On Telepathy and Dreams – MultidiOcean 19 March 2014

Multidimensional Ocean

 untitledHi guys! Just wanted to share a little about my experience wtih telepathy for the past few years and see if any of you share similar experiences. First of all, I have mentioned dreams lately and communication through dreams. This is along the lines of collective dreaming and telepathy, as more than one other person was involved, in reoccuring dreams about the same person several nights in a row. I have to admit I have had several similar episodes in my life over the past 4 years or so, when it has been obsolutely clear to me that the connection in dreams was a very real connect, as it continued in the awakened state all those times.
I have also had telepathc communications with ETs while asleep, but funnily enough, that did feel like a lot more than a dream.. The brain was able to experience and of being…

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