Heavenletter #4843 No Ownership, No Loss , February 27, 2014


God said:

There is nothing to weep about, beloveds. We, you and I, do not see eye to eye on this. My children have a long list of reasons why to cry, and I see from a different horizon. You believe in loss. I know that everyone returns to Me, so, as much as I do understand, at the same time, I do not fully grasp the undertaking of weeping, just as you, no matter how willing you may be to let go of heartache, keep it to you and cannot understand how you cannot have it.

You do not quite get it that there is no need for weeping. You see weeping as most natural because you see change as loss. You weep for what was and which you interpret now as having gone. I had understanding of this enough, beloveds, to provide tears for you to wash away heartache. You may believe that tears never get used up, yet you think loved ones eventually are, and their love for you is used up, and, even the love in your own heart leaves, and you weep again.

You see death as taking something away from you. You do not quite yet accept so-called death in perspective, yours or a loved one’s. Ah, beloveds, you are caught in the grip of possession. There is a tendency to think that something vital to you has been wrested from you, stolen from you, kidnapped from you, and you have no recourse. There is no FBI to help. The deed is done. You see what was sweet now as all over.

Everything is yours, beloveds. It stays yours, yet you see differently. You see loved ones taken away from you, and you are bereft for what once was. You see tragedy when there is none. The physical existence may be done. The emotional existence of what you knew as love may be over, and you see this as loss and against the rules you wanted to stay permanent. You feel yourself thrown away, exiled as it were, all because you cling to the past which seems to have vanished.

You may even feel that you can no longer rely on Me when, in all Truth, I am what you can rely on. And yourself. Rely on yourself to get out of the desert of feeling loss.

Life is not all you think it is. Life is not all that it is cracked up to be. It is more, beloveds. It is greater. Little by little in life, you are growing to Greatness. Attached, you block yourself from Greatness. Unattached, you fly to Greatness. You have to let go of your attachment to what you see as right and just and what you are sure is supposed to be.

You have been misinformed, beloved. Love is far more than your attachment to it. Do not feel abandoned or abandoning because of a season of winter. Love will bloom again. You and I will plant flowers together. The seeds of love never die. They will re-seed themselves. One day you will see that even what you see as the terrible removal of love makes room for more. There is no suffering laid out. It is that you can only see so far as you can see. Because your sight is limited doesn’t mean that the field of love has fallen into disrepair. It means you are near-sighted. Love is alive and well.

There is more to love than has been dreamed of. Love extends. Nothing else can happen. That hearts are wounded is a reality of everyday life, yet it is not Truth. Absence of love is an illusion. You accepted woundedness as the gospel. The gospel is that love transcends all. Woundedness is some kind of self-imposed loyalty to the world and betrayal to yourself and the spirit of love. You chase a phantom of the past. Let it go. Love is secure. Let go of apron strings you attached to love. Untie yourself from the idea of love lost. Never mind what hearts seem to do. Restore your own.

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