Children of the Sun: The Prosperity Code is Activating



Let’s Gather the Children! – Launch date: March 10, 2014.

Check your pulse… this is going to Rock the House! (and your pockets too)

Beloved Sun Family,

As now an awakened group consciousness, it’s a proven fact that we have the collective power to be a major economic catalyst for the multitude.

The only real way that we can most effectively serve the unfolding Divine Plan in this regard is to have as many of us as possible perceiving and educating from levels of unlimited plenitude. To have the ability to realize wealth, whether we desire it or not, is to walk our talk as liberated Earth masters.

The vast majority of us chose to incarnate with a highly polarized ancestral blueprint of lack. It has been our mission to transcend its deeply etched imprints in order to program the new consciousness grid with our codes of self-realization. We have spent decades addressing this issue and yet its appearance is still being felt.

The time for wallowing in any form of lack, however, has come to a close. We are making our final shifts now in order to greatly empower the advancing group consciousness, and then, to address the global scene as a golden trigger!

Holy to high heavens! The PROSPERITY CODE comes to seize the moment! It’s in each of us and when activated, it hands over the papers to our DIVINE INHERITANCE, free and clear. Embodying and radiating this code is more important than the actual method of monetary exchange or any new system developed around it.

Yes beloveds, this is a big tease! The Prosperity Campaign is set to launch in just one week. It’s all just for YOU because we want to  see your big fat Cheshire smile!

Click your ruby slippas, Children of the Sun!

We are rising into our greater potential as prosperous wayshowers
and true teachers of the Golden Age!

Prosperity Plan Sneak Peak

It’s all about YOU, US and the WORLD!

March Equinox to the June Solstice

* Activating the Prosperity Code (Personal Transformation) March-April, 2014 with Equinox Transmission

We launch the Prosperity Plan by first focusing on personal transformation as realized Creator Beings of limitless abundance. We are going deep within ourselves to get some core understanding and then to co-create lasting shifts.

* Activating the Prosperity Code (Group Cohesion) May-June, 2014

The second phase of the Prosperity Plan will create a dynamic upshift in our group cohesion as we advance our capacity to serve as an infinitely sustained source of financial prosperity. Yes, this abundance factor is also about money as a blessed resource for the sharing of our God given talents.

* Activating the Prosperity Code (Humanity’s Higher Mental Body) World Transmission ~ Solstice, June 21, 2014.
The final month of this phenomenal undertaking will build up to a world transference as we saturate humanity’s higher mental body with our love and goodness. Together, and through the planetary Crystalline Grid, we will set into momentum the World Prosperity Code, seeding the outcome of an infinite supply of Divine Providence for everyone.

More Details to Come!

Please watch for our pivotal Prosperity Plan mailings over the next four months. During this time we will be putting forth powerful audio transmissions and commanding invocations to assist us in accomplishing this great work.

As this is a humanitarian program purposed to assist all people, we encourage you to share this influential energy flow with your social networks.

Terima kasih!!  

March, at a Glance

We invite your pulse to be with us. Bring your friends, family and networks.

You will not want to miss the Tour de Love!

March 1:  New Moon Unity Transmission. Through the The Planetary Crystalline Grid  (see below)

March 2:  Morphogenesis Chamber Meditation. Every Sunday  (see below)

March 9:  Morphogenesis Chamber Meditation<

March 10:  Activating the Prosperity Code. Prosperity plan begins. Global mailing along with a new audio release

March 16:  Full Moon Unity Transmission. Unified Focus:  Activating the Prosperity Code

March 20:  Thursday ~ Equinox Unity Transmission. Unified Focus:  Activating the Prosperity Code

March 23:  Morphogenesis Chamber Meditation

March 24:  Removing the Barriers to Prosperity. Global mailing along with a new audio release

March 30: Morphogenesis Chamber Meditation

March 30:  New Moon Unity Transmission

Unified Focus:  Removing the Barriers to Prosperity

For more Information on these Programs:

Unity Transmissions – This is a Global Meditation Program with Planetary Service Transmissions.  On this day, we consciously set our intention to connect and to receive, transmit or both and hold this intention throughout the entire day.  At 8 pm, across all time zones, we come into Global Meditation on the Unity Matrix as Group Avatar. Read More

Morphogenesis Chamber  Hosted through our Facebook Page – Receive and transmit Divine Encodement in a high frequency, group consciousness field to assist our collective biological shift into the new morphic resonance of harmonic unity and multidimensional living. Likened to an atomic accelerator, the Chamber’s sustained intention facilitates the acceleration of our expanded DNA blueprint.  New Time:  8 pm across all time zones. Read More

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