All About Unconditional Love and its Abundance


So much has been written during the last two years about Love ! Love as the Glue – solely holding the entire Universe together – being Love – and with all the aspects too deriving from the past dimensional realm of Dualities – it will all add up to some huge mountain of its various aspects and considerations.

Now, after having some lapse of tiredness these days and being again in some very idle mood I went for some rest in the afternoon – and when getting up again out of some deeper sleep I had such a new inspired sensation of that particular “Unconditional Love” disclosing its true secret to me – at the threshold of our new 5th dimensional realm where we strive to go to.

It is love without – or despite – any hope for future – as over there we do not count linear time-lines any longer – and thus it is not a sad matter for us at all – since we do no longer have to cope with all the former contents of feelings of this past matrix of dualities. It is love which is being sensed in that special unconditional way which covers all former ethic impediments and morals of the old matrix as well yet wipe those away simultaneously – as judgements too will fall away from us entirely – a whole lot of new thinking we shall have to learn and this also will spread over to all shades of obstacles to each and every detail of Love.

I became suddenly aware that also we shall have to get rid of our own so hard-learned morals and ethics of our old society … being altogether liberated to perform any action of Love be it in thoughts or physically !WE are not only allowed to do so but all the more like being challenged to resort straight away to acting it out ….<3

This is the very essence of “Love in the Unconditional Way” …. the very essence is for all of us … to start loving – to go on loving – despite every impediment, obstacle, and let freely go ahead with this intuitive sensation of wanting to  embrace, hugging and circling around that one which we have recognized as the beloved one.

And as anybody else is just another aspect of our Unity of One this loving sensation will go viral from one to anotherone creating the Abundance of Love and return eventually to the first giver as well.

Nothing else will remain of former discouragement to declare one’s love to anyone else – all that will remain is just the pure and straight forward Love … being the only and sole expression of it in some unconditional way – it is Love itself and when it comes to us in higher dimensional realms we ourselves shall too become pure and unconditional love in our very essence..

I do hope I have accumulated the right words here as it was all so very clear and transparent to me when I arose from this afternoon’s nap.

This particular personal awareness of mine appeared to be such a prescious one that I wanted to share it as my individual way of acknowledgement with all of you …. as I – all of a sudden – could perceive my very own way into the realms of ascension now ….

I read so often that to pass through the portals of ascension is by love solely – but what it would entail for myself in its very essence was just left for me to find out about.

And this happened today in the afternoon, hurrah ! Deep in my heart has been this wonderful wisdom about Love in Unconditional Way and came out to the surface of my consciousness in some glamorous and brilliant rise ”


I have discussed in past articles of mine the way of ascending by effecting defaults in our doings – the empiric and intuitive way of coping with issues of life – this I feel is one of the most important one of all defaults needed now and may be done by everybody individually wanting to pass through the Great Portals opened widely now !!!

And how shall we attain this unconditional love being one of the vital pre-requisites in order to ascend ?

Each one of us has to discover his very own way how to liberate oneself of any obstacle against falling in Love and practising it in his/her unimpeded true way henceforth with all his/her Being !<3

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