Letters from the “Isle of I” No.12


My dear Brother in Light David,

This letter here may be titled “Floating in the Void” because that is what I am doing right now.

As Nights now appear to be largely without real sleep I am exercising with my thoughts and practice some spiritual thinking – e.g. reaching out to my inner heart level or else exercises … and I found out the following items:

I am on a vast new base – emptied of all former blocks, gravel and unravelled matters – just a blank newly laid base like a freshly cleared and clean surface of some table. And above it I am floating in something which may better explained as being a “Void” ….

I am a bit at a loss how else I could describe it better than it is. It is some Void which is waiting to be filled again by myself in the growing manifestation of the Golden Age of Gaia.

All the very sage and wise scripts of others of my Starseed-Family incarnated here like me with all their stories of visiting spaceships, communications with extraterrestrial beings … I do not read them any longer … as it is not my life that is concerned with – since : I am floating in the VOID …. trying to reach out to my Twin Flame in the nearer boundaries of our planet here …. asking too for protective measures of Angelic Guides every day and wearily plotting on my once contracted route to further awareness and consciousness.

Among all these sensations of Now Time there is something I’d like to tell you. There was an e-mail from Facebook.com recently announcing (like so many others too which I trashed right away) that I was the winner of some big amount of USD by some random lottery of Facebook.
First I was on the brink of trashing it right away and then there was some thought rising from my inner heart and flashing through my mind and I resorted to according action following such lines of thinking,

I contacted the Hope Chest of Steve Beckow – copied the German text of this particular message and asked them whether it would be possible that I may donate this so-called “lottery-amount” to them altogether and they could retrieve this amount for their purposes but for a small amount (say a certain tiny percentage compared to the full amount) to release to me too for caring about my special needs and that of my daugther’s family. It goes without saying that they perhaps need a while considering my proposal in order to give me some sort of response.

Such were my thoughts about what I suggested to them: the “Hope Chest is doing such a terrific wonderful job in supporting the families of lightworking people in need.

Moreover I myself found out that I no longer have any such yearning for big financial support or turning wealthy all of a sudden if it is not in the Great Plan of our Creator. This wish to some great part all appears to have gone and left me altogether but for the most needy way to release to and relieve me what is financially burdening me until now.

If this message from Facebook mailed to me is just another deceiving one – the greater institution of the Hope Chest may find out better than I do on my own and they will as they depend on getting more funds to be spread out to the families in need !

And if not – all the better – if it is really true –  I then could have been of some substantial help and support – trusting them to send me the appropriate amount inspired by the celestial guides and helpers which I myself need to correct my private life accordingly and that of my daugther’s family.

These were my latest activities and let us watch what will come of it.

There has been something else but regarding this I shall write a separate mail to you as it concerns some very private matters and must not be published all over the world here, dear Dave.

So this was everything what has happened to me in the meantime since my last letter to you. I am still on the “Isle of I” yet floating in the new Void of my life and I am eagerly looking forward what kind of turn will show up for me in due course ?

So long my dear Brother Dave
with unconditional love
from your Sis’-n-Light

3 thoughts on “Letters from the “Isle of I” No.12

  1. My beloved sister in spirit,

    It has been quite a journey we have been on, and I look forward to where we will find ourselves. A journey in the void, yes it does seem like that sometimes. The void however is a good place to rest and to release those things of the past that hold us back. Much as you are already doing. I place to focus on and nurture inner self. With the powerful energies that are coming into play, a time of peace before will allow us to recharge and prepare for the next steps upon our journey. All is well.

    There is never a day in which we do not grow, never a day when our lives are stagnant, even if it feels otherwise. And as we grow, we change our ways and our expectations. We learn discernment and focus more on what is within then without. More importantly we don’t define our personal growth through other people’s experiences or perceptions. We trust the spirt within and embrace the infinite love of creator to see us through. And yes, we also embrace the many angels and spirits who are our greater and true family and listen in the silence for their gentle guidance.

    The void is not a bad place to be for a short time. It allows us to clear the noise and confusion and to step forward ready to embrace the new. What waits for us is more then our physical mind can image but our spirits are ready and rejoice.

    Love, light, joy and peace my sister.

  2. Thank you so much dear Brother Dave for your response to my last letter No.12. All is well and I am always so much surprised again that you are able to sense alike what I am feeling and expressed in my last letter to you. And because your thoughts may be gladly shared by many more others too I believe I am going to post this your response on our Blog too – I do so hope you do not mind ….Thanks again for your thoughtful words of sage inner knowledge !

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