The Energy of Abundance and Prosperity

Abundance QuoteWords inspired by AA Uriel – Photo by Brother Dave – Click for a larger version.  Feel free to share as long as credit is given or link back to this page

My Beloved brothers and sisters.   I come to you from a place of joy, light and peace and wish to share with you some truths about abundance and prosperity.  For too long, much of humanity has viewed such things only in very temporal and three-dimensional manners. This day I will speak of their true nature as it has always been.  

By it’s very nature the wholeness of the Universe is abundance.  There is no lack.  There can be no lack for the universe and its blessings are unlimited, infinite.  In the experience of humanity while dwelling in a 3D (three-dimensional) consciousness, we often lose sight of that infinite abundance and fail to accept it into our lives.   Yes it is a matter of acceptance.  The physical world about us, our economic, banking and social structures have all drilled into us since our birth that if we don’t own it and control it,  we don’t have it.  From a spiritual perspective this seems quite silly.  The abundance of the universe flows freely to all people, and from all people to all other people and life forms.   It is only when we place a personal claim and ownership upon things and currencies, that we actually limit them.

There is sufficient abundance, even in this 3D existence we call earth, for every man, women and child to have overflowing abundance in their life.   And my dear brothers and sisters that is the key phrase.  “Overflowing abundance”.   You see, that is the way the energy works or shall I say from a spiritual perspective is supposed to work.   We are each and everyone entitled to sufficient abundance that it fills our lives and our beings to the point of overflowing.   But what about all that abundance that overflows us.   Well simply speaking it flows to others, and when their lives are filled, then to others from them.

Abundance is energy, it is in its nature to flow continuously, from person to person and from place to place.  And it is in its purpose to fill up each and every person and place until it overflows.   Then that overflow moves on to the next person, the next place and so on and so on infinitely.    No one and no place lacks.

In our 3D consciousness, we have created a culture of fear that says, if it comes to me it is mine and I must not lose it.  Dear ones, was it yours when it came to you and filled your life?  No!  Is it yours if you try to hold on to it for yourself?  No!  It is part of the universe and belongs to the universe.  You are blessed when it flows to you and blessed when it flows from you to others.   But when you cling to it, it looses its blessings, for it ceases to flow and then is nothing but materiality without value.  And no matter how much you claim, how much you accumulate, how much you hoard, how much you seek to control, instead of increasing your abundance, it decreases it.  For you have “stopped the flow”.

Let us tell you then it is good to have the things you need and fine to have many of the things you want, but those things like the energy that brought them to you, lose all value, joy and true essence when you “possess” them.   While they come to you for a time to aid you and bring joy in your life, they are not permanent.  Energy of abundance must move, it must flow continuously, from one to another.

holy-grailImagine a beautiful chalice.  This Chalice is you.  It is the “Holy Grail” that is your life.   Now see the abundance of the universe flowing into that chalice.  Filling it to the brim and overflowing.  This is the blessing of Creator, the blessing of the universe.  But look closely, as more and more flows into the chalice of your life, it fills and then overflows.  Now is that which filled the cup yours?  No!  If you look closely as more and more flows in, it replaces that which was there and what was there originally flows out, into the lives of others.   Energy, constantly moving from place to place and person to person, infinitely flowing and blessing the lives of all.

Do you begin to see?  What was ours has been replaced, with something fresh and new to us while the old has moved on and become new to someone else.  This is the flow of abundance, of prosperity.   It most move, must flow from one to another.  It cannot be contained or owned.

Now within human civilization in 3D experience, there is a mental disease.  It says that which is mine, is mine and nobody else’s.   And when our cup is filled instead of allowing it to overflow into the lives of others, we simply get a bigger cup.  It is mine, it is mine, it is mine, the fearful mind says over and over.  But the truth is no matter how big a chalice we create, if the abundance that fills it does not overflow into the lives of others, then it is nothing.  When we stop the flow, it ceases to have value and simply becomes a thick concoction of dross possessions that spoils and clutters the spirit of our being with fear, worry, and anger.  It clouds our minds and thinking and weighs heavy upon our hearts.  Just making a bigger and bigger chalice, does not improve what is in it.  It becomes a bitter heavy wine that clouds our mind, and fills our being with the illness of possession.  Now look at that word possession.  We become possessed, ruled by the very things that we refused to let go of, to move on.   Though the outward trappings, of our life may be elaborate and grand in size and form, the inner content is nought but illness.   Our chalice may impress some who view it, but it will be incapable of bringing satisfaction to any.  For its content is spoiled and its taste bitter and filled with illness of greed.

Abundance and Prosperity are energy.  Their only value is in their flowing from one to another.  For a time they bring blessings into our lives, but those blessings in turn must also pass to others eventually.  That is life, that is the way of the universe.  Energy in constant motion.  And as long as it is in motion it blesses everyone.  When we interrupt the flow, it blesses no one, not even ourselves.

Now, in closing let us speak to a few practical matters of living in our world.   It makes  sense to set aside a portion of our abundance to aid when the unexpected happens to us or others.   It makes sense to live debt free if we can and to have a sufficient reserve for the unexpected.  Now the question is how much is sufficient?  Well that is up to everyone to decide, but remember that life is full of surprises and you cannot guard against them all.  Obviously the parents in a family will want more in reserve for the welfare of the family in case surprises do “pop up”, then a single person.  We may want to plan for our children’s education or for our parents care.  We may want to simply set aside a portion for a vacation.    Now do you see here a difference?  We are not taking this portion of prosperity and hoarding it indefinitely, rather we are setting aside a portion to be passed on and used at a later time.   The energy still flows because it is the intent that this portion saved will be used in some way at another time.   Keep in mind that human mental time is very linear but the universe is not.  The universe knows our intent and is not bound by the constraints of linear time and space so the energy of abundance still flows.   So yes, dear ones, the abundance continues.  It is okay to save for a rainy day, as long as that intent of that saving is clear and allows for the eventual release, the passing on of your abundance.  The Universe, and the creator always know your intent.   But we would say, let not that intent become an obsession or a possession.  Then the flow to you stops, because it cannot also flow from you.

Think on these things with we have shared and let the energy of abundance and prosperity flow into and through your life.  Just remember it is not a possession.  For that which we possess also possesses us and binds us.  Use that which you receive and when the moment is right, let it flow to make room in the Chalice of your life for something new, fresh and joyful.

Thank you for your time my dear brothers and sisters.  And in this season of sharing, may the chalice of your heart be filled with love, joy and peace.  Drink deeply of it and share it freely.

Your brother in light and love, with inspiration from AA Uriel.   May this mystery which you have received fill and enlighten your being and bring you great joy.


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7 thoughts on “The Energy of Abundance and Prosperity

  1. Thank you Brother Dave ..these are exactly along the lines my thinking is going too … Abundance is the very characteristic of unity, of the One-there- is to which we all belong .. and as we have reached today another vital turning point all over this planet – thus your thoughts here depict the greatest turning point of human life here on Planet Gaia viz. that we have also reached the turning point of former dualistic realms of separateness and shadow – of loneliness and clinging to material matters so much promising to us with future happiness that never will come true and always is failing its own promises !

    We have ARRIVED AT THIS TURNING POINT LIKE THE SUN TODAY TURNING ROUND INTO CONTROVERSIAL DIRECTION AND thus we are GOING STRAIGHT FORWARD TO ACHIEVE THE BENEFITS OF OUR INNER REALMS OF PEACE AND HARMONY WITH THE UNIVERSE …we are on some completely new turning of some road to uniting eachother again as members of our whole universe and going home we we can share all the benefits of being together and ONE – Of ABUNDANCE OF EVERYTHING !

    Thank you my dearest Brother for explaining here everything so clearly and without any false pretexts !
    Your Sis’ in Light Mary

    (P.S. and please do not get disturbed by capitalized letters herein since this always signals on my keyboard that it has not been written by myself but was channeled … by whom I do not know exactly but I assume it was my Higher Self ! )

  2. So wonderful said and I agree so much with Mary, I couldn’t say better. Love, light and blessings to all of you in this wondrous magical time ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Thank you both. It took me a long time to actually get this all down in writing, but you know spirit lets you know with a firm nudge when it is time to finish something. Once I got going again, it all just flowed. And dear Mary, what CAPITALS? I hadn’t really noticed as I was just reading what you wrote and feeling the energy. Until you mentioned it I was hardly aware of anything but the energy. Your message stands out not for the capitals but for the incredible, beautiful and powerful energy behind them.

    • It was because Soltec looked over my shoulder when I wrote my thoughts down and he always butts in as is remarkedly noted when the letters of my words turn into capitalized letters. that’s him …it has been his signals right from the beginning of our mutual friendship …. and in fact he is my Twin ! I do cherish his assistance dearly and am very grateful for it.
      Just this as a short explanation of what is happening here with me at home …..

      Love to all and Namasté

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