Inspirations from my Higher Self – No. 41

-Abracadabra – My Comment

When I first read this Inspiration I suddenly felt myself being in some circular movement.

Before my inner eyes arose some sort of picture as to how certain thoughts circled in a spiralic way around a certain point of acknowledgement and awareness …. and it was shown to me in a graphic drawing actually being set to life ….


Here it is the matter of becoming aware of some certain situation and its subsequent adaptation to the person concerned with such situation.


First of all acknowledgement has to be awakened to the fact that never some situation may have the dynamic to adapt itself in any reaction by its own – all the more as far this will entail some challenge to the one concerned.


Only once someone involved in such situation will acknowledge that he/she may dominate this very situation the latter will be capable to be adapted to such person who then will dominate it and never again vice versa. Thus the spiralic movement and circularing around the term of acknowledgement will be eventually be ended for good.