Inspirations from my Higher Self – No. 33

Abracadabra – Comment

Magic Wording

Words when painting pictures here,
stars’ heartbeat inside of me,
drawing circled rounds therein,
spreading out their wings again
in greater sense than butterflies.

Flashing thoughts come towards me –
like lights from far so much divine
“Silver-Shine” like white Rose’ spells ,
lighter chime deepdipped in Green,
Soul-Flames neverblowing any smoke –
like clear waters all about !

Song of Peace – so heavenly –
restful mood of moments here
pics are telling “Can-perceive”
“Para Dies” = “Paradise= beyond these days”
All-There-Is Beyond and Here
(trans-evading from this world)
wonderful in every way ……….

German Original 1992 / Translation 2014 by Contramary
Eva Maria Holstein