Script for a guided Meditation – Joining the Divine Circulation From Your Father SUN to Your Mother Earth established by your Conscious Breath

eva_640px-Landscapes-Road-to-the-SunPreface: on occasion of  the liberation of our Mother Planet Gaia on March 30, 2014 I thought it approbriate to accummulate here some of former meditations in assistance to Earth being channeled to us humans incarnated here so that we were given substantial auxiliary tools from heaven too. …… With much love and compassion as always from Contramary= Eva Maria


Channeled, written and first posted Re-blogged from Summer 2012 by Contramary


It is bilingual … for Spanish translated Text with Video


please scroll down here !


I thought about this meditation for quite a while as it is closely linked to the one I posted here before. It follows the same schedule explained in my meditation scheme titled Meditation : Breathe the Divine Circle from Father Sun to Mother Earth and Return to Father Sun….and it was supposed to be a guided meditation on a video. So I made a special script using the former meditation schedule as basis for it in English, German and the translation of it into Spanish was made by Adriano Silva of Blog Despertando.Me. As the latter was a mainly a Spanish blog the latter Spanish version of my script was used for
the Spanish video. The video thereto is a most beautiful one done by Eduardo Duendes still unfortunately there is none video either for the English original-version nor the translated German version of the Script.

As it is a beautiful meditation according to my belief and had been done with the substantial help and support of AAMichael (as I was told by his channel) I do really will not wait any longer requesting to let me have the video without any guiding voice to find myself somebody to “bespeak” it in English and German could be done by myself – that is the reason why I want to share it with you now. It is not possible that I am the speaker of the English version as I do pronounce everything in real  what could be described as the English way of Oxonians which is not much appreciated on the North American Continent. But the real problem remains that I do get the Preserved Right of the original maker of this beautiful video for this special production.  so I shall leave it now at this stage: I shall share the original meditation script in English with all of you and deliver the link to the video with the Spanish Guidance simultaneously which is


And here comes the Script for this original meditation in English:I tell you what many of my friends did: reading the meditation script and watching the Spanish video with the voice turned down at the same time.

Joining the Divine Circulation
From Your Father SUN to Your Mother Earth
established by your Conscious Breath

Opening music …..   at low level  ….

perhaps try the 2nd passage of the Violon-Concert by Max Bruch ….
the 2nd Passage is most wonderful  I always  call it: Human Man talks with God and God gives his answers

Guiding Voice :

“You are sitting upright in your chair with your feet all flat on the floor beneath you to be firmly grounded.
Your back straightens right up and your left hand opens flatly to the sky resting on your left thigh –
while your right hand rests loosely with its palm flatly on your right thigh showing to earth …..
listen to the  music                (Music is turned slowly a bit louder)
for a little while …
and close your eyes…

(Music after about 10 secs. turns low again and slowly off …)

All is quiet …. all is still …
Now imagine :  I take you for a walk into the country …
There you are on a narrow small path walking along a field of rye just before the time of harvest

you walk leisurely along the field and touching with one hand all the rye-ears  and let them flow and jump off your hand again while you stroll on …
Across the field a sun-wind blows and makes the field an ocean of
gold with rolling waves of yellow rye —–

sense how they  feel in your caressing hand …

they are bread to come for all 
essentially to feed the world
and relieve us all from hunger……
they are what Gaia gives us
out of Love ……
Look around yourself …
the green grass and
yellow-white sand under your bare feet –
it all feels so softly
touching you gently …..
and high above you …..
stretches a blue-blue sky far off
into vanishing sights…..
while the light of the sun
blesses you with shining
from afar you hear a lark
sing her praising song to the Sun
while ascending high and higher
up into the manifold of skies ……
there is sheer stillness –
utter peace around you
and the poppies’ lightened red
mix with the cornflower azure
peeping round like little kids
curious to see the world …
around the corner of their homesteads…..
You cannot help this sudden urge:
to place yourself right down
in the middle of the rye…..
and the grain is guarding you
like a  living golden wall
at your sides
with all its colored shades of
flowers’ beauty you surrounding ….
Sun Circles
pervading through the grain
drawing their reflects on you
on face and body kidding
and twinkling in your eyes.
Fine humming of the bees and insects
in choir and concert they all greet you
with a welcome of their special way ……
Flowers’ scent and
those of plants
waving through the rye
reaching you as sweet caress ….
and the lark still ascends
into the air so high above
jubilating with her song of praise
into the Blue Sky far above ……

You are not the only one in this concert

with all the others around you singing

you are just another one

Creature of the Earth in Jubilee ……..
4 sec – stillness – no music – just a break –
What do you feel what do you sense?
There is something in your heart
some light with such a golden shine –
it urges you : “go down and see
find out about your unknown part !”
So now you are right in your heart
down in your very very core
reach out for this light –
the light of your breath………
Catch it and inhale with your inner heart –
from above – from the Sun –  the Father –
the energy of light –
let it travel through space

to your Chakra on your Crown and

guide  your breath into your body
way through your upper Chakras
third eye and your throat –
right into your upper heart —
and fill it wholly up —-
so now you are the full shine of light —
so wait 2 secs now
to have it spread through you
all over……..
then breathe out again ……..
but downward guide your breath
through your lower chakras –
the Solar Plexus and the rooting ones
down to the Earth and imagine
that a silver-brownish cord
takes its down-flow straight to Gaia

to the very inner heart of Earth …………….
let it stay there for abt. 2-3 sec.
as Gaia will transmute it
with her love for All-there-is …..
Hale-in another stream of breath from there
guide it upward again in love
through this silver-brownish cord
foward to your lower chakras
upward to your inner heart again —
let is rest for 2 secs there
to be spread all over you again ……..
and outhale again …
Yet now you guide your breath in love
through your upper chakras once agin
let it exit through your Crown Portal
and make it flow through space so far
upward  to the Source of Light –
to our Father – SUN so bright ….
Thus you complete
the divine circle of light
with your breathing and
thus you spread the energy of light

consciously around you –
far and wide…..

stillness and low music starts again…….
Gently you are waking up –
“Rise again” and filled with awe-
continue with your walk
along the rye-field in the sun…..

The Sky is still so blue –

the lark has long ago
enchanted with the Blue
become one with all that is beyond…..
and while you walk away –
you feel so benedicted –
blessed throughout
having been so near
to All-there-is….
and Mother Gaia
and her Heart –

Your inner heart still feels the light

which has become so rich and large ….

and stillness – happiness of some sublime art

is deep in you …..
very very low low music while speaking the final phrases …………..
You know you have taken light-energy
from the Father – the Sun-
transferring it by your breath
as means of transport to the Earth –
The Great Mother ….

and loaded with Her Love to reign

you all have taken it
with your human breath

to Father Sun again……………

It was you and your
conscious act of breathing

which made you an agent blessed
creating irreversibly
the needy link

from SUN to EARTH
in the Divine Circle of the

Energy of Light …………

Thus you could be of help so great
support to all who shall ascend

together in the quantum leap 
returning with the Earth
and all her offsprings  home …………..

Thanking God and All-There-Is
Keep the Light so Shining Bright
Beam it forth in all the World ……..

3-4 secs Music and lowering the sound-level afterwards until it stops altogether ,,,
 E N D


The Spanish version has been posted before on Despertando.Me –
The English original here is to be posted here for the first time.
Script and Meditation Method of Meditation were given by AAMichael
and thankfully received by ContraMary in May 2012.

And here is the Spanish Translation for the resp.Video for which the Link is:

Artículo de Introducción:

¿De qué se trata esta Meditación Guíada con la Respiración en la Sala de Audio recientemente abierta?

Luego de la meditación mundial durante el evento de la Alineación de algunas Estrellas con la Luna y el Sol que produjeron el asombroso espectáculo del “Eclipse de Sol”, se ha abierto un nuevo Portal de Transición, y desde entonces estamos siendo bañados con otro gran impacto de llamas solares que son para cambiar nuestro ADN consecuentemente.

Para que podamos aprovechar tanto como sea posible de estas llamas de nueva energía y para transferirlas también al corazón del interior de Gaia, se nos ha dicho repetidamente que nos anclemos y nos aterricemos firmemente a nuestro Planeta Madre la Tierra.

Pero, ¿cómo hacer esto de la forma más adecuada?

Somos Guerreros de la Luz, Difusores de Luz, Detentores de la Luz y Semillas Estelares. Unidos por nuestros contratos del alma estamos aquí para tomar tanto de la nueva energía de luz como sea posible y esparcirla por todas partes y sobre todo el mundo, para que podamos ayudar a despertar a muchos seres humanos que aún están dormidos dentro de su somnolencia.

Esta es nuestra tarea y nuestro asunto en estos momentos.

Con la gran ayuda del ArcÁngel Miguel hemos bosquejado una Meditación acorde de Respiración para todos a fin de que cada quien se ancle firmemente a Gaia en los períodos venideros de inestabilidad y alboroto y para esparcir las bendiciones de las nuevas energías de luz a todos a nuestro alrededor.

Una vez que ustedes se hallen al método aquí dado, será fácil para ustedes practicarlo en todos lados- ya sea en exteriores, esperando al autobus o al tren, haciendo tiempo esperando algo o bien atorados en un congestionamiento de tráfico—y, naturalmente también en casa o caminando por el siempre hermoso ambiente de la Naturaleza.

En todos lados pueden ustedes ahora dispersar las bendiciones sanadoras de nuestro Sol—el Padre de nuestro Universo—hacia nuestra bien amada Gaia—nuestra Madre—y directamente hacia su corazón interno y núcleo.

De esta manera está en nosotros el completar el ciclo de energías entre El Padre (Sol) y la Madre (Tierra) como agentes activos y así satisfacer nuestra promesa alguna vez dada antes de llegar aquí.

Cómo hacerlo:

Meditación para aterrizarse firmemente a Gaia

Cómo aterrizarse ustedes mismos fírmemente a la Madre Gaia en tiempos de gran impacto de las llamaradas solares

Esta meditación está graduada en 2 pasos:

1er. Paso)

Lleva dentro tu respiración a través del Chakra de tu Coronilla desde el Gran Sol Central hacia el interior de tu corazón.

—detente un momento… cuenta 1 o 2 segundos.

permite que se disemine a través del interior de tu corazón por su propia cuenta…

y exhala de nuevo pero

que sea hacia abajo guiando tu respiración en forma descendente a través de todos tus chakras hacia la Tierra y visualiza que esta se va a través de un cordón de color plata –marrón directo hasta el interior del corazón de Gaia….

2ndo. Paso)
Inhala desde el centro del corazón interior de Gaia guiando tu aliento en forma ascendente hasta el interior de tu corazón y detente unos momentos… cuenta 1 o 2 segundos…

Permite que esta respiración de Gaia se disemine una vez más por cuenta propia a través del interior de tu corazón ….

exhala pero ahora hacia arriba a través de tus chakras superiores por el chakra de tu coronilla y en forma ascendente hasta el Sol una vez más.

Y repite estas dos formas de respirar varias veces…

Fin de la Meditación

No obstante por favor tomen nota de una explicación más:

dentro del primer paso

1)es tomar del Sol y dárselo a la Tierra —es tomarlo del Padre y dárselo a la Madre

dentro del 2º paso

2) en reversa—es tomarlo de la la Tierra Gaia y devolver esas energías transformadas en su corazón de vuelta al Sol—es tomarlas de la Madre y devolver el regalo de las energías transformadas por ella de vuelta a nuestro Padre.

Y nuestra respiración es el vehículo de transporte por el cual esas energías están siendo transportadas de ida y vuelta.

Esta meditación puede hacerse en cualquier lado –sin importar en dónde estés…

Tienes que respirar de cualquier forma y usando este método puedes observar tu respiración guiándola conscientemente por toda la ruta a.m.

De esta manera te aterrizas firmemente a la Tierra y no solo te sirve a ti mismo sino les sirve a todos a tu alrededor al esparcir la luz con tu respiración a todo lo que te rodea ….

¡Además es una bendición de luz para todos, para toda la materia manifestada, para todos los reinos, de animales, minerales, plantas, elementales y para Todo lo que Es!

Por ti puede hacerse Todo esto con esta meditación de respiración la cual transfiere la nueva energía de luz hacia el cambiante disturbio de la vida exterior y ustedes son los agente activos dentro de este
Círculo de Transporte de Luz-Energía

Tú estás transportando Las Bendiciones de Nuestro Sol –el Padre de Nuestro Universo a través de tus Chakras hasta el interior del Corazón de la Tierra –Gaia La Madre –
y de reversa desde ella una vez más a través de tus Chakras todo en forma ascendente hacia el Espacio, de vuelta a El Sol –El Padre –de nuestro Universo.

¡Sean Bendecidos Bien Amados Hijos de las Estrellas!

Todos nosotros te amamos AA Miguel y muchas gracias.

Canalizado con la gran Asistencia del AA Miguel a través de Contramary el 24 de Mayo de 2012.


Fin del Artículo de introducción y explicación de esta meditación.

Con mucho Amor, de Eva María.

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  1. Thank you so much ! And to be frank my dear I am also soooo grateful to AAMichael having given me this meditation as a channel …I love it myself ! There is also a video of the Spanish Version of it :” Uniéndose a la Circulación Divina de Tu Padre SOL y tu Madre la Tierra meditación “_
    by Eduardo Duendes.
    Link is
    Some of my readers are watching this video and reading simultaneously this English text to it.
    with compassionate and unconditional love to you…. (Contra)Mary

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    It is easy : scroll up this page and click on Home right on top on the utter left side.

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  4. Thks for your appreciation – but becoming something like a “famous blogger” is not at all a criterium of my blogging.. This Script has been channelled by AAMichael I was told and reflects some true experience of my childhood as an outer frame … Only now so much later I know what had happened to me lying down then on the brink of some wheatfield and dreaming looking through the wheat into pieces of blue blue skies above us all .- as I merged then to become ONE with all around me. There is also a beautiful video (Spanish Version of it) made by Eduardo Duendes with link of : »…
    Love and Light – and Namasté

  5. I’m afraid I cannot serve with funny dogs here ….(smile/grin) but the ways of God are full of miracles and wonders … so you found this one instead … I believe it’s good for you too …
    there is also a video of its Spanish version perhaps you will like to warch it and read the English text while watching? the Link is :
    Love+Light+Blessings to you from me

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