Heavenletter #4892 Life Is Always before You, April 17, 2014

God said:
There is life, and you roll along in it. You roll along on a smooth terrain or rough terrain. Always, you are rolling along in life.

You are you irrelevant of the conditions surrounding you. Conditions just ARE – you would agree with that, wouldn’t you? And you, greater than conditions, also ARE. The sights you see along the way are lovely or not so lovely. In any case, you are rolling right along.

The view you see is a view you are seeing. You are the one who takes notes on what you see. You see a tree by the road. Who is it that says the tree is beautiful to behold or not beautiful to behold? Who says the tree is green? Who says the tree is in your way or a landmark? Who says you are to climb the tree or eat lunch under its shade? Life is life, yet you appraise life. You look it up and down. You make something of it.

You describe your life to yourself. Your surroundings are not your life. Your surroundings are boundaries. They are fences. Look for the gates that open your way to pass through boundaries.

Your thoughts are boundaries until you expand your thoughts. What in life are you to get beyond but boundaries? Boundaries keep you within bounds. I declare you boundless. This is why I say again and again: “Let go.” Your thinking is to progress. Your way of viewing the world is to progress. As your purview of the world expands, you are expanding, not only are your views of the world changing, but you also expand the world itself. You conceive the world in varied ways. You conceive the world.

Even if you always see the world as beautiful, see further. There are more and more beautiful aspects of the world to see. You are not finished growing. The relative world is all about growing. You grow out of yourself as you would grow out of clothes. Your clothes fit you yesterday or last year. Now you are circumscribing yourself with new clothes. There is no staying the same in life. You may try to stay the same, yet life doesn’t allow this. There is another valley before you to traverse or another mountain to climb.

There is always life ahead of you, and, one way or another, you progress towards it. Life bounces you along. You are elated or stricken. Go beyond being so affected by outer life in the world. Your existence really isn’t out there. Your existence is interior. Go ahead and progress in the outer world, why not? Yet your inner progress counts for more.

I am telling you that, in the world, you always desire more and more, for you are growing toward more and more. There is a greater rainbow, and you are growing toward it. You are reaching higher. This is the significance of the world at large.

You have a lot of say about your life and how you live it and what motivates you. Life is a given, and it is given to you to make of it what you will.

You already know that you can be glad on a cloudy day. You also already know that you can be unhappy on a bright sunny day. Certainly, the world, as it seems to be, has an affect on you, yet you are the affecter of your day. You are the one who gives your day a report card. You are affected by everyone and everything. It is not that everyone and everything hold you in their thrall. You hold yourself in others’ thrall.

You conduct your life. You are the conductor of your life. You are your own crescendo.

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