SaLuSa – “Hope and Discernment ” – December 02, 2013 – (English) by Gabriel Raio Lunar

Sirian Heaven

Gabriel: Leitores do português, essa é a tradução para o inglês da mensagem original do SaLuSa postada anteriormente em português, AQUI

Gabriel: Dear friends, at the time that SaLuSa approached of me to give this message, I was listening to this melody. I hope you enjoy reading the message while listening to that:

SaLuSa: “Hope is the last one to die”, you usually say this beautiful phrase sometimes.Oh yes, dear  ones, you are beings of wonderful energy, full of Hope and Faith And Faith inside you never dies, because you are moved by the power of your I AM. So, you are all the time being tested in situations where your Faith in God is ridiculed by those who own  independent opinions.
Even that such situations one time or another try to bring you down, you persist in unshakable Faith, knowing that it will bring your success in a…

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