depends on the friction between Yes and No, the two-way flow of energy information we find in the standing wave, and that it manifests and exists in that friction.


Gardiner, P. & Osborn, G. (2006). The Shining Ones. London: Watkins Publishing.

About the Author

Julian Websdale is an independent researcher in the fields of esoteric science and metaphysics, and a self-initiate of the Western Esoteric Tradition. His interest in these subjects began in 1988. Julian was born in England, received his education as an electronic and computer engineer from the University of Bolton, served in a Vaishnava monastery during 2010, and has travelled to over 21 countries. Julian is also a member of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign.

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Paleo-Sanskrit Subtitles Adorn the Murals of Lascaux Cave



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Alex PutneyGuest
Waking Times

Lascaux Cave, in southern France, comprises a series of linked subterranean galleries with several large, colorful murals painted by highly skilled Paleolithic artists over 18,000 years ago. The cave entrance was discovered and cleared in 1940 to reveal exquisite galleries in an extraordinary state of preservation. Decay due to moisture and bacterial overgrowth has not touched the paintings’ vibrant ochre hues. Thousands of pictorial representations of large animals, humans and geometric figures stand out on a surprisingly intact background, marred in a handful of patches where resurfacing has cracked off.


A thick white undercoat of a calcite-based piezoelectric paint was applied by spattering to upper wall surfaces throughout Lascaux Cave, before the painting of animal figures was undertaken (above). The curvatious forms of large animal representations are rendered with fine charcoal black and yellow or red ochre lines that were not drawn onto the cave walls. Careful examination of the paintings reveals the use of a simple airbrushing technique. Sharp exhalations made through a small bone tube controlled the spattering of paint from a small reservoir, allowing gradations of color on the whitewashed background.

The careful planning, surface preparation, white background basecoat and exquisitely executed airbrush paintings of Lascaux Cave follow the same basic processes familiar to modern artists and interior designers. At Lascaux, animal figures were surrounded by repetitious sets of Paleo-Sanskrit glyphs relating a few basic phrases that have not been identified as writing until the present study.


Above a voluptuously rendered dun horse, a bold explanatory statement identifies the increasing necessity of hunting big game for survival, providing the underlying cause as related to the dwindling intensity of planetary infrasound resonance (above): ra-as Indra ris –”For granting of Jupiter diminishing.”

Another basic repetitive phrase has been written along the lethal trajectory of a spear through the heart of the horse, reading: as-ra ra ra ra-as –”For granting, granting… for granting.” The text line marks the vital organs of the prey animal that were specifically targeted by this group of Paleolithic hunters who had completely remodeled and occupied the cavesite for at least several generations. A short form of the same phrase was written in front of the horse’s snout, reading: ra-as ra –”For granting, granting.”

Peculiar statements repeated throughout the Lascaux Cave murals require a cataclysmic context to be correctly understood. The shift to subsistence hunting of big game animals for granting survival likely occurred after a sudden comet-induced catastrophic diminution of planetary infrasound resonance.

Throughout the extensive remains of Paleo-Sanskrit habitation sites on all continents, lamentations expressing concern for the diminishing state of planetary infrasound resonance were recorded in hieroglyphic texts through a surprisingly wide variety of techniques. Paleo-Sanskrit authors airbrushed pictorial texts onto whitewashed cave walls; inscribed glyphs into ceramic and stone tablets; carved reliefs on spear straighteners fashioned from antler; engraved spearpoints of bone; and even decorated ceramic cookware with sophisticated sentiments that are only now being fully comprehended.

The growing archeological context being uncovered at Paleolithic habitation sites in diverse areas of the globe provide a stunning series of linguistic, artistic and technological continuities that have not been previously identified. Unfortunately, valuable site excavations are often conducted by archeologists who diligently deny the relevant findings concerning antediluvian geopolymer chemistry and the advanced psychoacoustic functions of megalithic temples, greatly limiting the accuracy of their own interpretations.


A renewed synthesis of all available information gathered concerning Paleolithic material culture must include analyses of large-scale architectural remodeling of natural caves and the refaçading of entire mountain clusters as precisely oriented pyramid complexes and sacred ceremonial centers. The rapidly growing genetic database of existing and extinct lifeforms must also be taken into consideration.

Having been well described by Paleolithic cave mural painters, one particular breed of horse that was once prevalent on the grassy plains of Paleolithic Europe possesses a coat patterning and coloration that are quite distinct, yet share a common genetic ancestry with Africa’s zebras. The Przewalski horse breed is closely related to the zebra, both genetically and physically, with quite a similar build and the characteristic short mane that stands straight up (above). Their tawny hues are generally lighter on the underbelly, and contrasted by the much darker brown/black tones of the lower legs, tail and mane.

The remarkable airbrush rendering of the dun horse at Lascaux is surrounded by several glyph ligatures that stand apart from the animal’s forms, yet glyph sets have also been embedded in the designs of all of the other animal figures from these remarkable airbrush galleries. The most prevalent animal among the over 2,000 separate subjects depicted at Lascaux is the oversized wild ancestor of all modern-day cattle that once roamed the grasslands of the Eurasian and North American continents.


Usually depicted in profile, the Aurochs is an extinct megafauna species that was carefully rendered by Paleolithic cave artists showing a red/brown coat with a black neck and head. Paleo-Sanskrit glyphs have been cleverly integrated into various elements of each of the many Aurochs pictograms, with the sharply rendered ear and horns of bulls reading as: adhi adhi-as –”For delivering, delivering” (above). This linguistic interpretation is supported by the consistency of Lascaux’s many Aurochs representations –the ancient artists clearly delineated both horns as glyphs, yet only one ear was shown, reading ‘as’.

A distinctive white stripe running down the entire length of the Aurochs’ back along the spine was specifically rendered by the Lascaux airbrush painters and reinforces the horn glyphs by forming a large ‘adhi’ glyph following the long curve of the bull’s arching back. This shape is echoed by the grazer’s round belly and rump that seem to conform perfectly to the undulations of the underlying wall surfaces. Simple airbrushing techniques used at Lascaux involved layering spots to give a sense of depth.

The relatively recent extinction of the Aurochs species was historically recorded in the 1600s, while next generation DNA sequencing technologies have recently been applied to retrieve the full genome. The full mitochondrial DNA heritage of the extinct Aurochs species is still present among several ‘primitive’ breads of living descendants, and was first sequenced and published in 2010. In January, 2014, the first complete Aurochs genome was finally sequenced from a 7,000-year-old humerus bone specimen:


Here, we present analyses of the first complete nuclear genome from an archaeologically-verified and exceptionally well-preserved aurochs humerus bone sample recovered from a cave site in Derbyshire, England and radiocarbon-dated to 6,738 ± 68 calibrated years before present (laboratory sample code: CPC98)… DNA extracts from the CPC98 humerus bone were prepared for Illumina® short read, high-throughput DNA sequencing. A consensus CPC98 B. primigenius nuclear genome was assembled, using the complete B. taurus genome… We have performed comparative analyses of coding sequences or candidate regulatory regions associated with genes using high-throughput DNA sequencing data from modern B. taurus and B. indicus cattle to identify over 300 genes in which CPC98 and indicine cattle share potentially functional SNP or indel alleles not seen in taurine cattle.



A closely related wildlife conservation project has focused on the goal of ‘breeding-back’ Aurochs for an eventual program for repopulating the European grasslands with wild grazers that will help to rehabilitate the landscape in balance with the return of European wolf populations. The Dutch Tauros Breeding Program has collaborated with various wildlife conservation organizations to concentrate the existent genetic heritage of the Aurochs by cross-breeding modern-day cattle strains that display many primitive characteristics, such as the Tudanca, Maremmana, Sayaguesa, Pajuna, Limia, Maronesa and Podolica. The ultimate success of such programs may be determined by the longterm influence of drastic ongoing climactic changes on Earth that appear to be rapidly cycling back into another glacial period.

Another easily distinguished Paleolithic megafauna species was also depicted by Paleo-Sanskrit artists at Lascaux Cave. Now called Megaloceros, this extinct species of giant ungulate related to elk and deer once foraged throughout the southern portion of the European landmass. Enormous antlers grown by males to a total span of over 3.5m were undoubtedly used in exhaustive territorial combat for mating dominance, and required strong neck musculature to endure seasonal trials of will and stamina (below).


Megaloceros vocalizations reverberating through the open forests of the late Pleistocene must have included deep grunting and loud bellowing sounds that would have been heard during the rutting season from many miles away. For their deep mating calls, Paleolithic cave artists symbolically employed the Megaloceros in pictographic format, referencing the thunderous rumbling of monumental pyramid and temple constructions that operated collectively as a global network during that era of high-civilization.

Like the iconic roaring lion pictogram presented on many standing megaliths at Göbekli Tepe, Turkey and the singing whale and rumbling elephant glyphs from the texts of the Illinois Cave archive, the bellowing Megaloceros pictogram references the divine infrasonic influence of Indra. Signified by the square glyph, Indra is the planet Jupiter deified for its beneficial amplification of 33 sacred frequencies of planetary infrasound resonance that vitalize all living organisms.

Vedic scientists of the Atlantean world-nation had long ago recognized the piezoelectric transduction of cosmic infrasound resonance by all living cells for catalyzing fundamental atomic reaction cascades that generate the biophoton fields of all life forms. This profound knowledge has been regained and defined as phonon resonance dynamics inducing nuclear reactions between metals and absorbed gases.

Electricity passing through the human body increases local energy available for the dissociation of gas molecules bound to metal particles in every cell, thereby enhancing the absorption rates for gases into metals for nuclear transmutation. This underlying electrical metabolism was further enhanced by adepts of the Atlantean sacred sciences through infrasound exposure in conjunction with drinking gold and silver nanocolloids, reverently praised as Soma elixir in the collection of hymns known as the Vedas.


Bioelectrical benefits induced by the thunderous resonance of the planet Jupiter were praised in simple statements marked on the walls of piezoelectric cave sites. An airbrushed charcoal ceiling depiction of a bellowing Megaloceros offers a pictorial representation of ultra-low frequency sounds associated with Jupiter’s rumbling, above the square glyph rendered in thin black lines signifying the planet Jupiter.

A linear series of 13 black airbrushed dots, each representing the Paleo-Sanskrit numeral ’1′, extends to the right of the square glyph, giving the subject of the mural: Indra * * * * * * –”Jupiter, the one, the one, the one, the one…” (above). Unmistakable repeating glyph sets embedded in the fractal configurations of the Megaloceros’ giant antlers complete the mural’s full statement, altogether reading: Indra * * * * * * adhi adhi-as adhi adhi-as –”Jupiter, the one… for delivering, delivering, for delivering, delivering…”


Paleo-Sanskrit glyph texts were also inscribed on portable items made from bone, antler and stone. Excavation of the dirt floors of the Lascaux Cave site identified multiple layers from distinct periods of occupation, separated by occupation by cave bears. Bone spearpoints recovered from the deepest layers were labeled with their functions: as-ra * ra-as –”For granting, the one for granting” (above).

A small sandstone lamp also recovered from the primary layer of human occupation represents the most sophisticated object handcrafted by antediluvian cave-dwellers at Lascaux. This geometrically rendered lamp was carefully formed with an elliptical fuel well and the handle labeled with simple glyph sets repeating its basic function: * ra las-as ra las –”The one for granting shining, granting shining” (above).

The quality of the sandstone constitution of the Lascaux lamp has been noted for its exceptional hardness and fine grain size, and was assumed to be a naturally-sedimented sandstone, carefully selected and carved into its present form. However, in the light of novel geopolymer research on Altantean artifacts from various continents from the Paleolithic period, the exceptional quality of the sandstone lamp may result from a synthetic origin, having instead been mixed and poured according to chemical formulae that have been closely replicated in modern laboratory studies.

The astounding breakthroughs in geopolymer chemistry and materials analysis assure that microscopic investigation of the composition of the Lascaux lamp sandstone will conclusively determine the actual genesis of the lamp: carved from natural stone or poured as a geopolymer slurry. The crudeness of the rendering of the hieroglyphs suggests that even if the sandstone has been artificially reconstituted, the labeling of the object was accomplished by carving after removal from a reusable two-piece mold.


Artifacts from many of the Neolithic cultures of Europe confirm their preservation of linguistic heritage from the Atlantean Era, in many cases repeating votive passages from before the catastrophic demise of high-civilization ~12,890 years ago. The Paleo-Sanskrit phrase: ra las –meaning “Granting shining”– was inscribed into mold-made lamps at Lascaux Cave in France ~18,000 years ago and exactly replicated and passed down by hundreds of generations of descendants throughout the region. Both the mold-making techniques and identical linguistic patterns have been designed into the refined geometric forms of an Etruscan mold-made ceramic lamp with a refueling port labeled: ris –”Dwindling” (above).

The specialized use of caustic soda for production of geopolymer stoneware ceramics at low temperatures achieved in simple raku pit firing processes is another advanced Atlantean technique closely related to geopolymer stone casting processes identified at the world’s oldest pyramid complexes in present-day Egypt, Bosnia, Indonesia and Ecuador. Geopolymer ceramic techniques were expertly used by the Etruscan civilization to produce blackware masterpieces several thousand years after the cometary destruction of Atlantis and the subsequent Deluge.

Specific use of simple natural components for advanced geopolymerization techniques provides another easily quantifiable means for analysis of ancient sites that must now be widely applied, not only to the pyramids but to all other sites from that elevated epoch, especially at Glozel and the many famous Paleolithic caves of Europe. The remarkable state of preservation observed at these sites is attributable to the ingenuity of interior remodeling techniques on display at Lascaux Cave that reflect more advanced techniques witnessed at other sites in France from the same historical Paleo-Sanskrit period.

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Alex has written over 50 articles investigating such subjects as: the physics of consciousness, archaeology, Paleo-Sanskrit language, pyramid resonance, biological transmutation, qi meridian healing, Nikola Tesla, HHO plasma & free energy, reincarnation, Vedic science, UFOs, the “hum” and anomalous events happening around the world.

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Within the Range of Possibilities


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Flickr-possibilities-Craig DeakinIda Lawrence, Contributor
Waking Times

When a small, but potent, percent of the population is ready to expand their range of possibilities and validate new information, putting aside the ego’s opinion in favor of exploration, then change for the many is possible. Change, when called for, is something we need not approach with trepidation… although we often do.

Yes, it requires energy and focus, dedication and often bravery and sacrifice. It also requires true knowledge, which is sometimes gained not by science, but by experience. Our willingness to enter new ground depends upon that interesting question… what am I here for? To lay in the cut? And what’s the cut… the injury?

One thing we can know, right now, as we take a look outside, and take a deep breath, and remember ourselves… our value is here, in our human existence. Dig it… it’s good to be here. This is the place where we can act, and see a response.

Lately I’ve been consuming information like the owl eats its food… I’ll take it in and then just throw out what doesn’t nourish me. If there’s something that feels like it could be a match for what’s already incorporated, I’ll work it around… digest it.

I imagine we all look for solutions in our own way. For me, the process is to seek the intuitive “hit” that will show me whatever is at the heart of the matter… the problem causing suffering. Recently I came across some information that opened me up to a broader landscape with regard to the subconscious mind/dimension and the masculine and feminine polarities.

Amazingly, upon taking in this information, a few other things started to click… the ‘sin’ of Eve, the idea that the feminine divinity is subject to the masculine divinity, the fear of the woman trying to take control or manipulating with hidden power. This stuff has caused a rift for long enough. Has anyone attempted to grasp the problem at the core?

I don’t at all buy into the ‘we need to go from a patriarchy to a matriarchy’ notion. We have no need for another ‘archy’. Instead, I believe that if we knew the essence of the problem – the crux of the matter – there would be healing on both sides and no further need to discuss it.

I’ve talked often about all of us embodying the masculine and feminine polarities, but what is it, exactly, that every person embodies? While I had gone toward ‘thought’ and ‘feeling’, mind and heart, Neville Goddard, in his book Feeling is the Secret, pointed even closer… to the conscious mind as masculine and the subconscious mind as feminine.

Whether simplistic or valid, it certainly gives comfort to the concept of duality within every human, the necessity of continuous flow between the poles, and ultimately the lovers as one. With the conscious mind being focused light, and the subconscious hidden for the most part, containing an immense number of living/feeling impressions extending to birth and beyond, I can dig it. This fits.

It occurs to me: is this what Stuart Wilde meant by the creation imagery of Om and Ka? He – Ka being a very hot fire that needed to be cooled, She – Om being vast and cold and yet fertile space that needed light and warmth? In this creation myth they came together, and served each other’s need, and the universe began. Ka the seer – Om the manifester.

Generally, if we consider the subconscious mind at all, we see it as something dark and mysterious if not dangerous, having unwarranted control, full of painful memories, secretly causing us to work against our conscious desires. We would want to take control of it and eliminate the problem, not love it and trust that it loves us and serves to perfectly manifest our conscious thoughts.

Speaking of manifesting our conscious thoughts: can you blame me for placing the ‘negative dark subconscious’ pattern beside the pattern of the patriarchal creation and sin myths that I mentioned earlier? Looking at the effects of those thought patterns on us over time, what did our subconscious manifest?

It had us from birth to death… maybe I shouldn’t say ‘had us’ – it still has millions of us and it causes suffering. To me, it’s the ‘cut’ – the unrecognized injury.

Now, may we reconsider the subconscious mind… seeing her as the beloved Om, in a constant state of surrender and readiness, source of wisdom and joy, provider of inspiration, manifester of reality?

As we reconsider, let’s go to another bit of information that came in with regard to the subconscious. It was an interview with Gordon Davidson entitled “The Subconscious – A Living Entity Within You.” Mr. Davidson went into the mechanics of establishing a relationship with the subconscious mind that can eventually result in a loving flow between the three minds: subconscious, conscious and super-conscious. This clicked with the other puzzle pieces and went beyond.

While it might take a leap of the imagination to consider an adversarial relationship with the subconscious as the crux of a very long-term injury, one that may just be related to this matrix we are suffocating under… why not just leap and consider the possibility? It won’t hurt, and if it doesn’t digest, we can go back to the drawing board.

A final question… what is our natural state, minus the injury. We can observe the female human naturally tending toward intuition, feeling and wisdom and the male tending toward reason, logic and action in the world… but… men are also wise, tuned to feeling, and intuitive, and women can reason brilliantly, and use logic, and act in the world. Our natural state is wholeness, and together in wholeness… well, that’s the foundation of a new world.

About the Author

Ida Lawrence is an author, blogger, copywriter and editor based in Atlanta, Georgia. She has contributed to and edited two books on racial justice and human rights, and numerous articles on human rights, self-empowerment and related subjects. Her latest book is entitled The Warrior’s Way to Heaven on Earth. Ida has also published a companion book of blog favorites from

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What Can We Learn From Near Death Experiences?


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Flickr - Tunnel of Light - C.P.StormMichelle Walling, CHLC, In5D Guest
Waking Times

The most compelling evidence toward the possibility of life after death comes from testimonials of thousands of people who have had Near Death Experiences (NDE’s) and return to share their stories with the world. There are three major statements made about the value of life from almost all people who return from “home” to share with us as we move toward bringing the thought process of what people call “heaven” to earth. Furthermore, is there a parallel with NDE’s and what we understand will be ascension in this lifetime?

Regardless of culture or religion, near death experiences create a language that can be understood by all. According to a recent sample poll of Americans, 68% of people believe that our soul survives after death. A near death experience is described as what occurs as the soul leaves the body during what we have termed death and returns to the body to be fully revived with remembrance of the experience.

Many people report common experiences that give confirmation to NDE’s:

-Nearly half of people that have a NDE remember having an out of body experience (OBE). For those who died in a hospital, many people report seeing their bodies in the hospital bed and talk about the EKG flatlining, as well as the step by step efforts of the doctors and nurses bringing them back to life. Some people recall what the doctors and nurses were saying as they worked on reviving them. They also explain how they were able to move their awareness to other places in the hospital and witness conversations between people. While out of their body, all people reported feeling no pain. They said that they felt like they were the observer of what was happening with their body.

-The most popular experience that people have is that of going through a dark tunnel. Most describe the tunnel as horizontal, where they are traveling forward toward a light that seems faint and small but quickly seems to get larger and closer. Some people never make it all the way through the tunnel before they are aware of being back into their bodies. Others go through the tunnel into the light where they find themselves in fields of flowers and green grass (some call this the “Summerland”).

-The feeling on the other side is one of having physicality but not in a body like we have here. It is more of a “vehicle” or light body and just by focusing your thoughts on where you want to go you can narrow your focus toward what you would like to experience.

-Many people report seeing their “dead” relatives and many other familiar faces but cannot seem to pinpoint where they know them from. Upon returning to their bodies, they found old pictures of great grandparents and great-great grandparents that they had never met before as a child. They may meet a guide such as Jesus or Mother Mary which is usually a representation of their beliefs of what they will see in the afterlife.

-Many people speak of a life review at this point and are reminded of what they wanted to accomplish in this lifetime. The purpose of this is to give them the free will to return to their body in order to carry out the rest of their goals.

There are three main experiences reported of most people who share their NDE’s:

1. The instant feeling of comfort and love a person experiences after moving their consciousness out of their body takes all fear out of dying when they return to their body.

2. The knowledge that we all will have a life review of everything we have done on this lifetime not only from our point of view but from other’s viewpoint makes us aware of this lifetime as an experience and we become more aware of how we treat others when we return.

3. A realization upon returning to this life is that most people draw energy from material things and other people instead of remembering that we have a direct connection to the Source energy that is infinite.

Most people who return from NDE’s are more caring and loving and are a joy to be around. They return intact of their individual personality but remember the feeling of being part of something more expansive. They say that love is the most important thing to them in life. Some feel like their new purpose in life is to share this information with others. It is hard for these people to describe in words the feeling of knowing that there is a Source of a high vibration of love and comfort outside of this physical experience.

What is the similarity of NDE’s and ascension?

People who return from NDE’s feel like they have one foot in this world and one foot in another world. They are straddling the conscious memory of life after death. From what we have learned about ascension, it seems that at the point of ascension it may be similar to having a NDE without having to leave the body.

There is a similarity in feeling comforted, having a life review, and existing in the body with the knowledge of a direct umbilical cord to our creator. In both instances we keep our identities and know that everything we do is recorded and we think about how it feels to someone else. Ascension brings an expansion of knowledge about who we are asspiritual beings having a human experience without having to experience the traumatic physical death and return from somewhere that feels like home. In a way, we could say that many people who have had NDE’s have had a taste of ascension.

We can take others’ experiences and apply them to our lives now. By being conscious of what we say and what we do in relationship to others, we will prove to our higher selves that we are one step closer to ascension. The most powerful way to bring ascension into our lives is to live our life like we have already ascended. Thanks to those who bring the information forth about walking on the other side of life, we could create a new term for ascension compared to NDE’s and call ascension a new life experience (NLE).


About the Author

Michelle Walling is a Certified Holistic Life Coach.  She has devoted her life to being a bearer and grounder of the light in service to others. As a truth seeker, she is committed to share her experiences with the world. She is also a hands-on healer, a distance healer, an empath, and an intuitive. Michelle has recently joined forces with Gregg Prescott as an admin for the In5d Facebook page, as an assistant for In5d Events, as a contributing author for  Michelle also supports Gregg’s endeavors in many other areas including alternative and holistic healthcare. Their next project is a walk in clinic under the name AHH- Alternative Holistic Healthcare to be launched in 2014-2015 in the Sarasota, Florida area, and then subsidiaries will be opened around the world based upon that model. Michelle Walling’s cosmic writing website is Holistic Counseling sessions can be booked on the website Michelle’s personal Facebook page can be found here.

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Deathbed Visions, DMT & Consciousness – Reflections on Life and the Beyond

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Psychedelic VisionAndy Dilks, Staff Writer
Waking Times 

In recent years in the West there have been a number of studies in which people on their deathbeds are asked what it is they most regret about their lives. An Australian palliative nurse, Bronnie Ware, conducted one such study of patients in her care – she spent several years looking after a range of people in the final 12 weeks of their lives and kept a record of their dying epiphanies, publishing them in her book, The Top Five Regrets of the Dying. Ware spoke of their astounding lucidity and identified five common themes which recurred over and over. These were:

  • That they had lived their lives true to themselves.
  • That they hadn’t worked so hard.
  • That they had the courage to express their own feelings.
  • That they had stayed in touch with their friends.
  • That they had allowed themselves to be happier.

What emerged is a pattern of conformity – both to those around them and wider society – which ultimately prohibited them from leading a truly satisfactory life in which their own dreams and ambitions were fully realised. From the treadmill of everyday work to the way in which we adopt our persona to suit the demands and expectations of others, these regrets are as predictable as they are a sad reflection of the skewed priorities which tend to dominate Western culture. At the same time they reflect something of a pessimistic approach to viewing life and death, focusing on the absence of something positive instead of an appreciation for the goodness that actually existed.

By contrast, Japanese documentarian and film-maker Hirokazu Kore-eda approached the idea of reflecting on life from a different perspective, asking hundreds of subjects from all walks of life – many of whom were not facing imminent death – to choose one cherished moment from their past which defined their lives. The result is a whimsical celebration of life in all its beauty and diversity, which also demonstrates how much people tend to fictionalize their past, with rose-tinted nostalgia heavily influencing their reminiscences. Choosing a single most cherished moment also proves to be considerably more difficult to do than listing one’s regrets, suggesting that negativity has become engrained in mankind’s mindset, as if anxiety and lamentation has become a driving force behind the species.

Kore-eda compiled the interviews and conducted many more for his film After Life, which straddles both documentary and work of fiction, and the result is a film which suggests the immanence of the human experience, with many themes and concepts emerging that a variety of different cultures would doubtless share. So too with deathbed phenomena – the paranormal experiences and visions of those on the brink of death – there is a unity across cultures, and indeed throughout history. Frequently these visions of heavenly creatures and deceased relatives have been considered evidence for the presence of a spirit realm and even as proof of the after life, comforting visions of a place beyond the familiar temporal realm.

The following account from Chaz Ebert, the wife of the popular American film critic Roger Ebert, highlights the nature of deathbed visions in a contemporary context:

“The one thing people might be surprised about—Roger said that he didn’t know if he could believe in God. He had his doubts. But toward the end, something really interesting happened. That week before Roger passed away, I would see him and he would talk about having visited this other place. I thought he was hallucinating. I thought they were giving him too much medication. But the day before he passed away, he wrote me a note: “This is all an elaborate hoax.” I asked him, “What’s a hoax?” And he was talking about this world, this place. He said it was all an illusion. I thought he was just confused. But he was not confused. He wasn’t visiting heaven, not the way we think of heaven. He described it as a vastness that you can’t even imagine. It was a place where the past, present, and future were happening all at once.”

Not surprisingly, when mainstream science first came to examine such phenomena in the early 20th century, they were rationalised by the materialistic mindset as being nothing more than hallucinations – a rationalisation which continues to the present day. There is some merit to this interpretation, as anyone who has taken psychedelic drugs can attest to.

Hallucinogenic drugs such as psilocybin and DMT are capable of manifesting alien realms and entities which for the user feel every bit as real as experiences they might have in sobriety; with DMT, visions of otherworldly beings are incredibly common. Given that the neuronal function of the brain at the point of death is impaired, experiencing a stage of cerebral hypoxia, it is entirely plausible that these visions correspond to these changes in brain activity. This would certainly parallel the work of Rick Strassman and his studies into DMT and the near-death experience, in which he posits that the pineal gland releases huge doses of the chemical at the moment of death.

But new theories have emerged in recent years which may finally take us towards a true reconciliation of science and spirit, in which the deathbed visions of people and places are neither the imaginative products of an ingrained cultural and historical perception of an afterlife nor chemically-induced hallucinations, but real phenomena which actually exist.

Harvard neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander, recently interviewed on Waking Times, conducted extensive research which challenged the orthodoxy of reductive materialism and offered a radical new interpretation of the way in which consciousness functions. Rather than being a product of the brain, Alexander posits that “consciousness is at the core of an unfolding reality” and that beyond this there is a conscious force which exists external to the physical body. Additional research in the field of consciousness by Stanford University Professor Emeritus William A. Tiller has indicated a powerful realm between particles which is heavily influenced by human consciousness. This latent energy, which interacts between the conventionally-measured molecular/atomic substance is apparently spurred into interaction by intentions projected from the mind.

A number of prestigious scientists have long held to the theory of the multiverse, building upon the lack of predictability in quantum mechanics as the starting point for an ever-expanding array of parallel universes. Dr. Robert Lanza, in his book Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness Are the Key to Understanding the Nature of the Universe, put forward the notion – long held in religious and spiritual beliefs – that consciousness continues on after the death of the physical form. With consciousness the driving force behind the existence of the universe, Lanza believes that consciousness never actually dies, and that we only perceive it as doing so because of the identity people have with their bodies. Beyond this, Lanza suggests that consciousness can travel between universes at will – just as our bodies are thought of as the product of stardust (and there is solid mainstream science supporting that idea) so too are our “souls” intrinsically linked to the proto-consciousness which forms the fabric of space and time.

A recent study from Boston University revealed that belief in immortality may be hard-wired into the human brain, and while this study focused primarily on highlighting the cognitive roots of religious belief, an interesting aspect of the findings points to these beliefs originating not in culture and upbringing, as was initially assumed, but as intuitive concepts – natural drives rather than nurtured opinions. But perhaps this implicit awareness is more than mere fantasy – if the theories of Alexander, Tiller, Lanza and an increasing number of experts in a variety of fields prove to be correct, it would mean that humanity would have to radically revise its views on death itself, and deathbed reflections on hopes and regrets could become almost redundant.

Rather than validating the claims of religious institutions throughout history, confirmation of consciousness as a phenomena which both shapes the universe around us and transcends the physical realm would forge a new era of metaphysical enquiry. Albert Einstein famously predicted that “the religion of the future will be a cosmic religion” – that future may already be with us.

About the Author

Andrew Dilks writes on culture and politics at He is the author of Goliath and Flow. His newest book Prehistoric Highs: Mind-Altering Plants and the Birth of Civilization will be available in 2014.

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The Tsunami of Love has Reached Shore

Wave of Love 33Saturday, April 19th, Archangel Gabrielle announced the Tsunami of Love has begun in earnest ~ our New Beginning!  The waves are coming ashore and touching each of us as we are cleansed even further in readiness for the coming Shift. It is a certain blessing.

You’ll remember that, when we last connected with you, the Tsunami of Love had just begun. The impact has been greater than we could have imagined. The waves of Love are moving through each of us, removing debris, pain, false illusions and grief, in fact removing anything that is not Love. We are experiencing a cleansing in readiness for the coming spiritual Shift.

Are you ready to anchor in this higher realm, the realm of love? Are you ready to experience the realm of purity, of truth, of all the divine qualities and of being the true embodiment of who you are? Love is the energy of the Universe, and even now is moving constantly, continually and eternally through us all.  Read more…

The Constant Companions via Aisha North: A Short Update on the Energies – April 25, 2014

Aisha North Manuscript of SurvivalThe Constant Companions: A Short Update on the Energies – April 25, 2014, channeled by Aisha North, April 25, 2014 at

As many of you have already noticed, the energetic activities over the last few days have been nothing if not on the heavy side, and this will indeed continue for quite a while yet. We hear the groans of discomfort already, but let us hasten to add that you will feel a lightening in your bodies as these energetic injections continue.

For you are opening yourselves more and more to these emissaries of the light, and as such, it will be as if your body automatically manages to adjust and rearrange itself in such a way, this prolonged period of heightened exposure will become more than bearable.   Read more…


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by John Smallman

If you are having difficulty with forgiveness ask for help and for clarity.

i am free.1

To leave the illusion behind is humanity’s divine destiny because humanity’s destiny is divine. It has ensnared, enslaved, and entranced you all for far too long and your unwillingness to release yourselves from it is all that holds you within it. You have the power and the capability to do so because you are divine beings, and, because it is your will and God’s, you will release yourselves.

Nevertheless, you are conflicted within yourselves by the intriguing but fanciful opportunities with which it tempts you, and by your desire to find the real meaning in life, a meaning that overwhelms and shatters the unreal dreams that seem to be your constant companions – wealth, security, a lover, and a beautiful environment in which to enjoy them. But the dreams seem so real! This is because you are very powerful beings, and you have made them seem very real, so real that they hid and continue to hide Reality from you, as was your original intent. Hence this intense inner conflict and your endless confusion.

However, your divine Father knew that your infatuation with your unreal environment would not last, and that it would bring you untold pain and suffering, so He, at the moment that you built it by imagining it within your brilliant mind, instantly provided everything you need to release yourselves from it and return Home. What He provided was the inextinguishable inner flame of His Love that calls to you constantly to awaken.

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It is that inner flame that has you questioning the meaning of life and which also makes it very apparent that the meaning that you have been seeking – security, survival, wealth, and power over others – is insane not only because of its divisive nature but also because you are seeking for it within the illusion. And that insanity terrifies you, everyone is untrustworthy! Therefore you must constantly protect yourselves, so you build armies and weapons that you then are unable to resist using, further adding to your pain and suffering.

However, you have become exhausted by the trials and tribulations with which the illusion endlessly presents you, and you are becoming aware, more and more of you daily, that the onlyway to resolve your issues, your differences, your conflicts is through intelligent and harmonious cooperation. When you do that you listen to one another without judgment, allowing each to be themselves instead of attempting to change them into the kind of person you think – in your almost total lack of wisdom – that they should be. Then realization dawns that truly there are no differences, you all want only “the peace that passeth all understanding.” And that of course is Love, the divine energy field in which all of creation has its eternal existence.

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It is a state from which you have never departed because there is nowhere else, but you have imagined and clung tenaciously to an illusory state, and you are now in the process of releasing your hold on it, of allowing yourselves to see that it is unreal, a sham. You have a saying: “If it seems to good to be true then it probably is.” Throughout the eons of the illusion’s enticing siren song to you, you have been chasing within it for something that has seemed to good to be true – safety, security, abundance, and bliss – but how could that possibly be found within an illusion, especially one in which betrayal and deceit are endemic?

Forgiveness is the way out – of yourselves for being so misled and misguided by it, and of others for their apparent betrayals of you. In Reality there is only Love, and anything in conflict with or opposition to It is unreal. However, you do need to forgive. One of your wise elder statesmen (Nelson Mandela) remarked that resentment is like drinking poison and hoping it will kill your enemies. So, until you start forgiving and releasing any judgments or resentments, you are just consuming poison and making yourselves truly miserable, possibly even making yourselves extremely ill. And, as most of you are probably well aware, modern psychology suggests that to be able to forgive is essential for your general health and well-being.

If you are having difficulty with forgiveness, due to pain inflicted upon you, unjust judgments made against you, or for any other reason, then when you enter your quiet inner space ask for help and for clarity. Frequently clarity is lacking in one’s perceptions when a desire to withhold or refuse forgiveness is experienced. Remember, all the experiences undergone in your physical bodies are aspects of the illusion; the suffering that is undergone is illusory because you are all asleep and dreaming. When you awaken into Reality all pain, all suffering, all injustice, all betrayal will have dissolved because they are part of that illusory dream. Clarity will show you this now by reminding you of your true nature – you are a being of Love who is One with God – and you will be able to relax into forgiveness, whereupon you will find an inner peace that maybe you have never before experienced or have long since forgotten.

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In the spiritual realms we are constantly at your service, you have only to call on us with sincerity and we will show you the way to embrace forgiveness with love and compassion for the one you wish or need to forgive – yourself or others – thus leading you into a state where the stress of resentment that was confining and controlling you just dissolves. We are here for you in every moment, and we want only to see you awaken into the eternal joy that is your natural state. We know that forgiveness is the quickest way for you to release your hold on the illusion because it cuts through all the other ties and bindings so that there is nothing else to prevent you from sinking happily into God’s loving Embrace.

So call on us and tell us that you sincerely want to embrace forgiveness, and instantly you will feel the warmth and acceptance of the field of Love that at all times envelops you. It will confirm for you that you are indeed a being of Love who was momentarily lost in the fog of the illusion, a fog that is now dispersing and allowing you glimpses of the brilliance that awaits your inevitable awakening.

With so very much love, Saul.

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Heavenletter #4901 The Changing Terrain, April 26, 2014

child and stars
God said:
When life seems to become too much for you, remind yourself that you are Being, you are a soul, and all that seems to matter so very much to you while you are popped inside a body is a flash in the pan. When all is said and done, what matters? Whatever may be pressing on you right now, no matter how vital it may seem to you right now, is really nothing at all. You will have forgotten it before long.

You had an idea that you had a difficulty. That’s all it can be, an idea floating down the river like a stray branch, only, at the time, you are certain that it is a dire situation that you fear you may not survive. And, so, you see life as hazardous and yourself full of toil and trouble. You are sure that life on Earth is to be nothing but a bouquet of roses and nothing but roses all your life long.

Perhaps you feel that life is meant to be Santa Claus, and, yet a Santa Claus who sometimes delivers onions and black coal to you. Oh, if onions were scarce, they might be valued more. And within the black coal may lie a diamond.

Life doesn’t sit still. Life is always roaming around the countryside or up or down a chasm. Life is a piece of cake when you roll with it and don’t protest. In life, beloveds, the cards aren’t stacked against you, yet you may be on the look-out for your life to be interfered with. Beloveds, your life is what it is as it appears before you.

There was a story once of a blind man who had been married to his wife whom he had never seen. His sight was miraculously restored to him. He saw his wife for the first time, and he found her beautiful. His friends kept quiet, for none of them considered the man’s wife as beautiful. The best they could say about her looks was that she was plain.

But to the husband, because of the light she had always brought to his life, she was beautiful. The husband was a man who could really see. All along he could see. Blind, he could see. Those who may always have the use of their eyes may not see. It is not that goodness and mercy will come to you. It is that goodness and mercy have already come to you. They are arrived whether you see them or not.

Whatever arrives on the scene is a blessing. No matter how distressed you may be about what occurs, there is a blessing contained within it. No matter what, there is blessing contained with whatever is bestowed upon you. I do not try to make you feel better. I am telling you the Truth about life. It is your interpretation of events that has to change. You are on the verge of deeper perception. Whatever the storm that blocks the sun from view, the sun is shining just the same.

Within you lies a heart of gold. Of course, there does. Your heart is a relative of Mine. Your heart has no limits, although, you may not yet recognize this. Every action or reaction in life is bringing you closer to seeing farther and wide.

Open your eyes now. Open your eyes wide. Get some different ideas in your heart. Open your eyes, open your mind, open your heart. When you can see differently, you will act differently. You will react differently. You will take everything in its stride, and you will begin to see that you have been living in Paradise all along. You are not pebbles being caught in a lawn mower. You are My child with all the rights and privileges that go along with privilege. All power to you. Soon you will see more eloquently. The terrain of life in the world will change before your very eyes.

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