Heavenletter #4844 The Well-Being of Hearts, February 28, 2014


God said:

I do not carry ill will, not even for a moment. I certainly don’t hold a grudge. Why would I? And why would you, beloveds? Why would you hang onto negativity? If you hold it, it’s yours.  Negativity is not a virtue. Negativity may be a hanger-on, yet you do not have to hold on to it. You are not to hold anything against anyone, for then you affront yourself.

Be done with negativity. Just say goodbye to it once and for all. What would you ever want it for? What is negativity but a hard feeling in your heart? Hearts are not meant to be hardened. There are to be no strictures in your heart.

Free your heart from anything that hampers it. Hardening of the heart is hampering. Yield your heart. Replenish it. Grudges deny your heart. Grudges make you petulant. Grudges are control. Hold a grudge, and you give self-regard for your own heart away.

It may be you want to proclaim yourself right above all. You will sacrifice a lot to come out ahead of someone else. It must be you are looking for a fight. What do you think you win? Let go, let go. Let go of any animosity that remains. Animosity is poison. By what claim would you poison your heart? It makes no sense. It does make sense to restore your heart. Your heart was not made to be the fall guy for another’s lack of sensitivity. The heart in your chest is your own. Your heart is not fair game for anyone who comes along. You are not to give your heart away. Only in love are you to give from your heart. Only in joy.

Victory over another doesn’t carry joy, or it is a joy short-lived. Perhaps you think you are punishing someone with your resentment. If you succeed in punishing someone, that is a loss. In every case, you punish yourself.

You must not close your heart, not for anyone. Your heart is a like a flower that must open to the sun. You are not to make your heart a victim. You are not to sell your heart down the river. Give away your heart to love and love alone. May your heart give sway to love. May your heart keep its integrity which is love. Do not give up your heart to falsehood. Rather than resent another for whatever wrongs they may have committed, embrace your heart. Air it out. Resentment, grudges, hurt and all that, let them go. Do not take your heart hostage. Do not take away the liberty of your heart. Do not sell it. Do not trade it. Open it.

You are to inherit My throne. Certainly, you must learn to rule yourself before you rule others, and never are you to be a punisher of others. You are someone who is meant to love. Forgive yourself for your trespasses. Peel back any veneer you have pushed onto your heart.

Hearts are meant to be soft. Your heart is meant to be soft. Starting today, get onto the right foot. Any hostility you have kept has to be washed away now so you can move forward in life. Eject from your mind anything that is not according to the well-being of your heart and others’. Someone you may hold responsible for the roughness of your heart is not responsible. You are. You allowed your heart to become renegade. No one else is responsible. Only you. You have wounded yourself. It is you who latched on to another’s error and made it your own.

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