Invocation to ArchAngel Raphael before his Message through Marc Gamma on 11.30.13

89073-hawaiiInvocation to AARaphael with the Emerald Green Flame

Dear AARaphael,

Today I do not find it very easy to sit down and start translating this huge message – and do you know why?

With your last message you told us that future messages of yours, from God-Father and you, will be somewhat shortened in length and now I found on proofreading the original that it is
even somewhat longer than your average messages before. So before I go ahead let me tell you that these days I get tired so quickly and messages of such lengths – I found out – take even the very last reserves from me – when coming to their end with my translation I am so worn out that I really have to pull all my concentration together in order to finalize it. I believe that is the actual reason behind all my hesitations today to start my translating work. Even with regard to the ever increasing frequency of vibration – as these messages start becoming something like a
“Joint Venture” of yours and the heavenly Father – present also such a strong pull on my resources.

Please, considering all this argumentation of mine – please, rush to my assistance with your Emerald Green Flame and let us do this long message of yours together now. Brush up my tiredness and reluctance caused by shortcomings of my bodily strength today.

Hi, my dear translating Lady, hearing you I came to assist you in a very fast way. I shall soothe you and help you to recharge your vigour again. I am glad that you called me as it has become quite a habit of yours to call for my medical healing interference when you feel the need thereto. And all the frequency of your calls make me very happy since we as ArchAngels do like to be needed and to apply our power to all of you. That is why we have drafted and elaborated the fabulous ToolBox for all of you. We wanted to present you with such a valuable gift from all of us have taken part in this workpiece so that you will assisted with all your hindrances and impediments of your daily lives still under the passing but existing Matrix of Duality. I herewith may only again advise you to make frequent use of this ToolBox like you are doing.

Yes, I found out that it is a wonderful and great help when I am going out and have to deal with the outside reality and also at home. How often I am calling on you and all the others of your celestial siblings in correspondence to your particular offer of assistance. Let me again thank you from deep of my heart for it, dear AARaphael.

For link to download ToolBox click on :ToolBox –

So wrap me now into your Emerald Light and look over my shoulder when I shall be doing the translation now.

With delight my dear Earth-Angel – and whenever you want my assistance – call on me – we all love your calls as it is for the wake-up of all human mankind what you are doing here.

And just like my Brother Michael said – let’s go, my dearest sister !

Thank you my dear AARaphael … and now  unisono : 1 – 2 – 3  “Let’s go!”
Eva Maria

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