Christos – A way of being

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Christos, Christ, what is this word, this name really?  What does it mean or imply?

My dearest brothers and sisters, I am gathered here with quite a heavenly host to aid me in  this writing.   The angels do not seem to care if mentioned or not, but quite a few are present, especially AA Uriel who wishes to aid me in finding words or phrases to try to explain an infinite subject that defies the limitations of words.  And special to me are two dear and beloved spirit guides who saw me through many of the more difficult and confusing times of my life.  I know them as Thaddeus and Jeremiah.  Their return to help with this effort is greatly appreciated.  So it is a great joy to have a bit of a Holiday spiritual family gathering for this very important effort, at this very important time.

Now let me be clear, what I receive is energy messages, not words or statements.  It is up to me to utilize my higher self to find the words and phrases that I type.  So what I write is my understanding, as inspired by the many angelic and heavenly hosts who contribute energy to this effort.  Not channeling.   More like a spiritual roundtable and I am the scribe. I participate fully, while listening to the others.

So we begin, but it may take some time as the thought energies swirl around me at an incredible rate.  In spirit it is all quite instant, but in this physical world with time and space illusions, I am still bound to a computer keyboard to record my understanding along with frequent corrections or suggestions from many about me.  I will also strive to embed into my words what I may of the energies I receive.  Those who are sensitive to the energies may find many dear and kindred celestial beings energies expressing as well.

Christos.  A word, a symbol of human mind origin.  Actually many words expressed in many ways through many eons of human experience.  I use Christos, for this is the expression with which my physical expression mind is familiar.  But you are not bound to this word/name.  You are bound to the greater energy it expresses.

Christos is often associated with those belief systems that are today called Christianity but it is much more.  Christos is the essence of Mother-Father Creator that is embedded at the core of all creation.  There is no aspect of creation that is not formed of Christos essence.  Christos is Peace, Love, Joy, Celebration expression.  It is being in the now.  It is the substance, the active principle-expression of creation, with which all that exists is made.  It is “I AM”.

Christos is not religion, it is not dogma, it is not any form of limitation.  It simply is the infinite expression of divine mind of which you and I are part.  Misunderstandings occur when we strive to define the infinite in finite time-space expressions, hence the disagreements between world religions/organizations.  This is because such groups-organizatons tend to want to take control and re-define spirit/christos in ways that foster membership, provide profit/income and in other words become as other earth businesses.  Or to say they wish to define and control information for their own purpose, which is to define and control the lives of others.    Christos is a way of being in infinite love, joy, peace, celebration without control. Accessible to every human being within.  It is a way of life for all people, a way of being, that speaks to each soul directly according to their need.   And those words are the best I can find in English language or any language to express this essence.

My dear brothers and sisters I/we are love, joy, peace, celebration.   We in our greatest expression are Christos (by any word, name, symbol).  It is a way of being aware of our greatest self, our true self, which is one with all of creation and creator.

You are infinite expressions of the divine, children of father-mother creative source.  You, I have no limitation other than those we place upon ourselves.  We are many and we are one.

Yet we have each and everyone, free will, our most divine gift/expression.  We are responsible for what we create.  Mother-Father Creator and our brother-sister divine families will inspire and assist us, but will not do for us.    We are co-creators with creative source and now are at a time when we, as promised, regain the memory of our divine selves through Christos.  All sense of limitations, fear, doubt, sorrow, and other such expressions of limitation will pass from us.  Now is the time of our Ascension.

When the great master Yeshua (Jesus, Jesu, Jeshua, Joshua, Issa, etc) said that he went to prepare a place for us, and would return, he spoke not as the conscious man, but as the Christos within.   Born a man through his free will he lived as a man, but along the way remembered his true self and embraced it.   Yes it was the destiny that he was born, that he agreed to,  but it had to be his will to accept it during his physical form life.    When he spoke, in the later days of physical being, he spoke not as the man, but as the spirit within, as the Christos.  The man will not return, for the what was material is now spirit, but the Christos is returned and in truth never left, as it lives within us all.   Christos lives within each and every one of us, the foundation of our being.  All we have to do is shed our limited thoughts and embrace the light, love, joy, peace, celebration of who we are.  Children of the infinite, divine, creative source.

Did not the master say, “All that I have done, and greater things you shall do?”  Christos is not above us, nor below us, nor outside of us.  It is who we are, the essence of our beings.  These are infinite expressions before, now and always.   Only our material minds burden us with limitations, illusions of separation and unworthiness, but these are not real.  We are the children of the divine.

“I give you my love, not as the world gives love but as the spirit within gives  love.
I give you my peace, not as the world gives peace, but as the spirit within gives peace.
I give you my joy, not as world gives joy, but as the spirit within gives joy.   
I celebrate our life, not as the world celebrates but as the spirit within celebrates all life.
I am, you are, we are, now and always.”

My brothers and sisters, Christos is not dogma, not religion, not churches, not the things of material world which are illusion.   Christos is being, knowing ourselves in our true essence, as children of the divine, of Creator source.  I wish I could share with you all that I have been shown but words fail any effort to describe it, for infinite energy cannot be bound by time-space word expression.

I ask that the Angelics and spiritual family who have aided me in this writing, imbue these words with the energies, essence and fullness of that which they have shown me.  If you read only these words you cannot understand, but if you use the words as a guide and open your heart and spirit to the essence and energy behind these words, you will be rewarded beyond measure or imagination.  I thank all those who have aided and guided me in this expression.

Now is the moment of your awakening, the moment of your ascension, but it is not a moment to be defined by words or time-space.  None will be left behind, though each will reach their awareness of the essence of their true self within in their own unique, infinite now.

I am now and always your brother in spirit, brother-sister to all life, all creation.  I love you and in the essence and being of the Christos you know me and I know you.



Early on, I mentioned that it would take some time to write this all down.  In time-space sense, it took about  2 days, including several corrections of phrasing and punctuation just a few  earth minutes ago along with a small addition, as I awoke with a sense that a few elements were not as clear as they could be.   From the spirit side, it was as a single effort, but from the physical side the pieces or segments were necessary so that I could accommodate earthly obligations, physical-mental rest and health needs.  The beauty of it is that each time I sat down to write, it was as though there had never been an interruption of thought or essence.  In spirit energies flow and adjust in amazing ways, always supportive, never judgmental, never impatient.  Again my love and gratitude to all the angels and spirit guides who aided me with this.  

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