Message to Mankind on Earth – Divine Mother Shekinah, through Rilana Jaun – dated 04.29.2014

Translated by (Contra)Mary=Evamaria dated May 1, 2014


Message to Mankind on Earth –  Divine Mother Shekinah, through Rilana Jaun – dated 0429.2014

Beloved humans, beloved children   that is what you are for me .. you are beloved by me ….     My heart is overflowing with love to you and my arms are so huge and all-surrounding and I want to embrace all of you with them.

It is your very own “birth-right” to come into my arms at any time – and never there shall be anyone human who goes through without any loving embrace when in sadness, doubts and discouragement.  I am always at your side and will come by the socalled “return of mail” when you call me. Call me as for me too the Law of Free Will is valid !  If I am not called I must not interfere with any of your business on my own.

Another new era is to start now, Beloveds – not only here on earth but far beyond – far ! The entire universe, the omniverse as each and every parallel universe too – since mid April 2014 – they all are being flooded with highly potent energy of creation originating from our central sun. Never before since this most beautiful planet Earth has existed – has she been enveloped into such enormous Balloon of Love – it is a balloon where solely thoughts and activities made out of love are being in existence and are done – and for this reason only they will have permanent consistence there.

Feebly the dark powers are putting down their tools for lack and missing tinder to keep their destructive fire alive or to cook out new evil plans.

This only is some short information to show you that your road is a blessed one on that  you proceed and will be strongly assisted by the powers of light so you wish it.

Thus I am coming today to you in order to introduce myself to you a bit more. Actually I may speak here only from my individual self – since whenever the Divine Mother is called up by you – it is always together with the Divine Father too –even if it is in some subordinate part  and vice versa it is just the same. If you invocate the Divine Father it is myself too, the Divine Mother, also being present . We are inseparable and we are far more than what you comprehend when speaking of a “‘Twinflame-Soul-Couple” – we are alway a united ONE – however are active independently of any situation with the necessary power of female or masculine ray.

For your better comprehension of our existence – we are mutually active as a couple which you like to describe as “All-There-Is” or even better “the Source of All Being” which is some rightful expression too.

And in such context – at least for several few of you – I want to disclose a tiny secret – as for all others there are cultures where it has been common knowledge since thousands of years – that we do own a very personal name too:

A D O N A I  … he is the CREATOR, the DIVINE FATHER

He is the masculine part of GOD or ALL-THERE-IS or even “THE SOURCE OF ALL BEING”


The female part of GOD or “ALL-THERE-IS or also THE SOURCE OF ALL BEING.

Thus I am telling you that my beloved Adonai and I – always we are ONE and with or without any personal invocation by any of our names – we are always with the most matching power and energy at your side and we shall assist you in that particular way allowed by your soul-contract.

Yes, we do indeed know very consciousy – i.e. Adonai and myself, Shekinah, that many of human mankind will probably find it difficult to hear and experience us like some other sheer “human beings”. I am very conscious of that imagination of many human people visualizing us as some very airy structure of light and love when talking of us as the power of creation. This – of course – is only partly justified as they perceive us what we ARE in fact.

We are LIGHT and we are LOVE since these are the fundamental energies for ALL AND EVERYTHING and these enable us to create planets, galaxies, and universes.

Beloveds – I bow to you and all your very BEING.

Do not forget: “never – ever!  ….  EVERTHING AND ALL IS WELL AS IT IS !”



English Translation by Contramary=Evamaria,  written and posted on “Illuminations Now”

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    Welcome my dear Humans, this is Shekinah speaking to you. From now on you will read from me every week and I will guide you through the ascension process. More and more you will understand that I, the Divine Mother also had many earth incarnations and this shall be published, so you understand that the Divine Father and myself where many times on earth to support and guide you my beloved humans. This is the start and this shall not end, until I welcome you in your NEW SELF.

    This is Shekinah and I love you from the bottom of my heart

    • Dear Peggy, I think so …. as I do not know much more than you at this very moment …. it is much to get used to in our hearts …and as there will be another new message every week – I assume we shall know in due course …. Namasté (Contra)Mary

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