Growth is the Order of the Day

Growth 33I’m going through a creative explosion over here. And I may not write it up as well as I should.

I’m feeling a real push towards something that is, to an extent, inchoate in me. It’s reorganizing my life. No doubt about that. It’s acceptable to me but many parts of it remain unknown.

If I were to say that I’m being drawn towards starting and maintaining a global conversation, that would describe the outer shell. But it doesn’t capture the inner sense. And it doesn’t say what I’d want to communicate about.

In the midst of this creative explosion, my seeing of it is magnified. Please allow me.

In the past, when I’ve felt this way, I’ve communicated in this manner but without knowing what to communicate about. Well, that has lifted.

I know what I want to communicate about now, at least in part. And I’m only talking about the conversation I want to start; not about the conversation you may want to start or the next person or the next. I do note that the thing that links this all together is that I’m feeling driven to communicate.

The global conversation I would start is all about aspects of human growth. It’s about moving to a higher level of functioning. It’s all about expanding the meaning of humanness.

Let me give you an illustration. The notion of human rights could use an expansion in meaning and if it was expanded that would also expand the meaning of humanness generally.

The notion of “human rights” as it exists today is based in empirical materialism. We have bodies. We have wishes. We say things. We hear things. And these are the things that our rights take into account.

But most of what you’re reading about here goes way beyond that. We’re talking among ourselves about Ascension, dimensional levels, formless beings, tsunamis of love, beings who come from other planets, are invisible to us and reside in cloaked ships. Very little of what we’re speaking about fits into the paradigm of empirical materialism.

So, for me at least, that paradigm has to give way. And it giving way will expand the meaning of humanness. But this is only one direction and one example. I feel the need to expand the meaning of humanness in all directions.

“Human rights” will expand into sacred rights, divine qualities and universal law, I believe. That’s one example of what’s gripping me these days. But it’s the being gripped that’s important. I feel gripped. I feel driven into a conversation.

You may feel captured by the idea of building a free-energy machine. You may be dying to build a school that teaches Reiki. I can entirely agree with those aims, while  I may not be invested in them myself. But it’s the conversations that seem to need to start that is impressing itself on me. And they seem to need to come from a global context rather than from a merely local or even national context. That also is important, or so it seems to me.

We need to let a certain process that I’m not a hundred percent familiar with unfold and unroll. Courageously. (I learned that from a friend.)

To put the matter another way, we need to rise to our full stature and speak with our entire being, which lines up with seeing or discussing the picture globally. “Globally” could mean at a level that takes in the entire planet. Or it could mean at the most expansive level that we can see and discuss from. We’re driven to a global conversation on whatever it is that’s there for us. Well, I am.

The pressure that I feel is to grow. Growing is clearly the order of the day for me. I can’t say how I know it. But I know it. And I know I know it.

We must get bigger and bigger and bigger if we’re to be able to appreciate and contribute to all that’s coming towards us.


Let’s face it, if you’d allow me to say so. There never was a time more promising for human expansion than there is now. There never was a time more amazing and auspicious for the human race.

As one who respects the sacred rights and divine qualities, the divine plan and the universal law, I welcome it and I want to work with it. I want to get myself out of the way.

That’s my plan. I’m being transparent about it. That’s probably my soul contract too, but I don’t know that for sure. But do I embrace it? Oh, yes, you bet I do.