Surprise …Surprise ! What? Santa Claus is coming down to Town…..

For many, many years this building has been decorated for Christmas, even since my childhood.  While it is a government building, it is paid for by a private foundation, in accordance with the will and wishes of the People of Denver.

Surprise …Surprise ! What? Santa Claus is coming down to Town…..
To make it sweet and short here: “This is some disclosure at Santa Claus’ Day for us !”

” Hatonn is not Hatonn ”
” And ISON is not ISON ”
For Hatonn truly is SOLTEC
while the called Comet ISON
is his own Flagship PHOENIX !

This is the big surprise for all of us for the Day of Santa Claus ……

I have become a very close friend of Hatonn during the last year and also started to communicate with him in a straight and direct way by means of telepathic communication lately.

And as previously Marc Gamma started to channel messages from Hatonn too which I followed with re-blogging, these our friendship grew even more and more closer. Btw I also want to explain why.

I am the proofreader of all German Originals of channeled posts through Marc Gamma as well as the translator of all his channeled messages into English. And this is the reason that Marc, Hatonn and I, grew so close together lately.

So this was the pre-text and now here is my proof to what I wrote right above here:
In my last telepathic communication with Hatonn I questioned him with some urgency after reading the article of Elisabeth Trutwin about ISON with all her explanations about the Realm of Light ON and the that of Darkness NEBADON  and that ISON in reality is the flagship PHOENIX AND SOLTEC IS THE COMMANDER OF THAT SHIP AND THE FLEET OF ON.

I very insistently urged Hatonn to tell me the truth whether his real name is SOLTEC as I always had some strange feelings when thinking of him as Hatonn. This name did not give me any true vibration of his personality.

And here is what he told me –

for simplicity’s sake I copy our telepathic talk here:

“Tell me, I read the article of Elisabeth T. who discloses something about the Realm of Light and the great fleet of lightships commanded by some certain “Soltec” – Hatonn, tell me the truth, please: “Is that your real name in the Universe?”  To be frank, I always did not find some true connection in my heart with the name of Hatonn until now – as I could not interprete it with the personality of you in some straight forward sense of it. But when I read the name “Soltec” – everything was so clear to me and from deep of my heart there came some joyful response to the surface of my consciousness. Yes, that was the real name of my beloved Commander alias Hatonn !  Now I am very eager to hear your response to my query !

My dearest Earth-Angel, you surprise me again once more ! Yes, I am Soltec and as this name is so known everywhere over all universes –

I took on the alias-name of Hatonn in order not to reveal what I am here for just from the beginning.

There were so many failures already with my alias name – interchanging names of lightships with Ashtar – and last not least the imaginary picture of me – which you did not like at all straight from first sight.

When re-considering all these somewhat failing imaginations – failing to the real truth of everything about me – I was so much relieved that I was known solely under the name of Hatonn around the orbit of Duality-Earth and upon it.”

Thus the Santa Claus of this Year – is a remarkable one – rushing at intergalactic speed through space downward to us with his temporary and adequated type of slate in form of the Phoenix laden with all the most wonderful gifts which our Creator has sorted out for us humans here on Earth !

And towards the end of this year the greatest and hugel change will take place for us …. the harbinger of which all is this great Being of Light by name of SOLTEC (formerly Hatonn) who is on his way to us here on earth as it is he who will bring us the “Consciousness of Christ” or better: “The full intergalactic and heavenly Consciousness of what humans really have been created by our All-Father”.

This will be the “Return of The One” all religions have been praised and been waited for so long!

And do you want to know what I replied to Soltec after the former Hatonn  lifted his infcognito ?

“I am thanking you for telling me your true name now – and nothing has to be re-arranged in myself regarding the Love I have for you !

Thank you again and my love is reaching out to you, Soltec, when your ship will shoot out from the circular orbit of our sun and forwarding at full speed down to earth — bringing all the prescious gifts to us again and restoring us into fully conscious human beings again !”

And among all others – Soltec is carrying also the mythical Star of Bethlehem which actually is the Star of Lemuria !!!
Hallelujah !! What a heavenly surprise ! Let us prepare ourselves to give him the greatest welcome we may be capable of !

And please just ponder on this very thought too : “Will Soltec and His Flagship Phoenix introduce to us that special “First Contact” so long awaited for by us and our celestial friends as well as the Agartheans ?
I wonder ….. wonder ….. and am so eagerly looking forward to the great Event … like a child waiting for Xmas with big eyes, restless dreams and a heavyly pounding heart….
May I – on behalf of all starseeds, lightworking humans etc.pp. extend my hearty greetings way up to Soltec and his Phoenix with some huge and big WELCOME written in our hearts !
“”Somewhere over the Rainbow – way up high “”….. and you better watch out ……Santa .

This was what I wanted to share with all of you here…..Emoji  Enjoy and prepare ! Emoji

Looking forward with all my heart’s delight and joy I am calling out to you: “Don’t fear – Enjoy this is the holy and healing Time for all of this world here : on, above, and deep down in our planet! Enjoy Mother Gaia – we are going to celebrate some Feast never been before and never forget to praise and thank God our Father and our divine Mother all the time !!!

Yours with unconditional and compassionate Love

Eva Maria = (Contra)Mary