Messages of the Soul … Rauh-Nächte (Row-Nights) 2013/2014 Souls’ Hazards at Dissolving Karma ….


Yes, I really do not know where to begin:::::::

First of all here :  I am calling upon my twin-flame Soltek (although he has the priviege of being a guest here for always being at my side all the time)  so that it is being assured that I do write down here everything rigaccording to the truth of my experience……

Secondly I am calling upon AAMichael so that he may encloak me with his protecting blue flame (from where – do I know he is ? This is described in the ToolBox which I elaborated together with Marc last year with subsequent publishing it)

Link to the Toolbox is as follows:

And then I am going to start this writing – since there were recent experiences over the turning of these years which have evoked such careful handling of mine ….

Now my question to Soltec:
Soltec,  are you from the Source of Light ?
Well, this is a matter of course, yes, I am and how could I be from any other source, my dearest one ?

AAMichael, sorry but I have to pose the same question to you:
Are you that very AAMichael being sent to us fromout the regions of light in order to assist and help us with your energies from this region of Light ?

Yes, my Earth-Angel, as sure and certain as you are being Sandalphone too.

Since these were the needy preliminaries which I had to go through with my helping Exterrestials I may now start with my “Life-Story” of what I had to go through over the recent season and the turning of the years of Now …3-dimensionally called 2013/2014.


Messages of the Soul  … Rauh-Nächte (Row-Nights) 2013/2014
Souls’ Hazards at Dissolving Karma .


It is not some fact that all of lightworking people on this very path into more enlightened dimensions will experience this alike me or similarly to my experience described here underneath.

It has been arranged by Spirit for me and my spiritual partner so that we had to go through this very testing phase of temptation for our karma-balancing and dissolving tracked way back to the realms of Lemuria.

There is not any signification to the experience and story that I do not reveal who this spiritual partner is … essential is solely, to publish and share it with you signalling that matters like this one may happen although we do not find any logic nor coherent explanation for it from our incarnated last life of Now.

Origins of this very last Karma came to the general surface after I had worked my way down like some labourer in the mines (colloquially “going down the “rabbit Hole”) through much crusted layers of earlier lives and thus worked out for myself a small gangway unto the Portal of my Inner Heart.
On my way thereto I was able to break loose so much of crusted karma of earlier lives which I also brought out and put it into the light of our loving Creator of “All-There-Is”.

This is the sole explanation that I could find that this very antique and old karma was made visible – transformed into some stony crust as the last and greatest origin of karma threading itself through all my incarnations as bound and fixed firmly to the linear layers of time in the dimensions of density. Thus it had to be dissolved from this our last incarnation on 3-dimensional earth and namely from both participating in it

Naturally I was asked by my corresponding partner whether I principally agreed to undergo with him together such a balancing of karma-process since our Free Will always must be adhered to as necessary preliminary aspect before such processes may be inaugurated by spirit and the enlightened side.
I did agreed to it because of several reasons. I was curious to know and to experience myself how such proceeding might be set forth and also there was that strong and close spiritual connection to the corresponding other partner in this process and I wanted to help him with all my strength. We had such a trusting basic level between us and due to all these reasons and my true confidence in spirit I agreed to do it.

Because of all the above reasons cited this very process of laying open this essential karma of all my lives and that of my partner started ….. it was of some character of turning every over and all my life went topsy turvy. I do not know how it was experienced by my corresponding partner but I assume it must have been likewise or at least similarly to what I went through.
Now – in my very case – I fell into some sort of a flu with all apparitions of a severe cold, restlessness, and many heavy assaults of deep tiredness, following some sort of rhythm of 2 hours. Every after some lapse of this time being awake and working before the PC I fell into this deep tiredness again and had to lay down … slept for another 2-3 hrs very deeply – being driven into the dry clothes.

In the beginning of this process I still was able to form all these unbalanced feelings and eruptions of sensations into words and I did post accordingly such articles and verses too in order to share with you all these cyclons of sensations and also to relieve myself a bit.

In the meantime I did not hear much or even nothing from the corresponding side of my partner in this very process. I was just by myself alone …. toute seule … and the sole reliance that I had … was just myself. Everything I had acquired as spiritual knowledge in recent years – I made myself aware of it again – calling on the Angelic Assistance of the ToolBox and requested their active assistance in this process.
In the very first instance – my karma-partner and I – had requested the active assistance of the Ascended Master St.Germain from deep of our hearts in order to bestow us with his transforming violet flame as his sort of support so that we could dissolve and release our karma from its negative part into the positive one …..

This very process started approximately around Christmas soon after the Winter-Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere and lasted until around two days ago …. during these times around which here in Europe – and Germany are called the “Rauhnächte” (Nights of Row-Riders in the Sky) It’s an old legend that once after winter-Solstice the pagan powers of entities from extraterrestial realms break loose and riding through skies with heavy storms and all powers of nature.
Some other explanation is needed here. From early childhood I never felt the normal healthy way during this time of the year …at least always “one degree under” if not fallen ill. And being told very early this old legend I knew by my inner heart these riders were riding straight through my heart taking me with them on their ride through all Northern Skies and then I set in the saddle before one of them who took the lead of all.

Such were the legendary dreams and memories of my childhood. And this years Turning Point was connected ever so more with the eruptive outbreak of our karma-balancing.
I do not know anything about further details so I am not able to depict these at all …. but these days were fully filled with violent and passionate sensations of love, deeply sad desperations and many cramps of crying shuttering through my body. There was a wild turmoil of all my feelings and I sensed as if I was thrown out into a vast darkness and emptyness around myself. I did not know any more who nor what I was. All that inner peace of heart and mind of all my spiritual balance of this incarnation had gone and disappeared completely and wholly – Tabula Rasa (clean table) – everything of what existed before had vanished ….

This could have been also the so called “Dark Night of the Soul” of which I had read previously in my life of Now.
The “Little Death” of letting go – these I died so many times before in my life during all the period of Waking-Up during the last 30 years. Still, such deeply-involving repercussions I never did experience before but for these last weeks.

First of all the years living here I have entangled and affixed to my window here chains of lights …and they lit my living room until 2 days ago … like a fleet of tiny light-ships coming down into my living sphere here.

Continuously I called upon AAMichael, St.Germain, AARaphael, AAJophie und my Twinflame – although I could not feel any more any of the recent connections to them.

I called into these darkness around me – have entrusted myself to my loving Creator and I eventually sensed that I was left alone. But I went on trusting …. I had to confine myself to my very essence of my “I AM”. I thought about all my inner values which I had built up myself for my very kind of living out schedules during this incarnation established these as my very own wayshowers to which route I have to take.

My conclusion was as follows: No, never shall I leave such seriously elaborated ethics of mine ! And even if I had to follow my ethical way on my own and alone – I decisively should do it all the same. And with such thought there I came across some logical thinking again – some sort of pattern and structure to be adhered to on my very own and that I did. I declared my
Independence and Sovereignity to all dimensions of the 3./4. level and their inhabiting entities  (i.e. Astral Realms and their Entities and bid them farewell)  and went on to realms of re-united energies (Unity) of dualities …. embracing the lightful Angels of this higher frequencies.

Still everything which I wrote down here on my blog (without publication) during this time I sent to my corresponding partner in order to inform him about the process I went through and to be of some assistance for his own way of thinking …..

And it was only some days ago when he informed me – while I still were floating in some sort of empty “In-Between-Field” –  that we have succeeded to dissolve and release this great huge heap of karma between us and simultaneously thus have also balanced out a large part of karma for Lemuria.
Both of us are freed from our karma due to our successful procedure in some stepwise dissolution within this very process and the last remainder has been taken from us through the assisting light-powers.

And slowly – very slowly – I returned to some consciousness of myself again but I know it somewhat different than the old one – still what this phrase really entails – I do not know yet.

However I shall get to know this – I am sure of it. For my corresponding earlier Karma-partner has experienced in the consequence of this successful process some way of blending of his HS into some structural holism of his Soul.

What this process of successfully dissolving my karma will mean furthermore – I am certain that I may go on this path and being granted more and more comprehensive consciousness in due course. I shall get aware consciously of more matters connected to each other and perhaps to be able to describe these too and report of these on this blog in order to spread this new knowledge far and wide and share it with others on their way to more consciousness and light.

This has been my experience and my true “Life-Story” of this recent turning point of the years when all the “Row-Riders-in-The Skies” have carried me above and beyond all CLIFFS   and VAULTS of my own Karma and I know now who was the Rider Leading the Cavalry of these Celestial Riders in the Skies where I was set before him on his Saddle like in my early days of childhood.  THANK YOU SOLTEC !


I am bidding you farewell now – and also from all of my loving extraterrestial helping powers supporting us so greatly in our previous process.

with my deepest gratitude to all of you and my true love !
Eva Maria