FitzelFatzel-Tidbits gathered about “Time in the Now”


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And this is my very comment to it (its an Abracadabra-Comment … term derives from Aramaic ” While I am speaking I create):


There is not a real one at all only what I had in mind to do – did not work out properly” I just set down to write down in some sort of brainstorming what of the ideas had been downloaded to me in some luzid dream – or was it the conditioning of Alpha in mymind ? – just put down some sparkles or glittering of ideas concerning my thoughts about issues of Time changing in the Now. So I got up from bed and titled this workpiece ““Gesammelte FitzelFatzel über die Zeit im Jetztpunkt‏”! translated here into :

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Yes this is what I wanted to do – just to enlist all ideas like in a brainstorming in excerpted form rising up in my mind about the subject of “Time in the Now” and “Time in Lineage”. It all appeared so easy to do when floating in the lucid dreaming condition in bed.

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So just before starting it all together – whumms – there butted in some sort of download like flashing through me and I wrote everything down as if under some dictating procedure. They are being channeled ones but please do not ask me where nor whom from ! I do not know still – but I am assuming it was my HS. with name of EREN …this being just a hunch of mine.
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Still now I am tired and shall turn in again now…. eireport_logo_thumb_1

Love and much light that is what I am wishing all of you here



Lucid dreams about “Time of Now” and formerly in “linear sequence”.

Downloadings on Contramary-Evamaria



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Time in the Momentum of NOW: if human minds are receiving new bits of knowledge – they will effect some sort of change in him/her – e.g. his views – sights and ways of dealing with certain experiences, events all around him.

Consequently: he/she ceases to be what he/she has been before – as basics of his way of experience have changed in a way.

As from the next Moment of Now there is someone slightly changed but changed he/she is in some certain way –

perhaps with some more knowledge, awareness, consciousness, intensity of his willpower which all are quite some new circumstances/situations in him/her inner selves. These will induce him/her to run through this pertaining Moment of Now in some altered way which again will incite some further bits of knowledge coming up from his/her inner hearts.


This constitutes interaction between human beings and in a specific Time of the NOW-Moment – and solely by this very interaction both members of this procedure will be granted some possible enlargement by altering human self-consciousness. By the way this “Time of Now” is to be treated by human beings as some fully conscious entity of light and energy in due course.


Thereby “Time of the Now-Moment” will play a somewhat more floating and elastic role since contents of the moment concerned – of the “Time of Now” – will become more and more variable in character undergoing such changes being transferred into the sight and views of humans being in that very “Now” while inducing the raise of all new tidbits-fitzelfatzel of knowledge and awareness. This is the neverending interaction between mankind and “Time in the Zeropoint” whereby they will be inseminate and supplement eachother … and being spread on in holistic measurements like waves all over the universe.


As “Time of the Zeropoint or in the Moment of Now” always will display its elastic characteristics since it is being exposed to its permanent interaction with mankind  this will result into some striving to build up more intensity of its contents -being brought about by such particular conscious interaction with human beings –


while the “Linear Time of the old Matrix of Duality” will be transferred by its “sequence of time” practically applied to daily life – some ever-growing rigid structure. This because human experience of the past has been born habitual patterns of human activities – first being stabilized as patterns of thoughts which then will become more rigid crusts of given and manifested norms in human behaviour until those tenses in duality’s future.


 Short and simple, the “Old Linear Time” will eventually lead to rigid and crusted structures adversing themselves from inner cores of actual life and consequently must collide with them. From views of all consequential logics they always will end up in caramboulaging in conflicts with human mankind and its essence of being – resulting to all former spiritual contents of life dieing finally because any adaptation to real living will not be possible any longer in the end of it.


In the final consequence of all development described above they will pass by completely of what human life is —not leading to more evolution but instead turning into some road to involution – of which the end will always turn up as some sort of implosion at its most adverse development. 

Equally by such means of maintaining rigids adherence to such habitual norms and education of mankind this “LIneage of Time of old Dualities” has gained dominance and means of controlling mankind ordered from above of the Powers that  Were over all human people. Thus mankind has been led into “Slavery” by means of the all-dominating Lineage of Duality-Time and its consequential results.

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The new upcoming  “Time of the Now-Moment” by its very character is an elastic one. It is variable because of its permanent interaction with Man and this is why it is permanently in adaptation to human life since it is being regarded as conscious partner of humans in this coming realm. It will fertilize and inseminate holisticly the entire universe by form of weaving all over it – sometimes in punctual ways and again form of oceanic waves.

This new “Time of the Now-Moment” lives  together with Mankind and not against it – creating new modes of lives in some never-ending way. This because contents of lives will be under change with each Moment of Now and thus will greatly influence inner growth of human beings.




Such are the grave differencies and varieties between the so-called “old” and “new” Time Structures.

What will become of the actual effects of “New Time” –  for the time being – are unforeseeable altogether

since all of it will lead us to the “One-and-Only Great Quantum-Leap by Default” which is our final and eventual target of all our spiritual incentives of ascension!


These were my thoughts at night – anchored and manifested here after I dreamed lucidly about such ideas!

I think many of my fellow starseeds and lightworking siblings may enjoy this article and  that’s why I wanted to share it with all of you….

With much unconditional Love and Compassion as always


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Post Scriptum:


As there is no such matter like “coincidence” today is the Celebration Day of St. Patrick and since I have had many friendly  connection to Irish and  Celtic people in my life – I want to devote this first channeled message from my Higher Self EREN to all living entities and the Green Pastures of Eire albeit its people, Leprachauns (or little people), fairies and everything of this great country of ancient and old culture ! With the old song of “When Irish Eyes are smiling …. I am bidding my farewell to all of you and naturally to all others loving and appreciating Eire in its Celtic Essence



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