Your Multidimensional Self – Some Info

Silent Winds of Change

Let’s start off with a preliminary explanation.  As you can see from all the Near Death Experience stories, when a person crosses over they have the deity of their beliefs greeting them.  It is peaceful and joyful for the spirit because their belief is represented in front of them.

Now let’s talk about the assistance you have while you are in the physical.

If you believe in your space family, your guides are Other worldly.

If you are a believer in Christianity you likely have ascended masters, angels, saints, Jesus and God

Your guides or team are based on your beliefs and they are represented that way to make you feel the most relaxed about them.

Your guides, your team are all you.

That is one small part of your multidimensionality.

You are so spiritually massive and powerful that you are your own guides and team.

Some only have your…

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The Years of Life tell me that I am old - My Inner Heart tells me that I am young - it is proof that I still live in Duality and as I decided to outgrow this Matrix I am prepared to ascend into some other realm leaving all the old and shabby patterns behind me pluck up all my courage for the New Age with shining lights so Golden of Promise - And take with me nothing but love - peace - harmony and one only virtue of 3-D density : staying a pioneer all my lifes ... ready for another adventure ... with the Help of God Almighty...